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In 2016, it acquired a fully-owned British football club for 60 million pounds After Aston Villa, how energetic Xia Jiantong is standing in the fan stands.

Four years later, when people saw the Chinese boss again, it was a reward order.

On the evening of January 19, ST Remote announced that the company’s original actual controller Xia Jiantong had been approved arrest. This talented young man who created the &34;Ruikang Department&34; will soon become an A-share&34;Prison situation after he personally destroyed three listed companies New member of &34;.

The original controller was arrested

According to the announcement, Xia Jiantong was arrested for the crime of”Breach of Trust and Damage to the Interests of Listed Companies”.

As the former actual controller, Xia Jiantong entered the long-distance cable in October 2016 and hurriedly withdrew in March 2018. After more than a year at the helm, not only did the listed company get on track, but on the contrary Through a series of illegal guarantees and capital appropriation, listed companies are deeply mired.

It was during Xia Jiantong’s administration that because of the continued decline in performance, the remote cable wearing cap became ST remote . Until 2018, Xia Jiantong chose to transfer the control of listed companies, and apparently clarified the relationship with the listed company at the level of equity control, but in fact left a series of”34; headless debts” through illegal guarantees.

Since then, ST Remote will be taken over by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Wuxi. At the same time, the listed company has also expressed Raise a legal weapon to hold the parties responsible for causing losses to the company.

So on February 27, 2020, ST Remote accused Xia Jiantong on the crime of breaching trust and harming the interests of listed companies Reported the case to Wuxi Public Security Bureau.

ST Remote stated that the company’s daily operations are currently operating normally and Xia Jiantong’s arrest will not affect the company. The development of normal production and business activities.

Building the &34;Ruikang series&34; in one hand, and destroying it by hand

However, ST Remote is not the only &34;victim&34;.

In the &34;Ruikang Series&34; built by Xia Jian, there were three listed companies, except for ST remote, as well as Lotus health and *ST Tianxia—all of them have experienced Xia Jiantong’s&34; &34;.

Among them, the most famous one is undoubtedly Lotus Health.

Lotus Health is the predecessor of the well-known&34;MSG King&34;Lotus MSG was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as early as 1998. At that time, it was the industry leader with a market share of over 40%.

However, as the side effects of MSG continue to be mentioned, and more and more substitutes appear, Lotus MSG has gradually faded. In order to save itself, Lotus MSG introduced Rui Kang Capital in 2014, and Xia Jiantong became the actual controller.

Unexpectedly,”self-help” almost evolved into”suicide”.

When he left Lotus Health in May 2018, Xia Jiantong once said this:&34; For more than three years, I have worked hard for Lotus, and many times I have received misunderstandings, ridicules, and all kinds of anger. It seems that I am complaining that I have been unfairly evaluated. So is this really the case?

In order to break out of the traditional industry, Xia Jiantong formulated the”Big Health” strategy for Lotus MSG, marching into Big Health, Smart Agriculture and other fields, Lotus MSG was renamed Lotus Health. However, his actions in the Lotus Health series did not make the lotus MSG reborn, and more relied on the platform for a new round Another round of capital operation.

After entering Lianhua MSG, Xia Jiantong successively pledge all the shares he held, during which he gave high hopes for a fixed increase The plan also ended in miscarriage, which made Lotus MSG a debt-ridden lawsuit.

But after the pledge, I don’t know where the money is spent, and the company is indeed shaky. In 2017-2018, the net profit of Lotus Health was negative for two consecutive years, and it was put on the *ST hat. In addition, since Xia Jiantong took over, the share price of Lianhua MSG fell from the highest of 10.50 yuan to 2.05 yuan the day before his resignation (holdings were forced to auction), a drop of over 80%.

Some analysts believe that Ruikang Investment realizes equity transfer by means of pledge, and Xia Jiantong is equivalent to selling shells in disguise. After bid farewell to Xia Jiantong, Lotus Health finally got on the right track and successfully took off his hat.

However, compared with the reincarnation of Lotus Health, *ST Tianxia is not so lucky. Just a few days ago, because the stock price was below the par value for 20 consecutive days, *ST Tianxia locked the delisting.

From a genius boy to a dishonest

Three listed companies, two changed owners and one was destroyed, and the”Ruikang Department” was completely declared dead, and Xia Jiantong is also about to be imprisoned, drawing an end to his legendary story.

Xia Jiantong, born in 1974, is a veritable genius. He went to college at the age of 14, went to the United States to study at the age of 19, and became the youngest doctor of design in Harvard University history at the age of 24. The reputation of the capital market.

But now, it seems that Xia Jiantong’s so-called fame is nothing but the creation of a special period in the capital market. He has no industrial experience and only relies on capital operation for profit.

Because the funding problem has been fully exposed, Xia Jiantong is currently involved in a number of lawsuits and has been listed by the court as a dishonest person subject to enforcement, and has been restricted from high consumption. According to statistics, Xia Jiantong currently involves hundreds of judicial risks, mostly involving private loan disputes, contract disputes, and financial loan contract disputes.

What about the genius boy?