In recent years, the image of Internet companies in people’s impression of being”high-precision” has gradually fallen from the altar.

January 10, PinduoduoThe employee posted a video on the Internet platform such as station B, titled”I was fired by Pinduoduo because I saw my colleague being carried into an ambulance”, which caused a lot of public attention, even Xinhuanet and People’s Daily also spoke out.

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In the video,”Tai Xu” not only accused himself of being notified of his resignation by the company after anonymously posting pictures of the company’s downstairs ambulance on the”Maimai” platform and commenting on”another warrior has fallen” on January 8th, but also accused Pinduoduo. Employees in the Shanghai headquarters are required to work 300 hours a month, and employees in the grocery shopping business must have 380 hours a month; mandatory deduction of statutory holidays, more than three days of holidays will be required to rework in advance and other company management and cultural issues.

Prior to this, Pinduoduo’s public relations capabilities had made major mistakes. Pinduoduo’s 23-year-old employee died suddenly on his way off work at 1:30 in the morning. The publication of the Zhihu account caused an uproar and caused a heavy blow to Pinduoduo’s corporate image.

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Xibei Catering The chairman commented on the Pinduoduo incident and said:”996 What is it, we are 715, white and black, nightclub.” This means that employees often 1 Work 7 days a week, work 15 hours a day, day and night, and always have meetings at night.

As early as 2016, 58 same city was exposed to all employees” 996″ work system, no subsidies or overtime pay, and no leave is allowed. This quickly triggered employee condemnation and public opinion counterattacks. Amidst doubts, responded that the so-called”996″ is just a routine mobilization, not a mandatory requirement, and its purpose is to deal with the large business volume in September and October. Job requirements.

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January 2019 In September, Youzan publicly announced the implementation of 996 at the annual meeting. Youzan CEO Bai Ya also said,”Look again in a few years. This time is definitely a good thing.” In the public outcry, the farce finally ended with the intervention of the labor inspection department.

Before that, on January 6, a Shanghai boy who claimed to be a 2020 graduate was exposed on the Internet because he rejected 996 and was Shentong Express violated rules and layoffs. He said that he joined Shentong Express on July 2, 2020, because on September 7, the deputy director of Shentong Express talked to his subordinates and said that the department asked to leave work after 9 o’clock, saying that it was responsible for the employees.

Kaishou announced the change from weekends to major and minor holidays, the wolf of Huawei Sex culture has a reputation. Why do large companies frequently appear to take the risk of illegal labor laws to implement 996?

According to QuestMobile data, in the second quarter of 2019, my country’s entire network has a net drop of 2 million users, which means that our mobile Internet dividend era is complete End.

From the vigorous”Hundred Regiment Wars” and”Qianbo Wars” a few years ago to the recent”Community Group Buying”, the more capital giants can enter the track It has become an indisputable fact that there is less and less coming, and competition among enterprises, running on the workplace, and grabbing for talents is becoming increasingly fierce. In the popular vocabulary, it is involution.

Introduction was originally proposed by American anthropologists. It was used to describe the stagnation of social or cultural patterns, confined to the complex changes within itself and cannot be changed. Into an updated form. Scholar Huang Zongzhi applied the internal scroll to the study of China’s economic development and social change, summarizing its connotation as”growth without development”, that is, limited resources invest in unlimited manpower, which results in an infinite diminishing marginal effect. As a result, this concept has been widely used in the field of social science research.

Lan Xi, a well-known self-media person, has involuted the concrete description. Company A first announced the implementation of a large and small work system, that is, two days a week, one week off. Ten thousand programmers add up to hundreds of thousands of hours of extra work and output each month. Faced with such a competitive situation, Company B on the same track also announced the implementation of large and small weeks.

In this way, equal advantage is equivalent to that everyone has no advantage, but each employee of the two companies loses two days of weekend vacation every month , This is the involution caused by external competition.

Involvement caused by internal competition, the increase in labor input did not bring matching additional output to the company, nor did it provide employees Bringing matching salary returns has made the workplace increasingly involuted, and the confrontation between the company and its employees has become increasingly serious.

The echoes of 996 and 007 are self-ridicules such as”community animals” and”strike workers”.

Many people feel that, compared with the workers on the factory assembly line in the last century, the current workers are only the office space and work content that have undergone a certain degree of change. There is no difference. It’s just that our office has changed from a workshop to a cubicle, and the nature of work has changed from selling physical energy to selling brain power. Workers can get a complete rest time after they leave the factory, but we are flooded with 24-hour work calls and video conferences.

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Many people Like the graduates at the beginning of the article, I dreamed of leaving get off work every day, watching exhibitions, gathering scenery, climbing mountains, and visiting the surrounding cities on weekends.

But the reality is I am 996, the object is 1077. It is not easy to sit and eat together. After all, it is hard to make an appointment for a movie, and there will be some changes to the client’s plan. , Leader’s WeChat reminder.

Behind the”Double Eleven” in 2020, the entire network sales have reached 267.365 billion yuan, it is the overtime work of countless electronic businessmen;”infrastructure madness”, Behind the”China Speed” is the hard work and sweat of countless construction workers.

