Last night, the night of WeChat officially opened, and”Father of WeChat” Zhang Xiaolong stepped to the podium.

As the founder of WeChat, Zhang Xiaolong generally hides behind the scenes and rarely appears in public. But every time he appears, it means that WeChat will have a big change, so each of his speeches has attracted the attention of users, media, and developers.

In the WeChat Open Class Pro last night, Zhang Xiaolong not only shared his thoughts on the product, but also made it clear that a new version of WeChat will be launched in a few days, and WeChat will be added by then Some experimental and fun little features, I hope you can be more tolerant of them.

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And these functions can be roughly divided into the following Six:

1. Emoticons:In order to present a stronger visual effect, WeChat emoticons will”explode the screen”; in simple terms, they are emoticons with full-screen special effects, similar to QQ’s”Poke a Poke”,”Drop Durian”;

2,”Status”:If you are in a certain”status” (mood, environment, scene… ), also want to see who is in the same state as you, then you can find similar people through this”state” function. The essence of social interaction is to find the same kind, and”state” is the way to find the same kind of people.

3. Song listening function:In the new version of WeChat, there will be some new users’ listening screens, similar to MV; when you listen to a song , Who you can watch and listen to the same song with you, and still see his picture;

4. Floating window:The floating window function will be optimized and upgraded , Showing a better effect; Zhang Xiaolong said that in order to solve the need for users to process WeChat messages in the middle of reading articles or videos, we have added an imperfect floating window function. However, this problem can be solved better now. WeChat will provide a list of unfinished content. Users can retrieve the previous content in the list at any time and continue to watch it, especially for some long videos. Of course, live broadcasts are also required. .

5. Video number, live broadcast:Last night Zhang Xiaolong spent most of the time focusing on the WeChat video number and shared some views on the product. He also believes that video expression will be The main body of content in the next 10 years. He revealed that some small things will be added to the live broadcast window of the video account this spring, hoping that users can pay New Year’s greetings through the live broadcast window.

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6. WeChat comes with input method

strong>:Zhang Xiaolong mentioned that WeChat usually receives a lot of complaints, and these complaints are basically about”Did WeChat leak our chat history? Why do I push ads as soon as I talk about it?” Zhang Xiaolong pointed out, People in the industry know how this is going, but it is not WeChat leaked. WeChat does not check the user’s chat history, nor does it save the chat history.

Zhang Xiaolong said that in fact, WeChat did not intend to make an input method at the beginning, but when our technical team (machine semantic understanding team) said that it would be safer to make an input method by itself, I directly agreed. Our goal is not to get more users, but because the input method is a window of text expression, and the input method will become more and more mature and more important, and even new input forms will appear, so it is still very worthwhile We went to invest.

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In addition, Zhang Xiaolong also revealed a set of data, He said that 1.09 billion users open WeChat every day, of which 330 million users use video calls, 780 million users have entered Moments, 120 million users have posted Moments (670 million photos, 100 million short videos) ), 360 million users read public account articles, 400 million users have used the mini program, and more than 200 million users have set up a circle of friends to be visible for three days.