According to the China Fund News, other people’s stocks are reaching new highs every day, and the stocks bought by 850,000 shareholders are at new lows every day. The differentiation of individual stocks is extremely serious. Miracle Land, just 6 consecutive down limits; Yunnei Power, Doushen Education, Ou Feiguang and other stocks also plummeted, constantly hitting new lows; many recently The plummeted shares, the number of shareholders reached 856,200. Netizens were deeply depressed about the continuous plummet of stock prices:”The quilt is miserable, and I want to cry without tears”.

getUrls?link=993993a2c13fdcda560f07a464e51f5a - The quilt is miserable, and 850,000 shareholders are confused! Many stocks crashed, and there were even 6 consecutive limits. Netizens:"Called every day should not, and called the ground is not working"

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