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no orders to buy things, Shenyang woman Xiaomei (pseudonym) received LCD TVs and refrigerators from Jingdong, and then received calls from strangers from Gansu , The other party said that he bought the item but did not receive it.

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Two people Thousands of miles apart, they found that the Jingdong APP on their phones was all Xiaomei’s account information.

What the hell is going on?

On January 20th, the staff of JD Group told reporters that the matter had been properly handled. Regarding the reason for this”wonderful” incident, the staff said it was caused by the”inheritance” of the original owner’s JD registration information by the new owner after the mobile phone number was sold by the communication operator.

Ms. Shenyang did not shop but received an LCD TV and refrigerator from JD.

“In the past few days, I encountered a comparison Strange thing.” Xiaomei (pseudonym) of Shenyang said. Just two days ago, Jingdong suddenly texted her, “Said to send me a TV and ask me if I have time.”

Because it was a text message, Xiaomei did not take it seriously, but did not expect to receive a call from the delivery staff early the next morning,”I was blinded at the time, I said I did not buy a TV.”

Then the delivery staff verified the name, phone number, address and other information with Xiaomei.”The delivery staff said if they were bought by relatives and friends, and they said they should be delivered first.”

Said that I thought I had encountered some marketing methods,”It is the kind of cash on delivery.”

Unexpectedly, the delivery person really sent a 65-inch LCD TV to Xiaomei’s home.”I left without asking for money, it means it’s a real delivery person.”

Xiaomei once again emphasized to the delivery staff that she didn’t buy a TV,”he told me to check Check it.”

However, what is even more strange is that after a day, Xiaomei received a refrigerator from

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An inexplicable product was found in the shopping cart. Suspect the security of JD’s account

Xiaomei and the delivery staff repeatedly verified the delivery information, and there was no discrepancy, but Xiaomei couldn’t sit still.”I’m posting on Moments and calling my relatives and friends to make sure no one buys a color TV or refrigerator for me.”

In order to find out what’s going on, Xiaomei logs on to the Jingdong APP and is ready to contact customer service . At this time, she discovered that the purchase records of LCD TVs and refrigerators were indeed in her Jingdong order records.

“This is even weirder.” After careful inspection, Xiaomei found that although the order was in her account and it showed that the payment was made through WeChat,”But the money in my WeChat wallet is also No less, there is no deduction record for these two home appliances.”

Xiaomei also found that in the shopping cart of her JD account, there are many products that were not added by herself. Mask, and all other appliances.”

A stranger in Gansu called”I bought something but I didn’t receive it.”

At a loss, Xiao Mei said that because it was not something she bought, although it was delivered to the door of her house, she did not unpack it. At this time, Xiaomei received a call from’s customer service asking if the goods were not received.

“I received two home appliances inexplicably, why did I still say that I did not receive the goods?” Xiaomei was even more confused. Xiaomei once again informed the other party that the things were not bought by herself, but they did order Appeared in my account,”I hope the customer service will quickly verify what’s going on.”

“About another day later, I received a call from Gansu and the other party said that he bought the LCD TV and refrigerator. Xiaomei asked the other party,”You are in Gansu and I am in Shenyang. How did the home appliances you bought be delivered to me?”

The other party told Xiaomei that she didn’t know what was going on.”As soon as his JD account is opened, it contains my information.”

One is in Shenyang and the other is in Gansu. Two customers who are far apart are at a loss.”He can’t come Picking up the goods in Shenyang, I can’t deliver the goods to Gansu in Shenyang.”

Then the Gansu buyer proposed a way to return the goods through the Gansu buyer, and then let Jingdong send it to Shenyang. Take away the home appliances.

But Xiaomei said that there are many things in the shopping cart that do not belong to her,”I feel that my account seems to be insecure.”

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Mobile phone number is second”JD Information”, the owner of the second-selling old machine, was inherited by the new owner

On January 20, the reporter got in touch with the relevant departments of the company through the JD customer service. After conducting the investigation, the staff replied to the reporter, “After investigation, this is indeed a particularly weird thing.”

The staff member said that it was due to the second sale of mobile phone numbers by communication operators. The original owner’s JD APP registration information was inherited by the new owner.

The staff said that during the investigation, it was found that the mobile phone number used by the Gansu customer to place an order was a mobile phone number used by the lady in Shenyang before. This mobile phone number was sold to consumers in Gansu after a second sale by the operator. After a Gansu consumer logged in to the JD APP with a mobile phone number, the address and other information in the account belonged to the woman from Shenyang, the original owner.”The Gansu consumer did not carefully check the information, so he directly placed an order to buy an electrical appliance. Place an order.”

The staff member said that according to the address and consignee matched in the order,”we delivered the goods to this lady in Shenyang.”

The staff member said According to the mutual negotiation of the two customers, the wrong home appliances have been retrieved.”Now we are communicating with the Gansu customer, ask him to change the delivery address to the correct one, so that we can deliver the goods for him again.” promises to seek technical solutions. At the moment it can only be a kind reminder

Xiaomei mentioned that after this happened, she had a friend I found a similar situation,”I am not alone in this situation.”

Xiaomei believes that although this matter has been resolved, she is still worried about the information security of her JD account,”I I think this matter should arouse the attention of Jingdong officials.”

The Jingdong staff who replied to reporters said that they had already made a reminder to the parties involved in this”exotic” incident,”If you change your mobile phone number, you must The personal information on the JD platform will be revised in time.”

“At present, we can only remind consumers to make changes by themselves in a short time.” The staff promised to feed this situation back to other technical departments , Seek a thorough solution,”solve this problem from the root.”

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