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A few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce released the list of newly recognized national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases in 2020. A total of 15 bases in Jiangsu were shortlisted. As of the end of 2020, there are 38 national foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases in the province, the number is at the forefront of the country, covering traditional advantageous industries such as agriculture, textiles and textiles as well as emerging industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Unblocked industrial chain, base construction is well-known

At the critical moment of the fight against the epidemic in 2020, SAIC Maxus, located in Huishan District, Wuxi City, produced 60 vehicles in just 10 days. The compression ambulance supported Wuhan’s fight against the epidemic, showing the world the amazing speed of China.

Since the approval of the National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Base in 2019, the scale of Huishan’s auto and parts industry has continued to grow, the upstream and downstream industrial chains have become more complete, and innovation capabilities have continued to increase. The annual sales of automobile and parts manufacturing enterprises and sales enterprises in the region exceed 40 billion yuan, and the total direct and indirect exports amount to 700 million US dollars. In 2020, despite the dual pressure of international trade friction and the epidemic, the export of auto and parts companies in the region will continue to maintain a high growth rate, and it is expected to exceed US$400 million throughout the year.

The construction of foreign trade transformation and upgrading bases has become an important measure to stabilize and smooth the industrial chain and supply chain. According to relevant persons from the Foreign Trade Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the current shipping, photovoltaic, construction machinery, textile and clothing bases have formed a relatively complete industrial chain and supply chain, leading the development of the national and global industries and becoming a beautiful business card for the international development of manufacturing in our province.

The largest and most advanced cutter suction dredger in Asia independently researched and developed by my country, the country’s most important tool-“Tiankun” comes from the Nantong Ship Export Base. In order to promote the development of the shipbuilding industry, the city of Nantong formulated and announced the mid- and long-term development plan for the shipbuilding and offshore engineering industry, clarifying the city’s shipbuilding and The industrial layout of the offshore engineering industry focuses on cultivating new competitive advantages in the shipbuilding and offshore engineering industries.”Nantong requires at least four conditions to be met when cultivating export bases:First, the relevant industries in the region have distinctive characteristics, the effect of industrial agglomeration is significant, and the export scale and technical level of related products are in the forefront of the province; the second is relevant in the region. There are clear medium and long-term development plans for industrial development, and specific supporting policies and measures to promote industrial exports; third, there are backbone enterprises in the region that have strong R&D and innovation capabilities and perform social responsibilities and other demonstrations; the fourth is regional foreign trade The public platform has been initially established and can provide necessary public services for the export of enterprises.” According to the person in charge of the Nantong Municipal Bureau of Commerce, through these four requirements, it is basically possible to ensure that the export base is well-known.

Incorporate into the “dual cycle” and open up domestic and foreign markets

Recently, the Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Base (Automobile) is located in the core area of ​​the China-Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park. And parts) was successfully approved at the national level and became the first national export base of Yancheng. In October last year, six front-line technicians from the base rushed to Ecuador to provide CKD assembly technical support for the country’s largest trade group, achieving a historic leap from”technology input” to”technology output”.

Jie Yanping, Director of the Foreign Trade Department of Yancheng City Bureau of Commerce, introduced that the city has deepened all-round strategic cooperation with Hyundai and SK of South Korea, and accelerated the promotion of SKI power battery Phase II, Hyundai Motor’s new energy vehicle base and other major For project construction, strengthen cooperation with South Korean-funded projects such as Maikexin Semiconductor, Aiwei Power, and Yuxin Security. Connect with South Korea’s Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication and South Korea’s Blockchain Research and Education Institute to jointly build a China-South Korea science and technology innovation base, and plan to build a Sino-Korea science and technology incubation base in the China-Korea (Yancheng) Industrial Park Future Science and Technology City to build South Korea’s artificial intelligence Robotics Research Center.

Looking back over the past year, Wu Xiaodong, director of the Economic Development Bureau of Henglin Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, found that the overall export of flooring in this area is increasing, but there are differences in category.”The export of stone wood-plastic flooring increased significantly, while the export of laminate flooring declined.” Data shows that as of November last year, Changzhou The total sales of the National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Base in Wujin District, Wujin City have exceeded 19 billion yuan, and the total foreign trade has exceeded 7 billion yuan. It is estimated that the total sales for the whole year will be 21 billion yuan, an increase of 8%over 2019; the total foreign trade will be 8 billion yuan, an increase of 9%over 2019. Among them, the export of SPC products exceeded 5 billion yuan, an increase of more than 40%over 2019. Wu Xiaodong said that with the construction of the base, the industrial supporting facilities are becoming more and more perfect, and the speed of building leading enterprises is getting faster and faster.”Under the new development pattern of’double cycle’, in the future, we will build and develop cross-border e-commerce industrial parks. Layout domestic and foreign markets.”

Build a new platform to enhance corporate competitiveness

Located in Pizhou City

span>Xuzhou Liming Food Co., Ltd., the national foreign trade transformation and upgrading base (garlic), is a large-scale enterprise engaged in the storage, processing and export of cold fresh garlic. In recent years, under the guidance and support of the base, the company has strengthened its connection with scientific research institutes and actively developed new products. The dehydrated garlic products, salted garlic, and rehydrated garlic granules produced are exported to Greece, the United States and other countries in bulk. span class=”entity-word” data-gid=”361693″>Black garlic and black garlic sauce are exported to the United States, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. In 2020, the sales revenue of deep-processed products will be 64.94 million yuan.

“Pizhou National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Base has established a national vegetable processing technology research and development center and a national and local joint engineering research center for the development of medicinal plant functions, a national-level enterprise technology center, and 2 national-level R&D centers And 3 provincial-level garlic technology engineering research centers.” According to Yao Huanmin, deputy director of the Pizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the cooperation between enterprises, technology R&D centers and scientific research institutes has promoted more diversified products, higher added value, stronger competitiveness, and industrial The chain expands wider.

The public platform is an important carrier and guarantee for the construction of export bases. At present, bases across the province are actively improving the level of public services, with more than 400 public service platforms of various types. XCMG strives to build China’s first industrial cloud platform, opening a new industrial economic development model of”Internet + cloud technology + manufacturing”. Wuxi New Energy, Taizhou Biomedicine, Nantong Home Textiles, etc. rely on the base industry clustering and international development advantages, and actively build a professional exhibition platform to help improve Industrial trade integration and international technical cooperation level.

It is understood that the home textile index publishing center of the Haimen National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Base mainly includes three categories:”price index, prosperity index and manager purchasing index”, which has become the vane of the world home textile market and global The barometer of home textile trade has established the right to speak in the international market for our country’s textile industry. Wuxi’s new energy foreign trade transformation and upgrading base is mainly composed of photovoltaic and wind power enterprises. The National Photovoltaic Quality Inspection Center in the base has served more than 2,000 companies, completed inspection and testing tasks and exceeded 20,000 batches. The service area covers 27 provinces (autonomous regions). , Municipalities) and the United States, Germany, Switzerland and other countries and regions, providing preferential certification services for the export of base enterprises. (Shao Shengyu, Ding Xiqian)

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