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A few days ago, the Dongguan Municipal Bureau of Commerce announced the list of the first batch of Dongguan e-commerce live broadcast bases, and a total of 9 bases were selected. Among them, the live broadcast base of Chashan Tea Garden Mall was awarded the”Demonstration E-commerce Live Broadcast Base” in Dongguan City, with 2 million yuan in rewards and an honorary plaque.

getUrls?link=4681584b4d9a0c3741d935a49c13b761 - The live broadcast base of Chashan Tea Garden Mall was awarded the"Demonstrative E-commerce Live Broadcast Base" in Dongguan

Tea Garden Mall Live Base

Selling high-quality products from Chashan all over the country

Since last year, Chashan Town Many companies have actively adapted to the new business formats and new models of e-commerce live broadcast, and developed E-commerce Live broadcast channels, build teams, and actively expand the market. In order to facilitate the transformation and upgrading of Chashan enterprises and achieve new growth in consumption, Chashan Town established a live broadcast base of Chashan Tea Garden Mall in the Productivity Promotion Center.

The base has a total area of ​​2,280 square meters. The first floor is an industry exhibition center with three major industries including food, toys, and clothing. On the second floor, 22 professional live broadcast rooms with complete live broadcast equipment have been established. , Set up the”Tea Garden Mall” operation center on the fourth floor. The base integrates the industrial supply chain by building online 2B and 2C mall platforms, docking with industrial suppliers, incorporating local superior products into the supply chain system, and integrating live broadcast, online supply, community distribution, and offline Community group buying and other methods will sell more Chashan quality products to the whole country and even the world.

“Chashan is a famous food town in China with many distinctive branded foods. Since the base was inaugurated, it has formed a high degree of recognition in the live broadcast industry.” said Lu Wanhua, general manager of the live broadcast base of Chashan Tea Garden Mall. The base actively provides one-stop services including live delivery of goods and e-commerce operations, integrates the industrial supply chain of Chashan Town, and opens online store operation services on different platforms. Through this”self-wired online mall platform + “Internet celebrity live broadcast + short video operation and promotion” displays sales products, further enhancing the corporate image and brand influence of Chashan.

getUrls?link=b5ce7776c63afa9382a31633286b84b7 - The live broadcast base of Chashan Tea Garden Mall was awarded the"Demonstrative E-commerce Live Broadcast Base" in Dongguan

Live delivery with goods live

Normalize online and offline activities

On the one hand, the live broadcast base of Tea Garden Mall opens online” “Live + e-commerce” sales channel, organize traffic anchors to live broadcast on the platform to bring goods, and through the influence of Internet celebrity, promote a group of high-quality local enterprises to appear in a concentrated manner, and continuously enhance the brand value of Chashan. On the other hand, it actively extends online celebrities to offline physical sales, and integrates the”Internet celebrity economy” with the”real economy” to achieve uninterrupted online and offline sales, so as to achieve a win-win situation for traffic and brand, and improve the tea mountain industry. Added value.

In December 2020, the Tea Garden Mall and the Town Economic Development Bureau jointly organized the”Tesco Dongguan·Vitality Tea Mountain”-Chashan Town’s 2020 Winter Consumption Promotion Activities and the Tea Garden Mall”Rain” You Accompanied Live Broadcast In the event (food special), 50 types of high-quality Chashan foods were selected and delivered live through a well-known anchor.”The combination of online and offline not only promotes product sales, but also plays a good role in publicity.” Lu Wanhua said. Next, the live broadcast base of the tea garden mall will regularly carry out online and offline business training activities to enhance the company’s live broadcast capabilities and sales performance in an all-round way, promote the economic development of e-commerce, and help the tea mountain enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading.

Text:Li Jianwu Correspondent:Liu Xiaojun

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