“In Shenzhen, I don’t know where to go to play?”

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Carefully selected 50 fun places in Shenzhen

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//01.Shenzhen Bay Park //

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Shenzhen Bay Park, a park where you can see the sea from the subway. With an ultra-long coastline of 13 kilometers and 14 themed scenic spots, it is the only dense seaside leisure belt in Shenzhen.

//02. Shenzhen Bay Park -Liuhuashan //

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Shenzhen Bay Park Liuhua Mountain also has a huge sea of ​​purple verbena flowers blooming all over the mountains and plains. Here you can feel the beauty of”facing the sea, flowers blooming over the mountains”.

//03. Shenzhen Talent Park //

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The”Seaside Park” is just outside the sea, with a water area of ​​nearly 300,000 square meters, and romantic and beautiful coastal scenery Will never let you down.

//04. Qianhaishi Park //

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A seaside park that few people know about, with an endless platform for viewing the sea, without any obstruction. You can enjoy the magnificent sea view here, and watch the long bridge over the sea extend into the distance.

//05.Sea World //

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The sea world has The stunning landmarks are Minghua Wheel, the blue sea, and various online celebrity shops. You can also watch the music fountain at night, and come here to have fun, eat and view.

//06.Nantou Ancient City //

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The ancient city of Nantou, with a history of nearly 1700 years, is back! The quaint historical hall, colorful exhibitions, and all kinds of cultural, creative and gourmet small shops make people shine.

//07.Tanglang Mountain //

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Tanglang The main peak of the mountain, Tanglang Peak, is 430 meters above sea level. Although it is not high, climbing up the steep trail is still physically demanding. If you are lucky, you can still see wild monkeys~

//08.Great South Mountain //

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Nanshan’s”Beautiful Back Garden” is 3520,000 square meters! Not only can you see the green pines and cypresses, enjoy the fresh mountains and forests, but you can also see the Nantou Peninsula and the stunning city scenery!

//09. Small Nanshan //

There are few mountains in Shenzhen where you can enjoy magnificent sea views. Climbing mountains, enjoying flowers, watching the sea, and seeing the city scenery, all can satisfy you.

//10. Sea World Culture and Art Center //

Shenzhen is a seaside pavilion with a 180° sea view. Here you can not only overlook the mountains and rivers, but also have a panoramic view of the coast of Shekou. In addition, various exhibitions and events are held irregularly .

//11. Fenghuo G&G Creative community //

Located on the street where people come and go in Nanshan, but the G&G community seems to be another world. Colorful containers, graffiti walls, Internet celebrity food shops, as well as occasional fairs and art shops. Show a different lifestyle~

//12.Overseas Chinese Town Cultural and Creative Park //

Shenzhen’s super-famous cultural and youth gathering place, there are many bars and cafes in the Creative Park, Various art exhibitions and cultural lectures are often held.

//13. Nanhai Yiku //

The predecessor of Nanhai Yiku is the Sanyo factory. Various artistic decorations, green + retro architectural styles can be seen everywhere on the street…let it become the new art of Shenzhen landmark.

//14. Shekou Value Factory //

near the sea, Hidden in the street, the decadent industrial style creative area is full of open-minded graffiti walls, which is especially suitable for industrial-style blockbusters.

//15. Xili Ecological Park //

Xili The most distinctive feature of the eco-park is the”net red glass plank road” on the mid-levels platform. The veritable”mirror of the sky” can also overlook Shenzhen in 360 degrees.

//16. Fishing Port Central Park //

Shenzhen” Secret to Haiti”, but few people know about it in the busy city. Here you can, watch the blue sea up close, encounter the romantic lighthouse; feel the port scenery, and enjoy the charming sunset.

//17. Qianhai Sports Park //

Hidden in Nanshan’s Treasure Park is like the”Rainwater Garden” in Alice’s Wonderland, and the Japanese manga-style hillside…like Miyazaki Hayao The anime world.

//18.Sihai Park //

Built in the 80s The Sihai Park, which carries the memories of countless Shekou people, will be reopened in October 2020 after renovation and upgrading. Picturesque lake views, poetic covered bridges and leisure gardens… The transformed Sihai Park is really beautiful!

//19. Dashahe Park //

I like to go to IKEA For those who check in, it is easy to overlook Dashahe Park, which is only a hundred steps away from IKEA. The park was built in 2007, with a total area of ​​312,000 square meters, and a high-value”borderless grassland” is hidden on the top of the park.

//20. Yanhan Mountain Country Park // span>

Swallow Hanshan Country Park is a”haven paradise” hidden in the OCT area. There are shades of green trees, birds and flowers, and small bridges and flowing water. It is a good place for Shenzhen people to climb the mountain and enjoy the scenery, but few people know it.

//21. Moon Bay Park //

half-moon The park, it is as beautiful as the moon on the seventh day. Here, you can meet more than 3,800 ancient litchi trees that are 100 years old, and encounter the best preserved and largest group of ancient litchis in Shenzhen.

//22. Dasha River Ecological Corridor // span>

large Shahe runs through the Nanshan District, with a total length of 13.7km and a total area of ​​950,000 square meters. The whole ecological corridor is divided into three sections:the way of college + urban forest + vigorous waterfront. Along the promenade, you can walk all the way from the university town to Shenzhen Bay.

//23. Steel Structure Museum //

Steel Structure Museum It is the first and only museum in China with the theme of architectural steel structure and bridge steel structure. The exterior is based on the style of the Louvre in Paris, and there are five exhibition halls inside.

