When it comes to Shaanxi cuisine, many out-of-towners who don’t know Shaanxi may have a dumb expression on their faces. Does Shaanxi also have cuisine? The answer is yes. Shaanxi cuisine is also known as Qin cuisine. Although one of the Chinese regional dishes is not listed in China’s top 10 cuisines, it is self-contained as a thousand-year-old ancient capital and historical city with strong local characteristics.

Hanzhong noodles is a specialty snack in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province; according to legend, this dish The history of Qin and Han Dynasties began. The practice is generally to soak the rice and grind it into rice milk, steam it into thin skins, smear it with rapeseed oil while it is hot, cut into strips, and add spicy oil, monosodium glutamate, and salt according to personal taste. , Vinegar, soy sauce, garlic mash and other condiments, mix well and eat. There are many ways to eat hot noodles.

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The gourd chicken is a Han nationality in Xi’an Traditional famous dishes began in the Tang Dynasty. The production of gourd chicken is divided into three processes:boiling, steaming and frying. Rinse the chicken in clean water when making it to remove blood stains. When cooking, tie the chicken with hemp to keep the chicken in shape. When the cold water in the pot is boiled, put the chicken in it, boil it for half an hour, and take it out. Broth, cooking wine, refined salt, soy sauce, green onions, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, steamed thoroughly. When frying, heat 80%of rapeseed oil into the steamed whole chicken, move it with a spoon until the chicken is golden brown, remove it with a colander, drain the oil, then put it on the plate, and bring a small portion when serving. Butterflies, pepper and salt for serving. The color is golden red, the skin is crispy and the meat is tender, the fragrant smell is mellow, and the chopsticks fall off the bone.

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Warm mixed waist silk evolved from”Sheepskin silk” in the Tang Dynasty. It is named because it is made with pork kidneys and other auxiliary materials and seasonings in a warm mixing method. It is one of the masterpieces of cooking high files with low-grade materials. Thanks to the meticulous craftsmanship and sophisticated cooking methods, the dishes prepared are crispy and tender, with ginger, garlic, and pepper oil aromas complementing each other, and the taste is mellow, refreshing and tasty.

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Guo Kuai Yazi is one of the most representative traditional famous foods in Xianyang. Legend has it that it has a history of two thousand years. At that time, Emperor Qin Shi Huang searched for folk delicacies. In addition to enjoying it at the court, it was also used to reward meritorious soldiers of the three armies. When the Guokui Yazi was passed to the Tang Dynasty, it became more and more perfect. Because of its fine workmanship and pure taste, it was popular for a while before the mid-Ming Dynasty, and it was well-known in the courts and the public.

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Thick wine is a characteristic farmhouse brewing in northern Shaanxi. For a long time, people sang”hot oil cake on the table, rolling rice wine for relatives to drink” refers to the thick wine of northern Shaanxi, which is Rice paste-like, turbid yellow and thick, like the turbid water of the Yellow River. People in northern Shaanxi also call it”sweet wine” and”muddy wine”, and because the production process has a The stage of steaming into cakes is also called”cake wine”.

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Shaanxi preserved meat with pork casserole has a very long history. It has a long history in the”Zhou Li mentioned in the”Eight Zhens of Zhou Dynasty”, the”stain” is the bacon. Roujiamo is the perfect combination of noodles and meat. The white cakes baked on site are crispy and delicious, plus the meat that has been boiled for more than ten hours with secret sauce. It is crisp and refreshing, fat but not greasy, and the meat is sandwiched into the bun. Inside, the steamed bun quickly absorbed the soup, and a bite of the steamed bun and the meaty fragrance complemented each other in the mouth, it was not beautiful. In Shaanxi dialect, it’s”slapstick”!

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Qishan sintered noodle is famous for its thin, tendon, light, fried, thin, thick, sour, spicy, and fragrant. The characteristics of smelt noodles are:noodles are slender, uniform in thickness, fresh smelt fragrant, red oil floating noodles, soup The taste is hot and sour, the muscles are tough and refreshing, suitable for all ages. Bashful noodles have a very important status in Guanzhong area, and they are inseparable from important occasions such as weddings and funerals, New Year’s holidays, children’s full moon, old people’s life, and welcoming relatives and friends.

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Shangzhi Meat, a type of Kunrou, a historical and traditional famous dish in Shangluo in Shaanxi Province. There was this dish as early as the beginning of Han Dynasty. It is the originator of Chinese pork meat. It is closely related to the four famous stubborn old men in the late Qin Dynasty and the early Han Dynasty. When foreigners come to Shangluo, the locals always treat them with Shangzhi meat. Shangzhi, the pad dish of Shangzhi meat, is called fist bud, which is an ancient fern. Like plants, Shangzhi is the young shoots of this fern. Mature plants are called mats in the local area, and Shangzhi farmhouses in the depths of Shangshan are known as the”diling” of Shangshan because of its ancient delicacy.

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Shaanxi mentioned beef and mutton bubble Everyone knows the buns, women and children. The locals regard it as delicacies, and they will never tire of eating for a long time; foreign tourists will rush to taste it first to satisfy their taste. After the founding of New China, especially since the 1980s, it has been used to entertain international friends, and it has also been well received. The beef and mutton bubble bun has become the”general representative” of traditional Shaanxi snacks.

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