Northeast News Network News (Reporter Zheng Yang) You are responsible for making a difference, and I am responsible for helping you become popular! To tap regional influencer resources and activate urban influencer genes In 2021, the old border district of Yingkou City will launch”30 Internet celebrities” to encourage talents, supply chains, and activities to gather energy for The healthy development of the Internet celebrity economy provides strong support.

According to our understanding, in August 2019, the old border area of Yingkou City will be deployed as a “net celebrity town”. Idle real estate and factory areas, build live broadcast bases, social e-commerce industrial parks, online celebrity e-commerce incubation bases, cloud warehouse bases and other 28 Internet celebrity economic development carriers, successively selected as the national digital village pilot and approved the first batch of e-commerce in Liaoning The live broadcast demonstration base became the first internet celebrity economic demonstration base in Liaoning. By linking, integrating and innovating all elements of the Internet celebrity economy such as products, anchors, professional institutions, and supporting services, the Laobian Internet celebrity town has attracted more than 300 high-quality enterprises and 150,000 anchors, forming a huge population of over 350 million people. Fan base.

Among the 30 newly-launched measures to promote the economic development of internet celebrities, in order to cultivate and attract outstanding live broadcast economic talents, the old border celebrity town has increased its support for internet celebrity anchors with more than 50,000 fans. Formulate 10 preferential policies to support outstanding live broadcast economic talents:provide free apartments and live broadcast studios to solve the problem of investment in the preparatory cost of the live broadcast of the anchor; the anchor children who settle in the Laobian Internet celebrity town have priority to attend key middle schools, primary schools, and Kindergartens, etc.; provide some special housing to meet the needs of the anchors to purchase houses; give corresponding car subsidies to the anchors who need to buy cars; provide support to the existing Internet celebrity town traffic pool for the anchors, and 5%for the commercial traffic purchased by the anchors Rebates ranging from 15%; provide specific discount prices for products in the brand supply chain for anchors; provide professional services such as professional filming teams and screenwriting teams; provide priority employment opportunities for anchors’ immediate family members who settle in the Laobian Internet Red Town; free of charge Provide personal image design and shooting costume props; provide the most favorable domestic logistics guarantee for anchors stationed in the Laobian Internet Red Town.

In order to support the entry of excellent supply chain enterprises, 10 preferential policies have been formulated:provide free product display and storage venues for the supply chain enterprises; connect the products of the supply chain enterprises to the anchor and e-commerce platform and guarantee the products The exposure and broadcast rate of the company; docking with professional filming teams; docking with financial institutions to provide financial protection; docking with the most favorable logistics prices; docking with professional organizations to provide copywriting design and brand promotion for product promotion; provide some special houses to satisfy the settled enterprises Personnel’s housing needs; for companies that need to buy cars, corresponding car subsidies will be given; children of staff who enter the Laobian Internet celebrity town supply chain enterprise will be given priority to attend key middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens in the Laobian area; tax payment Larger excellent supply chain companies can”discuss one thing, one discussion” and give them corresponding tax refunds.

In order to build a national professional Internet celebrity event city, 10 preferential policies have been formulated:provide professional stage and stage equipment for event guests; provide professional director team; provide professional video streaming software and equipment; provide Professional makeup team and video shooting team; open VIP VIP channels at airports and high-speed rail stations and the most favorable hotel accommodation services for event guests; provide pick-up services for event guests and event teams; provide complete supply chain supporting services and the most favorable logistics Price; provide local official media and self-media public accounts for event guests to report and publicize, increase event exposure; provide professional security team and mobile and Unicom live signal car services at the event site to ensure the smooth progress of the event; provide event venues for event guests , If you need a commercial venue, the local will provide the lowest price.

At the same time that the”30 items to promote the economic development of Internet celebrities” were issued, the old border district also issued”30 items for the development of a pioneering zone for’everyone is a business environment’.”