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   early August 1974, Zhu De, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, arrived in Beidaihe and stayed in a sanatorium for cadres of the central government directly under the coast. It has been Zhu De’s practice for many years to go to Beidaihe to recuperate while working. However, coming here this year, he couldn’t calm down anyway. The”Cultural Revolution” has been eight years old, but there is still no sign of ending. Mao Zedong was in poor health. Zhou Enlai had surgery not long ago. Deng Xiaoping, who had just returned to work, was not firmly established, and Jiang Qing and Wang Hongwen, who had stolen great power through the collapse of the Lin Biao Group, were extremely active. At the beginning of the new year, Jiang Qing wrote letters and sent materials to the leaders of large military units such as the Navy and Air Force in his own name, and then colluded with Wang Hongwen and Zhang Chunqiao to convene the so-called”Primary Lin Pikong” report meeting and the Military Commission, accusing the military leadership of”Criticizing Lin and Confucius” to deal with it,”rightist leaning”, proposed to”set fire to wasteland” in the army,”to rectify the army”, declared that”the one who should seize power still has to seize”, and incited and overthrown a group of veteran cadres. As one of the main founders and leaders of the People’s Army, Zhu De understands the army and firmly believes that”most of the army is good,” but he has to worry about the future of the country.
   Previously, Naval Commander Xiao Jinguang had been on vacation in Beidaihe. Upon receiving the news of Zhu De’s arrival, he immediately went to visit. Regardless of the fatigue of the journey, Zhu De met Xiao Jinguang in front of his residence with his back on the mountain and the sea.
   They have the same views on the current situation. After a few simple greetings, the topic turned to naval construction.
   Zhu De said, I haven’t visited the navy for many years, and I don’t know the situation of the navy. When Chairman Mao received foreign guests recently, he used his little finger as an analogy to say,”Our navy is only this big.”
   Xiao Jinguang immediately introduced. He said that the Navy has made some developments over the years.”SurfaceShip has a ××× guided missile destroyer, and underwater has the first attack typeNuclear submarine, performance is good. Of course, there are many problems, and the development is not fast.” Next, Xiao Jinguang also introduced to Zhu De that the Central Military Commission has issued an order to replace the first nuclear submarine Named”Long March One” and incorporated into the battle sequence.
   These situations are of concern to Zhu De. He listened very attentively and asked some specific questions. Finally, Xiao Jinguang suggested that the commander-in-chief would invite the navy to have time! Zhu De happily agreed.
   In the early morning of August 19, the water at Qinhuangdao Wharf was blue. The warships docked in the harbor all raised the signal flags of”Salute to the Chief” and”Warmly Welcome the Chief to Visit in Person.” A certain naval destroyer”223″ docked at the pier on the side of the road leading to the city. This is a new type of warship designed and manufactured by China. Its weapons are mainly missiles. It hurried from Qingdao yesterday to receive the inspection by Chairman Zhu De.
   At 8:40, Zhu De arrived at the dock on time by car. Accompanied by Naval Commander Xiao Jinguang and Deputy Commander Liu Daosheng, Zhu De steadily approached the”223″ destroyer. The captain and political commissar ran to the stairway and said loudly:”Comrade Chairman, all officers and men of the Navy destroyer ‘223’ accept your review!” After boarding the warship and seeing the soldiers in each post one by one, he entered the ship’s meeting room through the two steep stairs.
   Zhu De, Xiao Jinguang, Liu Daosheng, etc. just took their seats. The captains and political commissars of several ships that participated in the exercise walked in in turn. They are here to report. Zhu De motioned them to sit down and asked,”How many old Red Army troops are there in the Navy?” Xiao Jinguang groaned for a while and replied. Zhu Decheng said earnestly:”The old cadres of the army are all treasures!”
   After the navy escorts introduced the captains and political commissars one by one, Zhu De asked in detail about the equipment performance of the”223″ destroyer. After listening to the captain introducing the displacement, speed and missile range of the”223″ destroyer, Zhu De, who had not asked the military for a long time, was extremely happy and asked:Are the ships and equipment domestically made? Liu Daosheng replied, not only this ship, but the four ships participating in the exercise today are all domestically produced. Zhu De said happily:Now the Navy has changed a lot. This is the result of self-reliance under the leadership of Chairman Mao. We must continue to follow the path of self-reliance, do a better job in naval construction, and build a powerful navy!
   Seeing Zhu De’s happy look, Xiao Jinguang was very excited. He approached Zhu De’s ear and said cordially:”When the navy was first built, you came to the navy in a navy uniform, and you were also the commander-in-chief of our navy.” Liu Daosheng continued:”You used to be our commander-in-chief, and now you are still ours. Commander-in-Chief!” Zhu De smiled modestly.
   Zhu De knows that because Lin Biao and his gang have been in the army at various levels, which has broken the unity of the navy, the interference and damage to the army is very serious. So Zhu De asked about the work of the troops again:How is the training situation? How did”Pan Lin and Confucius” do it? Is grassroots unity good? Xiao Jinguang replied:It is much better by criticizing the crime of the Lin Biao clique for usurping the party and seizing power and liquidating their gangs. Zhu De nodded with satisfaction, and said one sentence at a time:”Unity is the most important thing. We must strengthen unity! Only when we are united can we have strength. The navy must be united, the land, sea, and air forces must be united, and the military and civilians must be united. The army must follow the party’s command.”Pan Lin Pi Kong” is to eliminate the damage and influence of Lin Biao’s group on the army, to bring back what Lin Biao made mistakes, to learn Chairman Mao’s army building thought, to adhere to Chairman Mao’s army building line, and the army to unite. As long as we all unite, there is hope that we can speed up socialist construction and the modernization of the military.”