No company has developed rapidly for no reason. Ali’s”996 is a blessing”, Pinduoduo’s”life for money”, the background board for the giants to grow wildly and brutally Among them, countless hard-working employees work diligently.

I know that user Xinruobingqing has done such a rough statistics:

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Of course, the sudden death of employees in the workplace cannot be directly linked to the 996 work system, but long-term high-load Work will inevitably affect health, work efficiency, work enthusiasm and other issues, which is not beneficial to the development of the enterprise.

In fact, at the end of March last year, a project named was on the well-known code hosting platform GitHub went online and soon received responses from many programmers.

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this item Taking the meaning of”work 996, sick ICU”, it aims to express a protest against the implementation of the 996 (working at nine in the morning, leaving get off work at nine in the evening, six days a week) represented by Internet companies.

In this Pinduoduo incident, the surging public opinion rebound is a vent of people’s accumulated emotions towards the 996 working system.

In all the comment areas about companies working overtime, there are always three major themes of”money is not in place, private time is occupied, and the boss draws a big pie”.

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With the society With economic development and changes in age structure, the new generation of employees has gradually become the main body of vitality in the social workplace. They play an important role and have an important position in the process of corporate management activities.

In addition to facing the enormous pressure of life caused by rising housing prices and prices, their insights and acuity towards society and the workplace are compared to the previous generation , Are more diligent. They are not willing to fall victim to the unspoken rules of the workplace, and have a higher pursuit of corporate welfare and employee experience.

As the new generation of employees’ legal awareness is awakened and improved, business management should be more proactive in changing their thinking mode and fully mobilize their work Enthusiasm, and achieve sustainable development of the company on this basis.

A survey data of China Economic News Network shows that the new generation of”post-80s” and”post-90s” employees are sticking to their own ideas. On the basis, they have their own independent opinions and opinions. They are more inclined to free and equal communication. On the basis of focusing on spiritual enjoyment, they are inclined to realize personal interests and hope to quickly gain the approval of others.

Some business owners and HRs often encounter such a situation:After working for a few years, employees will leave immediately after they have grown or learned something.

Why? Because many companies always follow the principle of low-cost employment. After employees have grown to a certain extent, their contributions are not in line with the benefits provided by the company, and the company is unwilling to reward employees accordingly, and has not implemented more reasonable benefits. A high probability will choose to leave.

If you want to spend a small amount of money with the thinking of better and more expensive people, on the other hand, the company is not worthy of using better people.

Some companies have this mentality:I send money to employees, and employees have to obey me 24 hours a day to achieve the best interests of the company or self化.

Ma Yun talked about salary and bonus when he lectured at Lakeside University Relationship:”The salary is the time I bought you, your talents, you need to work eight hours with me every day; the bonus is that the things I bought are better than I thought, I have to reward you, that is you The performance exceeded my expectations.

How do really good companies employ people?

Charlie Branson, the founder of Virgin, gave this answer:

Cultivate employees and make them strong enough to leave.

Be nice to them, good enough to let them stay.

In addition to establishing a more scientific and efficient performance appraisal system and salary incentive mechanism, at the moment, companies, especially large and medium-sized enterprises Managers and HRs also have more choices such as holiday benefits, team building activities, health protection, tax planning, etc., so that employees feel warm, improve their sense of belonging, strengthen their retention and development, and enhance employees’ Production and operation risk control capabilities and comprehensive quality capabilities, and comprehensively establish a modern enterprise management system and system.

On the last day of 2020, Baidu issued an incentive bonus to some employees. The target is”The company is over 2 years old and is willing to Baidu continues to contribute to all regular employees”, the payment amount is 50%of the basic monthly salary in December.

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The third-quarter financial report shows that Baidu’s stock price has finally entered an upward period. On December 30, Baidu’s stock price exceeded $220 for a time, and its market value exceeded $70 billion, doubling from the beginning of last year.

Baidu stated in an internal letter that this time is to give a special note to Baidu people who have shared the fate with the company in the past two years and are willing to continue to struggle together.”U bonus”, thank you everyone for choosing to overcome difficulties with Baidu even though they have faced downturns.

Baidu’s bonus is not really because the company’s stock price has risen to send money to old employees, but just want to resign and resign and leave at the end of the year When the peak period is approaching, tell all employees:”Keep working hard, and there will be bonuses waiting for you.”

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Following the Pinduoduo event, Pinduoduo will start multiple management fine-tuning. The working hours of some groups in the marketing department have been adjusted from the default “11-11-6” of the employees without a written regulation to “9-9-6”.

In addition, individual departments initiated work and rest voting, allowing employees to choose between”11-11-6″ and”9-9-6″. In addition, Pinduoduo may adjust employees’ overtime pay to be paid monthly before and after the Spring Festival. Previously, Pinduoduo employees’ annual overtime pay would be paid together with a fixed year-end bonus before the Spring Festival. Overtime pay was only paid once a year, and the amount was approximately equal to the employee’s salary for about two months.

Science and technology should be good, and business operations should be good.