What the capitalists say, even a punctuation mark cannot be believed.

On May 26, drops Di publicly stated that, in order to protect the rights and interests of all drivers, the self-examination draws an extreme draw ratio higher than 30%, and promises to adjust the draw ratio reasonably.

At that time, I was naive to think that Didi finally had a conscience one time.

But it’s all in June, why can we still receive this Extreme order.

PassengersPayment 10.01 yuan, I got 4.51 yuan, where is this high rate?

getUrls?link=5acf2828d21a220ebab71faee76c93f5 - The smelly Didi, the passenger pays 10.1, the driver gets 4.5


First, the rake has not changed

Didi is still the same Didi, and has never changed.

Publicly stated that the reduction in the commission is only to calm the anger of online ride-hailing drivers. How to smoke or how to smoke.

In recent years, It is an indisputable fact that the income of Didi drivers is decreasing year by year.

The old Didi drivers who have been running for a few years have the most intuitive feelings, three to four years At that time, platforms such as Didi and Uber competed on the same platform. Drivers could choose other platforms without hesitation.

That is the golden moment for online ride-hailing drivers. As long as you work hard, A monthly turnover of 20,000 can be guaranteed.

Now that Didi is dominated by a single family, drivers have no other choice Even if Didi’s draw is much higher than that of platforms such as Didi and Yifei Travel, the drivers can only smash their teeth and swallow them into their stomachs.

Second, The pattern of deformity

People are profitable animal.

For passengers in the travel industry, there is no such thing as user loyalty. Order prices Is the only thing to consider.

Whoever seizes the price advantage will have users!

getUrls?link=261a4862f2d37c29949247e36f7b48d6 - The smelly Didi, the passenger pays 10.1, the driver gets 4.5

There is no doubt that Didi’s order price is also the lowest in the industry. There was a time when Didi’s The order price is cheaper than the subway bus.

But we thought about it again, the price of the order is too low, the drivers How to do?

Online ride-hailing drivers also need to support their families, so the order price is low enough , The platform has to make a big draw, and then remove the gas fee, the driver is completely working in vain!

Can’t make money, not because the driver doesn’t work hard, but makes money The money was grabbed by the platform!

Thousands of thousands of drivers work more than 12 hours a day, one month later Counting it down, the net profit is not even five thousand yuan!

Three, difficult to break the game

Didi’s endless reduction of order prices has indeed won a large number of users, but this is not conducive to market development, on the one hand it hurts The interests of drivers, on the one hand, create a solid industry barriers to hinder the development of new platforms.

There are basically not many new online ride-hailing platforms!

getUrls?link=04f1ecbc45bb74dc0bf43bf5d39887ed - The smelly Didi, the passenger pays 10.1, the driver gets 4.5


The users are all in Didi. If you want to get users, you have to lower the travel price. As a result, the driver didn’t make a profit. The driver could not be found.

I increased the order price and lost users again!

A dilemma, this is an unsolvable game!

Conclusion:Perhaps, market supervision will be the only way to break the game, but the arrival of this day How long is it?