I inquired about the top ten edible oil brands in China, namely Golden Dragon Fish and Luhua, Fulinmen, Duoli MIGHTY, Orchid Flower, Longevity Flower, Xiwang Food, Knife , Sea lion, Taoism.

Among them, Arowana, Duoli MIGHTY, Orchid Flower, and Knife, these four brands are wholly foreign-owned 68.7%of oil consumption.

Analyze these four brands to see who is the big money owner behind them.

“Arowana and Orchid” belong to”Yihai Kerry Arowana Grain, Oil and Food Co., Ltd.” Singapore’s”Wilms International Group” wholly-owned holding. Behind the brands such as Luhua and Fulinmen, there are also Singaporean Wilmar International Group.

The second largest shareholder of”Wilm International Group” is ADM, which holds 24.9%of the shares of”Wilm International Group” .

The full name of ADM is Archer Daniels Midland. It is the world’s first grain and oilseed processing plant and the largest soybean crushing plant in the United States. Processing plant and corn additives manufacturing plant, the second largest flour mill in the United States and the fifth largest grain export trading company in the world.

“Duoli MIGHTY” belongs to the”Jig Group” in Taiwan, and”Jig Group” is the American”Pepsi-Cola Company“.

PepsiCo Inc is a beverage and snack food company. With 140,000 employees in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, in 2004 sales revenue was 29.3 billion U.S. dollars, making it the fourth largest food and beverage company in the world.

“Knife” belongs to Lam Soon (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and its controlling shareholder is Malaysia Hong Leong Group.

The penetration of foreign capital into my country’s edible oil is very serious. In addition to the above brands, in recent years, China has been merged and acquired. There are also many oil factories and edible oil brands.

Singapore’s”Noble Group” acquired Guangxi Qinzhou Grease and Jiangsu Nantong Baogang Grease, and reorganized Chongqing Xinfu and Shandong Xinlong Grease.

Germany’s TOEFL International Group reorganized Zhanjiang Huanong Company and acquired shares of Kaifeng Zhengda and Xuchang Shanhua Company through Zhengzhou Sunshine Company.

Through continuous mergers and acquisitions, up to now,”80%of China’s edible oil wholesale rights are in the hands of foreign companies.


Only four major international grain merchants such as ADM control 66%of China’s large oil companies and 85%of their production capacity. Even the largest peanut oil in China Supplier Luhua’s general agency rights are also in the hands of foreign companies.

Soybeans are the main raw material of China’s edible oil. In 2020, China’s soybean planting area is 140 million mu, with a total output of 19.6 billion kilograms. In 2017, China consumed 110 billion kilograms of soybeans. Domestically grown soybeans simply cannot meet the consumption needs of the people, and 80%of soybeans depend on imports.

The source of most soybeans is the United States, which has pricing power. Once the United States cuts production or raises prices, the price of soybeans will inevitably rise, which indirectly causes The price of edible oil in China is rising

Therefore, the price of edible oil in China has nothing to do with supply and demand. It is Wall Street’s financial capital that controls the price. When they want to raise the price of edible oil in China, they go to Chicago Futures Exchange Lifting soybean futures will increase the price of edible oil in China. Behind Wall Street is United States Department of Agriculture, yes The U.S. government, the U.S. government manipulated China’s cooking oil prices through Wall Street.

Although the situation of edible oils is not optimistic, the state targets This situation has also been dealt with. For special reasons, I will not analyze it here.