In recent years, with the strengthening of supervision, many online lending platforms have experienced thunderstorms. According to incomplete statistics, the current number of normal operating platforms in the P2P online loan industry is only about 1,000. At present, there should be less than 200 platforms that truly maintain stable operations, and 90%of online lending platforms are facing bankruptcy at any time. Entering 2020, the online loan industry will truly enter a stage of deep reshuffle and comprehensive rectification.

Due to the closure of online lending platforms, various social problems have been caused, and the online lending industry has been pushed to the forefront of public opinion. The overwhelming accusations on the Internet have once again made online lending and cash lending a mouse on the street, and public targets.

Most of the small loan platforms disappeared at this time, and some platforms even voluntarily demanded that only the principal be repaid, without interest, which was impossible in the past to negotiate. Facing these platforms that have closed down or are about to close down. Many borrowers on online lending platforms are lucky and believe that these loans do not need to be repaid.

According to the disciplinary documents for dishonesty signed jointly by 60 agencies including the Supreme Law and the National Development and Reform Commission, it was included in the central bank The dishonest person in the credit investigation system and the credit China database will be strictly restricted in many aspects covering housing, consumption, travel, and pension.

In this regard, if the online lending company goes bankrupt, the creditor’s rights will be transferred to other companies, or a third-party agency will be entrusted to clear them. In other words, even if the original company goes bankrupt and the debt is still there, the borrower still needs to repay the loan in accordance with the previous loan agreement.

At that time, the borrower will not only have to repay the arrears, but also need to pay overdue interest and liquidated damages. Moreover, these data will also be uploaded to the credit investigation database, or online loan credit investigation blacklist. Once bad records are left in these credit investigation systems, it will be even more difficult to apply for credit cards or loans in the future.

Previously, the State Council has repeatedly emphasized the need to build a sound social credit system, Improve the credit punishment system of”one dishonesty, everywhere restriction” to make it difficult for those who are dishonest. In today’s era of the Internet and big data where all information is shared, loan information and personal information will be recorded by the central bank’s credit investigation. If you continue to refuse to repay, you will not only be subject to collection, but you will also face penalty interest, credit damage, etc. harm.