  The ships are advancing through the sparkling waves. In the conference room, Zhu De discussed cordially with everyone. As you can see, although Chairman Zhu De is old, he is energetic and has a clear thinking.
   At 10 am, the”223″ destroyer arrived at the exercise area. Accompanied by Xiao Jinguang and Liu Daosheng, Zhu De boarded the tall ship command room, and the review of the ship exercise began. Zhu De held a telescope and sat on the podium, patrolling the seas far and near with his head up.
   The calm sea suddenly commotion, the rapids swirled, the waves surged, and a submarine emerged from the water. This is the”162″ submarine designed and manufactured by China itself. It approached at a high speed and slowly passed from the port side of the”223″ destroyer. The waves provoked from the bow of the ship were like white lotus swaying in the wind. Zhu De watched intently, and praised:”This submarine is so wow!”
  ”The one coming here is a nuclear submarine.” Liu Daosheng said.
   In a blink of an eye, the”Long March 1″ nuclear submarine has sailed to the front of the”223″ destroyer. Compared with conventional submarines in the past, nuclear submarines are much larger, but they can move freely. According to the performance plan, during the voyage, he dived in an emergency, suddenly floated up in a blink of an eye, and then moved forward at high speed… There were more than 100 meters of waves on the sea.
  Zhu De was very excited, and asked:”Are all of this made by ourselves?”
  Xiao Jinguang replied:”No parts are imported!” At the same time, he told Zhu De that during the nuclear submarine test, eight The first factory made an internal film and sent it back to Beijing.
   Zhu De nodded, and then said:”They have been very skilled in such a short time, thank you everyone!” Xiao Jinguang immediately ordered the signalmen to convey the chairman’s words to the officers and soldiers on the nuclear submarine. Soon, the nuclear submarine sent back a signal:”To build a powerful navy, and to defend our coastal defense.”
   Next, another new battleship”297″The submarine hunter performed combat performances such as search, pursuit and annihilation. The bow of the submarine hunter rose high and flew past, and the agitated water curtain pressed against the deck like a waterfall, cascading to the sides… Zhu De looked at it and nodded, asking questions to the comrades around him and talking with everyone.
   After watching the naval maneuvers, Zhu De said with deep emotion:These ships are all built by ourselves, and the shipbuilding industry has greatly developed. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we could not even build a small gunboat.”As long as we unite, the shipbuilding industry will develop faster year after year.”
   At 12 noon, the”223″ destroyer returned to the military port. After more than three hours of sailing, Zhu De is still full of energy and not tired. After taking pictures with the sailors, he shook hands with dozens of cadres and soldiers lined up to bid farewell, and left the warship accompanied by Xiao Jinguang and Liu Daosheng.
   Returning to the sanctuary, Zhu Deyi was still not finished. He inscribed a picture of”Strengthening Revolutionary Unity and Accelerating the People’s Navy Construction” and sent people to the”223″ destroyer.
   One morning in early September, Xiao Jinguang received a call from Zhu De’s office as soon as he went to work:The chairman said, if Commander Xiao is not busy, please come to the West Building Compound. trip.
   Putting down the phone, Xiao Jinguang hurried to Zhongnanhai immediately following the car.
   When Xiao Jinguang walked into Zhu De’s living room, Dong Biwu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Chairman of the State, and Geng Biao, Minister of the Liaison Department of the CPC Central Committee, were present. Zhu De said, let’s take a look at the film you sent, and you can introduce it. Then, a documentary about the nuclear submarine test was screened.
   The film is not long, less than an hour. During the screening, Dong Biwu and Geng Biao sometimes asked a few questions, and they finished watching them quickly. Everyone was deeply moved by the hard-working spirit and working attitude of the participants and naval officers and soldiers, and was even more shocked by the performance and power of the nuclear submarine. Zhu De said:”Very good, very successful, and inspiring. This is scary. If you make a few dozen more, imperialism will be scared.”
  Xiao Jinguang immediately said that he must be responsible for the overall development of the leaders’ instructions. Premier Zhou and Nie Shuai reported to the test participants and naval officers and soldiers that they should do better work in the future and effectively improve the combat capability of the navy.
   However, Zhu De could not see more of the situation after the nuclear submarine was equipped with troops. After that, less than two years passed, that is, July 6, 1976, One ​​of the main founders of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Zhu De, has passed away. During this period, due to his advanced age and the busy state affairs, Zhu De never inspected any troops, let alone inscribed for the troops. On August 19, 1974, the inspection of four ships including the Navy’s”223″ destroyer became the last page of Zhu De’s military career.
   This inspection and later watching of the documentary left a deep memory for Xiao Jinguang. He said that Mr. Zhu knew about the Navy at the time. Due to the destruction of the Lin Biao Group and the intervention of the Gang of Four, the naval forces, especially the party committees, were not united enough. President Zhu’s speech and inscription during the inspection were focused and thoughtful. They were timely and targeted. What is gratifying is that although the implementation of President Zhu’s instructions was affected due to the interference and destruction of the”Gang of Four”, the naval forces, especially the party committee members, will continue to work, especially at the critical moment of crushing the”Gang of Four”. It is united and can stand the test!