Huaihai Battle was the East China Field Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (hereinafter referred to as Huaye) and the Central Plains Field Army (hereinafter referred to as the Central Plains) in Xuzhou as the center, starting from Haizhou in the east, Shangqiu in the west, Lincheng in the north, and Huaihe in the south. The second strategic offensive campaign conducted by the army. January 10 this year is the 72nd anniversary of the victory in the battle of Huaihai.

6 days and nights, 120,000 meters, 73 envelopes, more than 800,000 catties, more than 2,500 miles…A set of numbers once again evoke memories of the victory on the Huanghuai land 72 years ago.

6 days and nights

On December 4, 1948, the Du Yuming Group, which fled hurriedly from Xuzhou, was surrounded by the main force of Huaye. Yongcheng Chenguanzhuang area in the northeast. Du Yuming adopted three-sided cover and one-sided breakthrough tactics, concentrated artillery and tanks, and broke through south under the cover of the air force. The Qiu Qingquan Corps, as a pioneer, broke through along the river. The Lulou position of our 10th column in Huaye became the primary target of attack. Commander Su Yudai instructed that he must guard Lu Lou.

With the cooperation of dozens of tanks and a large number of bombers, the enemy has adopted a wide frontal and multi-batch tactics to attack our group. Our soldiers jumped out of the collapsed fortifications and trenches, drilled out of the scorched earth turned up by the shells, stood up from a pool of blood, fought tenaciously against our enemies for 6 days and nights, and finally crushed Du Yuming‘s attempt by the group to flee south along the Yinhe and seize the road to get closer with the Huangwei Corps.

120,000 meters

The use of close operations in the siege is a model of our army’s tactical use in the Huaihai Campaign. Especially in the Shuangduiji battlefield, Huang Wei’s Bingtuan is the main force of the Kuomintang army. The strength is not much different from the main force in the middle field. Absolute advantage. In order to reduce casualties, Nakano promoted the trench tactics of approaching operations, using bunkers to bunkers and trenches to trenches to launch”combat under the horizon.”

Breaking the severe cold and tight fire blockade, all the troops carried out massive engineering approaching operations in the plains, gradually extending the trenches to a few tens of meters in front of the Huangwei Corps position, building a complete offensive and defensive position. According to statistics, the main traffic trench of our army in the Shuangduiji battlefield is 120,000 meters long, which can go around 7 and a half circles of 5 kilometers vertically and horizontally, creating favorable conditions for encircling and destroying the Huangwei Corps.

73 letters

Before the Huaihai Campaign and during the Huaihai Campaign, Chairman Mao Zedong sent a total of 73 telegrams to the Huaihai Front. In the most urgent case, three telegrams were sent within 2 hours, which included not only the operational policies and principles of the use of troops for the Huaihai Campaign, but also the timely and powerful command of the battle such as”attack Suxian County and cut off Xubang.”

More than 800,000 catties

On December 16, 1948, just as the New Year was approaching, the Central Military Commission sent a telegram to comfort the participating troops and each person provided A catty of pork requires more than 800,000 catties in total. To accomplish this task, the East China Bureau quickly assigned tasks to local committees, solicited purchases from the masses, and went directly to the market for purchases. The Taixi County Party Committee held a joint meeting of district heads to mobilize the masses to buy pork, and quickly completed the task, and purchased over 27,000 kilograms.

More than 2500 miles

In the 66-day Huaihai Campaign, units above the 2nd Column of Huaye conducted more than 50 offensive and defensive battles and wiped out the enemy. 36517 people. From marching south to block Qiu Qingquan Corps, to pursuing Li Yannian and Liu Ruming Corps, to northward intercepting Du Yuming Group, defending Guolou, our army commander Pursuing all the way, the distance of fought is more than 2500 miles.

20.77 million catties

In the Huaihai Campaign, munitions processing basically relied on the masses in the rear to mill rice. According to statistics, the masses of 28 counties in the Bohai Administrative Region (established in 1944 and revoked in 1950) used 18,000 pans to mill more than 20.77 million catties for the front.

The news of supporting the Battle of Huaihai reached Anqiu County Liuxing Village, Weifang City, Shandong Province, and the whole village responded enthusiastically . 20 women milled 4,500 kilograms of rice in 15 days under the leadership of the women’s president Li Zhixiang. They also made up the slogan of rice milling:”Made out millet and send it to the front, defeat Lao Jiang Baoankang.”