“A bowl of noodles has only four noodles.” A few days ago, it caused a great uproar. It was said that a small bowl in a certain scenic spot had only four noodles in it! So what”black hearts”,”profiteers”,”slaughters”, online and offline, all of a sudden, all the anger was vented.

But what about the facts? What kind of noodles are in this”bowl”? The noodles are several feet long, and the noodles are nearly an inch wide. It is a kind of local characteristic wide noodles. A bowl is half a catty,”enough to eat for one person”! It can be seen that the previous turmoil has not figured out the truth at all, and the angry comments are only houses built on the beach!

There was also a”bus to buy roast duck” in the previous paragraph, which also caused an uproar. It was said that some people photographed a police car parked in front of a duck shop and the police bought roast duck there. Is it okay? So it was also what Qianfu pointed out, and even the words”Hang Xing Xiangli” came out. But what about the facts? At the beginning of the year, the 7 policemen were on duty without a break, but the canteen was closed and there was no food to eat. So they had to send two or three people to buy three roast ducks to satisfy their hunger, and stopped by a roast duck restaurant on the way back from official business. After the”truth became clear”, netizens also had a fair view. They said that it was Chinese New Year and we were all reunited at home, but the police were on duty. Shouldn’t they have a meal? To say that this kind of turmoil is surging, one is that the matter has not been clarified, and the other is too impersonal-does the”police scorpion” have to be hungry?

In fact, there were several”uprisings” not long ago. One is that a certain municipal party committee secretary travels in the microservices, a person silently eats a bowl of fried noodles at a night stall, and there are photos on the Internet, so he”makes a show”,”poses a photo”, and”brings a cameraman street” is on the Internet”One Day World”. In fact, the secretary was in a car and took to the street alone. A passerby happened to be taking pictures with his mobile phone. Among dozens of photos, there was a”Secretary eating fan”, so they uploaded them all together, so they were recognized as one of them. Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, so all questions are coming! Second, the female deputy mayor of a certain city squeezed the subway. The photo was posted on the Internet, and the voice of”showing” was not lost. In fact, the female deputy mayor has been squeezing the subway to and from get off work every day since the reform of the bus. It has been two or three years. There is no such thing as an occasional one, intentionally taking pictures to show”civilization”!

The”comments” on the Internet can be described as”turbulent”, but there is no shortage of”houses built on the beach”. They are often”starters” from the media so-called”there is no truth”, and things have not been clarified yet. , There has been an uproar on the Internet. In fact, things in the world are very complicated. Many things are specious and turbulent. Therefore, the”reversal” of”public opinion” has become the norm. It often oscillates back and forth, stepping on the ground for a while, and holding it to the sky for a while, mostly because of things. I didn’t understand the true and false cause and effect, so I”fired fiercely” together. Of course, in addition to the fact that the facts are not clarified, some”questioning symptoms”, and even embarking on excessive hatred of officials, police, hatred of education, hatred of the rich and other abnormal psychology, I am afraid it is also a choice of”every X must be opposed” factor.

Of course, some”public opinions” are not completely unclear. For example, the bowl of noodles at the beginning of the article, what kind of wide noodles the”four roots” are, has long been clarified, but there are many newspapers and periodicals. The website still has the headline”There are only four noodles in a bowl”, and it still ignores the truth that has already been revealed and hype it online and offline. This is not”unknown truth”, but deliberately. Another example is the photo of”Moutai in the poor households’ homes” some time ago. The”first time” told me that this was an empty bottle that the owner had brought back at someone else’s banquet, but is”clarification” useful? Listen to and ignore some of the”public opinions”, aren’t they still entangled there? !

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