Everyone can see the hotness of the property market in 2020. This hot sign has spread until the beginning of the new year in 2021. Shanghai, Hefei, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, The temperature in Dongguan, Suzhou, Chengdu and other cities is still rising.

Let’s watch the development trend of the beginning of 2021, but the overall market trend should be very good. In fact, it is the real estate market that is too hot. A series of policy controls were implemented.

Many groups of people are analyzing wildly on the Internet. I see that the policies that the country promulgates every year, the final result is a surging house price.

Many people also use past experience in real estate to tell themselves that now Buying a house In the second half of the year, the price of houses will rise by leaps and bounds, and the price may even double next year.

Who knows who has entered the routine

I don’t know the whole country Does the developer have a special research Psychology The department captures people’s past experience to tell themselves that it’s right to buy a house. Only when adjusting the joints and bones to buy a house will it be the most profitable .

When you buy it, you earn it. In fact, it’s back to the roots, in Xinfang and The price of second-hand housing has been upside down.

Many cities in our country have experienced second-hand housing price undercuts, with Hangzhou as an example, the sales price of new houses is 38,000 yuan per square meter, and the sales price of second-hand houses is 43,000 yuan per square meter. Purchase a 100 square meter The house makes a difference of 500,000 yuan from it. Buying a new house can earn 500,000 yuan. Everyone is scrambling to get in the car.

There are two reasons why developers want to use this routine, one is forced, and the other is to capture people’s psychology.

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Record price Restrictions, Many cities have implemented record price restrictions in the past. Do you think the effect is obvious? In fact, the effect is really not very obvious, and the developer can still operate on the overall price, which is higher than the price of the surrounding second-hand houses. Even if the record is not very useful now, it just depends on the developer’s wishes. Not willing to use third-rate means.

The effect of publicity is to capture people’s psychology. Starting at 38,000 yuan, qi is the key factor. Basically, it’s generally The transaction price of the floor segments is between 41,000 yuan and 42,000 yuan per square meter. In fact, the transaction price of the surrounding second-hand houses is not too different, but people still I feel that buying is earning, and there are so many people dangling to buy, so a little house, the developer has no worries about not being able to sell it, and the profit they earn has basically reached what they expected.

Developers will fall within the three red lines as soon as possible, that is, after the real estate enterprise overflows the pre-collection, the assetsThe debt ratio must not be greater than 70%, and the net debt ratio must not be greater than 100%, The cash short-term debt ratio shall not be less than 1

According to the Shell Research Institute. According to data released, the house will mature in 2021 and the debt scale is expected to reach RMB 1,244.8 billion.

On the one hand, the pressure of the three red lines, on the other hand, the centralized management loans released on January 1, 2021, are the major Bank deposit funds also limit the proportion of overseas borrowings, so the developer has no choice but to sell the house quickly Withdrawal of funds can further reduce the debt ratio.

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Chinese property market Two-to-eight differentiation:

The kind of house grabbing by thousands of people just mentioned, Millions of people can only use big cities and big cities There are really not many real estate developers. What really worries developers is the three or fourfifth-tier cities /span> How to quickly sell the house.

The price of houses in first- and second-tier cities is upside down. In fact, we can understand it as buying Even if you earn money, you can also inherit the concepts in real estate in the past, but this situation is a huge pit in third- and fourth-tier cities.

In order to quickly sell houses in third-, fourth-, and fifth-tier cities, developers have developed a series of routines.

The best way to sell a house is manufacturing In a hot market, people see signs that the house is really worth buying.

Developers use a series of channels such as corresponding intermediary companies, networks, short videos, etc., to make people believe that the market is still hot.

A developer offers a discount of 37%off, Foshan

span>A certain landscape has the real estate before it went to the public to declare 3888 yuan per square meter, the full price after going With more than 6,800 yuan per square meter, this real estate still attracts most of the people from Dongguan, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou who used to come over, and the overall real estate sales are still very good.

Since ancient times, the true feelings can’t be retained, only the routines are popular, and they claim that the price is low. After going there, even if the price is higher than the advertised, but see the scene After the atmosphere, people often can’t stand it, so they decide to buy a house.

Although construction costs will continue to rise in 2021, under the influence of two major factors, developers and the future we may fall into the pit may really not be able to get up.

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One, The number of listings of second-hand housing continues to rise, and the price continues to fall, which has a huge impact on the market for new housing.

Developers whose construction costs for new houses have risen are not that they do not want to sell at higher prices. They are just that under the pressure of competition from second-hand houses, the prices of new houses and off-plan houses are , The overall advantage is also constantly shrinking.

In order for developers to sell houses quickly, can only sell houses through intermediaries , and through the intermediary of this huge group, people are drawn from another place.

Everyone has a face called regional cognition, which is deeply imprinted in their minds, engraved with people attracted from other places. They must be there. There has been a serious shortage of second-hand houses in places, or new houses will not be available to buy houses. Later, as an investment concept, I don’t know that there are signs that second-hand houses are not available in many places in third- and fourth-tier cities. I am upset. Still a illusion of enthusiasm.

No one took the third- and fourth-tier second-hand houses. We stupidly bought a new house, and it will become a second-hand house in a few years. Could someone take it at that time? Is there a second-hand house? Of course not. After all, the population is constantly migrating, and the overall purchasing power is constantly weakening. In the future, houses in third- and fourth-tier cities, second-hand houses are really in hand, and they will also face additional costs such as paying property taxes. .

Secondly, the number of second-hand housing listings has continued to rise, and the inventory of new houses is huge.

In March this year, the number of new second-hand housing listings nationwide increased by 86%. In terms of second-hand housing, the national inventory of newly built commercial housing has exceeded 510 million square meters. Meters, and there is a broad inventory of 7 billion.

The supply of the entire real estate in the future is very, very sufficient

Span>, there is no need to worry about the problem that there is no house to buy. Maybe we are only worried about some areas of a key city.

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It can be seen that today’s Under the general environment, the environment of the property market can only be said to be unintentional to developers’ price increases. For the second half of 2021, developers'”survival” is more important than”high profits”.

In 2021, the property market already knows clearly that real estate developers must be crazy selling houses. As ordinary house buyers, we must recognize them clearly and don’t get caught up in them. Go in with superficial craziness.

As for the price reduction is the promotion a real price reduction Now, you have to know it well. If the price is really reduced, and it happens that you are in demand, then you can really buy a house to live in.

At present, China’s property market is a first-tier city. There are many houses in second-tier cities, and it is really impossible to buy or buy houses. However, houses in third- and fourth-tier cities cannot be sold. No one bought this strange phenomenon.