On January 19th local time, Sweden TV station reported that the Swedish Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (PTS) started on the 19th.5G spectrum auction. Huawei and ZTE equipment are both excluded.

On January 15, Huawei suffered a setback in the Court of Appeal. The court’s ruling means that PTS’s ruling to exclude Huawei from the 5G market in Sweden applies until further notice, and that PTS can conduct 5G spectrum auctions.

Sweden was originally scheduled to start the 5G spectrum auction on November 10, 2020. On October 20, the Swedish Telecommunications Regulatory Authority announced additional conditions for operators to participate in the auction, excluding Huawei and ZTE equipment, and required existing The equipment will be removed before 2025.

Huawei Sweden filed an appeal with the Administrative Court of Stockholm, Sweden on November 5, 2020 regarding additional conditions for the auction. A temporary injunction was issued on November 9 to stop additional conditions. The Swedish Telecommunications Regulatory Authority immediately decided to postpone the auction and appealed to the Court of Appeal against the temporary injunction on November 16.

Huawei’s response to this is as follows:

In response to the decision and additional conditions of the 5G auction in Sweden, Huawei and local telecom operators have initiated an appeal, and the case is in Stockholm Trial by the administrative court. PTS ignored Huawei’s legal rights and restarted the auction regardless of legal uncertainty. Huawei expressed its opposition and regret.

Huawei believes that PTS did not consult Huawei as a stakeholder in its decision on 5G spectrum auctions. The process is not transparent and the results are discriminatory, which is obviously inappropriate. 5G in Sweden will also face deployment delays and price increases due to improper decisions by regulatory agencies and huge legal uncertainties.

The development of information and communication technology (ICT) relies on deep globalization. It is based on unwarranted reasons and based on the country of origin to exclude specific components and technologies. It is a subversion and challenge to the development trend of technology and industry. The interests of any participant, including Huawei. We still look forward to finding solutions that benefit all parties through open exchanges in Sweden.

Huawei will continue to protect its own legal rights and interests. We believe that the Swedish judicial system will make a fair ruling and require PTS to make a new decision and remove the discriminatory additional conditions against Huawei. (Headquarters reporter Hao Xiaoli)