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Bitcoin has plummeted again! It seems that this is not news anymore? It seems to be the case, but this time is different from the previous few times. Most of the previous plunges are the same as Musk is related, but this time he changed the protagonist and became the FBI that we are very familiar with in the movie.

Some time ago, a hacker organization from Russia attacked and destroyed the control system of the largest oil pipeline company in the western United States, causing the company to suspend most of the oil transportation in the western region. The U.S. government even declared the country into a state of emergency. In order to restore the oil supply as soon as possible,Finally, the Colony Pipeline Company was forced to pay approximately US$5 million to the hacker organization In exchange for their own system control rights.

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However, just before the hacker organization transferred the ransom, the FBI successfully found the wallet key to store the ransom, transferred most of the bitcoins to the official account, and recovered nearly half of the loss. Why is it nearly half? Because of the impact of currency prices, the total price of recovered bitcoins has been much lower than the price paid before.

The successful recovery of the untraceable and completely decentralized Bitcoin transaction directly caused another shock in the Bitcoin market.Some people say that this proves that the so-called decentralization of Bitcoin is actually a scam. Some people say that the end of Bitcoin is here. So what is the truth?

How did the FBI recover Bitcoin?

FBI mentioned in the report meeting that the recovered bitcoins this time is about 80%of the paid amount, and the remaining 20%​​cannot be recovered temporarily due to other reasons. However, for the blackmailed company, it has been That is good news. Moreover, the FBI’s recovery action once again broke the Bitcoin money laundering myth, making people realize that Bitcoin transactions are traceable and traceable to a certain extent.

However, the FBI’s process of recovering Bitcoin may be different from what everyone thinks. Xiao Lei noticed that many people believe that the FBI directly cracked the Bitcoin encryption algorithm, thereby removing the Bitcoin in the wallet. Withdrawal of coins is actually not the case.

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At least for now, the FBI cannot directly hack a Bitcoin wallet, because the Bitcoin wallet uses The SHA256 algorithm is one of the current mainstream encryption algorithms. The SHA256 algorithm is not only used by Bitcoin, but the main one in the world.Banks and financial institutions mostly use similar algorithms to perform network and system encryption.

If the algorithm is cracked, then what we should worry about is not Bitcoin, but Whether the global financial system collapsed overnight. Moreover, the SHA256 algorithm itself is almost impossible to crack. If you want to crack the algorithm, even the most advanced It’s impossible for supercomputers to perform calculations, even the quantum computer, which is known as the next generation computer. It is also difficult to play a role in the face of the SHA256 algorithm.

So, the FBI’s recovery of Bitcoin actually relies on its own control of server companies in the United States and its knowledge of the Internet. Moreover, this hacker organization that launched attacks on multiple companies, to some extent, It is indeed too careless. Because according to the report released by the FBI, Bitcoin can be recovered this time, to some extent It also has a lot of luck.

Everyone knows that similar ransoms and black money basically need to be washed out after a series of operations, whether it is real currency or virtual currency. in this way. Even the so-called decentralized Bitcoin will broadcast to the outside world during the transaction. If the source of the Bitcoin is not covered, it will easily be traced to the withdrawal address and be found directly.

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As a hacker organization that has committed dozens of crimes, Dark Side is also laundering the bitcoins obtained this time through a series of private and public wallets, and the public wallets belonging to the FBI are hidden in these wallets. When someone from Dark Side transfers the ransom into the wallet, they are constantly monitored by the FBIagents It was found that after obtaining the judge’s permission, the bitcoin was transferred to another wallet held by the government quickly by relying on the private key of the wallet.

Of course, it is estimated that the people from Dark Side also found out during the transfer process, so in the end not all bitcoins were transferred, but only 80%was recovered, And because the price of Bitcoin has been steadily falling in the past period of time, the amount successfully recovered is still less than 2.5 million US dollars.

Some readers may still be at a loss, so Xiao Lei will give another example, a group of robbers robbed a box of gold in the bank, and then wanted to exchange the gold for legal circulation So they began to transfer between the various strongholds, trying to make others unable to distinguish the source of this box of gold.

The early stages of the whole process went smoothly, until they entered a seemingly large bar, just walked in, and found a group of people standing inside, and at the same time there was the sound of locking at the entrance and exit. A voice came:FBI, You are surrounded.

So, the whole process does not actually involve hacker attack and defense, network confrontation, it is a simple process of blind cats and dead mice, hackers themselves entered the trap set by the FBI, which led to the ransom. recover. However, the above is just a guess based on the report published by the FBI, and the actual operation process should be far less simple than what Xiao Lei said, and the FBI is unwilling to announce the specific process because they still need to use this to deal with the next hacker. Group attacks.

At least, Bitcoin itself is still safe at the moment, but if you want to withdraw or launder the Bitcoin after obtaining it, you will face numerous obstacles. For example, in the high-profile global ransomware virus in the past few years, many of the bitcoin ransoms obtained by the virus creators still cannot be withdrawn, and they have been strictly monitored by the government.

Bitcoin is safe , Why is it still causing the price to plummet?

So, Bitcoin is safe? So why did Bitcoin still plummet? First of all, the price of Bitcoin has not been stable recently.A slight disturbance may cause a sharp drop. Or skyrocketing. However, this time it was indeed a plunge due to the news that the US FBI had recovered the bitcoin ransom.

Although many people regard Bitcoin as a pure investment, there are still quite a fewInvestors, companies or organizations secretly buy it as a currency that evades the tracking of real financial institutions. This part of the institutions may sell their bitcoins afterwards, either due to panic or for other purposes. The fall in the price of the currency in turn triggered the selling of other scattered investors and institutions, and finally made the price of bitcoin large. Decline.

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Furthermore, some time ago, there were rumors that Musk was considering selling the Bitcoin held by Tesla. Although it had little effect on the market because of no real action, with the shock caused by FBI-related news, It also demonstrated its follow-up power.

Furthermore, most Bitcoin investors don’t actually know Bitcoin itself, so when similar major unfavorable news comes out, panic selling is a normal thing.

In fact, for most Bitcoin traders, as long as it is through the exchangetransaction conducted by span> is basically open and transparent, and the exchange can easily find the information of both parties to the transaction. This is why after the Involving black money and causing bank accounts to be frozen.

More interestingly, the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi NakamotoIn the design of Bitcoin, although it is given its decentralization and other characteristics, it also gives its transaction the characteristics of openness. All Bitcoin transactions between blocks will be broadcast, which is equivalent to placing all transaction information. In the sun, making private transactions impossible (unless the entire wallet is directly traded).

getUrls?link=2fd506e52dc9d31956730fc009179326 - The myth of Bitcoin"unrecoverable" is broken, is it really going to be cold?

In the past few years, intelligence personnel and interpol around the world are based on Bitcoin The opening of the transaction has led to the hunt for many wanted criminals who have been at large, such as the operators of the well-known deep web trading platform”Silk Road”. The holder information hidden by Bitcoin is actually very fragile to the power of nations all over the world. Friends who think that virtual currencies are not regulated can basically rest.

In fact, this incident is not so much proof of the traceability of Bitcoin as it once again proved the instability of the virtual currency market.Just a specious news, it may bring a new round of plummet, for various financial institutions, the virtual currency market is a comparisonThe stock market is a good place to harvest”leeks”.

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