//24. Shekou Marine Museum //

In the sea world Hidden in a low-key but stunning museum, walking into the Shekou Marine Museum is as if you have come to the”underwater world”, and all kinds of marine life are displayed before our eyes.

//25.Lianhuashan Park //

Lianhuashan Park is located in Futian CBD, rich in vegetation and greenery. The kites, valleys, and green lakes are so beautiful. It is one of the most popular parks in Shenzhen!

//26. Xiangmi Park //

Shenzhen’s super-romantic parks, rose gardens, nectar lakes, sky corridors…There is also a”Shenzhen’s most beautiful marriage registry” hidden inside. Such a romantic park, you have to come and go when you have time~

April, May and November every year, the nearly 8,000 square meters rose garden is full of roses and roses. The whole garden is surrounded by a romantic atmosphere and is very beautiful.

//27.Meilin Mountain Park //

Meilin Mountain Park, where the mountain roads are winding and steep, with original ecological hiking trails and dense vegetation in the mountains. Birds whisper and cicadas sing, which is a natural oxygen bar in the busy city.

//28. Shenzhen International Garden Flower Expo Garden //

The Garden Expo Park is one of the rare large-scale municipal parks in Shenzhen that integrates gardening and gardening. The characteristic ancient garden buildings from various places can be seen in the Garden Expo Garden. Antique in style, walking through it seems to travel back thousands of years ago.

//29. Central Park//

Central Park is a”quiet oasis” in the downtown area. With streams, grass, sunshine, and flowers, it is as beautiful as the countryside in a fairy tale. It is very suitable for strolling with friends and family.

//30. Caitian Park//

Shenzhen is an exquisite and elegant park, where you can travel to the ancient landscapes of blue bricks and tiles, stroll along the flower-filled bridges, and stroll in the green natural oxygen bar.

//31.Huanggang VillageSplendid Garden //

Splendid Garden is surrounded by tall buildings and looks like an exclusive back garden. You can see all kinds of pavilions and pavilions everywhere, allowing you to travel to Suzhou in one second.

//32.Futian Mangrove Ecological Park //

Shenzhen’s super beautiful wetland park, with large tracts of reeds, wetland lakes, and super romantic sky bridges . Many people around here like to take a walk, and there are many people running in the park.

//33.Futian Sports Park //

Futian Sports Park has a strong architectural sense. It is a perfect fusion of steel frame structure and glass curtain wall. The entire park gives people a sense of futuristic science and technology over time and space, which is especially suitable for taking pictures of industrial style.

//34. Children in Shenzhen Paradise //

Shenzhen’s veteran amusement park has an area of ​​182,000 square meters and a variety of mechanical amusement projects. Carousel, bumper cars, ferris wheel, pirate ship…

//35. Bijiashan Park //

Beacon Hill is named after its three main peaks, which are shaped like a penholder. The mountain is not high, and it takes about 40 minutes to reach the top. But the super stunning panoramic view of the city on the top of the mountain will definitely impress you.

//36. Meilin Mountain Suburb Path//

The 3.8-kilometer Meilin Mountain Country Trail is the first hand-made trail in Shenzhen. The trails retain the original land appearance and are all original ecological dirt roads. Walking among the mountains and forests, there is a real feeling of returning to nature.

//37. Furong Urban Greenway //

The total length is about 3.08 kilometers, and it covers an area of ​​about 102,700 square meters. The greenway runs through 7 communities, with badminton courts, basketball courts, slow walkways and other fitness venues to meet the leisure needs of more than 200,000 people in the surrounding area.


The reservoir is super suitable for taking Japanese-style photos, surrounded by mountains and full of verdant green jungle. The large grassland on the hillside can be photographed with different aesthetic feelings as the season changes.

//39. Shenzhen Industry Exhibition hall //

An exhibition hall full of futuristic technology, with a building area of ​​13,000 square meters. The”capsule” elevator is the online celebrity check-in point here. There are also various exhibition halls in the exhibition hall for everyone to visit and learn.

//40. Water Wai 1368 //

Rainbow rooftops, colorful apartments, comic strips…Shuiwei 1368 has many photo check-in points. Not only that, there are also lively food night markets and interesting high-value Internet celebrity shops.

//41. Phoenix Mountain //

Phoenix Mountain is 376 meters above sea level. If you want to climb the mountain but don’t want to be too tired, you can choose to climb Phoenix Mountain. The most famous of Phoenix Mountain is the ancient Fengyan Temple on the mountainside. It is said to be very effective. Many people come to pray for blessings during the festivals.

//42.Baoan Binhai Cultural Park //

Shenzhen’s first giant Ferris wheel”Bay Area Light” , Shenzhen’s most functional theater’s performance center”The Sound of the Bay Area”, 12 uniquely shaped steel structure art installations… Baoan Binhai Cultural Park, there is so much fun.

//43. Baoan Talent Forest Park //

The park is located at the foot of Phoenix Mountain and consists of”one ring and two hearts”.”Yihuan” refers to the green road around the lake, and”two hearts” refers to Ruyi Lake and Fengxi Valley. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains in the park.

//44. Baoan Park//

Baoan Park is rich in vegetation, fragrant with birds and flowers, and beautiful scenery. You can also climb to the top of the mountain and have a panoramic view of the bustling city.

//45. Bihaiwan Park //


//46.西湾红树林湿地公园 //


//47.平峦山公园 //


//48.铁仔山公园 //


//49.立新湖公园 //


//50.万丰湖湿地公园 //