One day in June 1953, on the roads of Guizhou Huishui County, people were anxious Ran in one direction. There was no special festival that day, and it was no longer the time to go to the market to buy things. What do these people want to see when they gather together? It turned out that everyone wanted to witness the female bandit leader who was very famous in the whole province, nicknamed Sister Chen. According to the rumors, this woman has the appearance of Xi Shi, but she is a murderous devil.

Soon the county seat was full of people, and the female bandit leader was tied to the square in the center of the county seat. Although the hair is loose, it can still be seen that it is a beauty. Just when everyone thought she was definitely dead, the judge suddenly raised the microphone and announced that Chairman Mao had pardoned her. Why was this beautiful woman with blood-stained hands released on the spot, and what kind of legend does she have?

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1921, one Buyei little girl in Guizhou The governor of Changshun County was born, and her family gave her a delicate name, Cheng Lianzhen. She was slim when she was a girl, and she is also a small well-known beauty in the local area. One day in 1940, a beauty pageant was held in a zhaizi in Guizhou. Almost all girls of the right age Participated, but everyone’s eyes could not be removed from one person, that was 19-year-old Cheng Lianzhen. Not only did she have a beautiful face, her skin was also very fair, and she was tall and slender. She was elected the title of”The First Beauty of Yilin Mountain Country”.

Cheng Lianzhen is not only beautiful, but also very smart. She knows in her heart that many people covet her. At that time, there was a big bandit. He was very interested in her and went to her home to propose marriage several times. Finally, his family I had to arrange my daughter to live with relatives. In such a war-torn era, she had to be sheltered by others to be able to stand firm. Among the many suitors, she finally fell in love with Chen Zhengming, a well-known wealthy son in Linxian, who was a talented person, had a culture, and had better family conditions. The only shortcoming is that this man has a wife, and she became a second room after marrying. Because she was very spoiled, the family directly called him Dasao Chen.

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Although it is a second room for others, it is also married A wealthy family, living the life of a young grandmother in the eyes of others. Lianzhen doesn’t want to be a young woman. She begged husband to teach herselfRiding and shooting a gun, she felt that riding a horse feels very free. At first, her husband didn’t intend to agree, but Cheng Lianzhen insisted on learning. Chen Zhengming also did not expect that his wife would have an extraordinary talent for riding shooting, as well as being precise. Shoot a scarecrow from a hundred meters away.

The two lived happily together for four years, and they also gave birth to a daughter. Just when Cheng Lianzhen was 24 years old, Chen Zhengming fell ill and died suddenly. A lot of people beat up the couple. The couple’s property. Even the members of the Chen family actually asked the matchmaker to introduce her to Cheng Lianzhen, telling her to remarry in secret. Cheng Lianzhen is a very strong woman. She is determined to keep the property left by her husband. The Chen family saw that this woman was not a good bone to chew, so they directly found a group of bandits to surround the Chen family yard. Cheng Lianzhen was not easy to bully, she also began to recruit troops secretly and organized a guard. When the bandits attacked the Chen family mansion, she decided to use a gun to teach them personally, so she took her own people to fight back. Although she had trained before, it was just shooting a target. This was the first time she had killed. The bandits were also frightened. I didn’t expect that this seemingly weak and beautiful woman could have such accurate marksmanship, and every bandit was shot to the ground. Because of her struggle with bandits this time, she used double guns story to circulate in the market, people say she Is the hero of the female middle school.

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She has a lot of calculations in her heart, although she has repelled this time Bandits, but this is not a long-term solution after all. To keep her family, she must find a powerful backer. In this way, she cooperated with the mayor Luo Shaoquan. She did not know that this person was arranged by the Kuomintang reactionary in the southwest region It can be said that his spy is also a bandit leader. Luo Shaoquan wanted Chen’s money, but he didn’t have the ability to take Cheng Lianzhen, so he asked his brother Luo Shaofan to capture Cheng Lianzhen with sweet words. With the start of the War of Liberation, the Kuomintang army retreats steadily, and the Luo familyBrothers are also anxious, after all, their positions are given by the Kuomintang army.

Later, they received a task and asked them to go up the mountain to become bandits and fight against the Communist Party. The Luo family brothers are willing, but Cheng Lianzhen is unwilling. It is this kind of person that she hates most in her heart. But the Luo family brothers are good at lobbying. They said that if Cheng Lianzhen did not go up the mountain, when the People’s Liberation Army came, they would send their Family property are all confiscated. She did all this to protect her husband’s property, and then she was fooled into being a bandit by them. Cheng Lianzhen moved all the family properties away and followed Luo Shaofan up the mountain to become a bandit. Because she was able to ride horses and marksmanship and had a certain influence among the Buyi people, she was awarded the title of a bandit captain.

I believe you have seen some TV dramas about the PLA’s suppression of bandits, and some of them are adapted from real cases. In”Southwest Suppression of Bandits, one character is Zheng Yaomei, she is not only beautiful, but also very skilled in doing things. Cheng Lianzhen is her prototype. After becoming the head of the female bandit, she followed these people to plan an attack on Huishui County where the People’s Liberation Army was stationed. Unexpectedly, during the offensive process, the bandits led by others were quickly defeated by the defenders, and the troops led by Cheng Lianzhen basically had no losses. Many bandits were willing to be Cheng Lianzhen’s men. In this way, there are more and more people under her hand, and the influence is getting bigger and bigger. Once a person sits in a high position, there will naturally be all kinds of people around him, and Cheng Lianzhen is the same. Hearing those compliments to herself, she also began to lose herself, and slowly became very arrogant, even the warlord did not pay attention to it.

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Under the instigation of others, she has taken bandits many times To attack People’s Liberation Army troops. Because of the excellent marksmanship, they also caused a lot of casualties to the People’s Liberation Army troops. After winning frequently, she also began to forget about it. No one is allowed to contradict her, and must act according to her instructions. Even a former tribe, as long as it is not convenient for her to manage the village, she will be ruthless. The people of the Buyi people are very afraid of her. The beautiful girls who usually look like may be unhappy one day, so they will be operated on.

However, in such a beautiful day, she didn’t take long. Of course, the People’s Liberation Army would not let these bandits act recklessly. One night, the bandits were asleep in their dreams. The People’s Liberation Army had already surrounded them. Suddenly the bandits who watched the night yelled and the People’s Liberation Army came over. Suddenly the cottage fell into a rain of bullets. The Luo brothers also escaped with the bandits, and the other bandits were basically Annihilated. After experiencing such a thing this time, Cheng Lianzhen began to regret being a bandit and also regretting what she had done in the first place. But she didn’t have time to regret it, because the People’s Liberation Army had already started searching, and there were scouts everywhere on the road. After meeting with the Luo family brothers, a group of people were active in the mountainous area near Huishui County. Because they did not dare to have a fixed station, they could only sleep in the cave and live in the woods, but they were still found by the People’s Liberation Army.

Later, everyone else was wiped out, and only she and Luo Shaofan were left. In the process, Cheng Lianzhen actually became pregnant. This is her second child, and her desire to survive has become very strong. In order to be able to protect herself, she proposed to separate with Luo Shaofan, so that it would not be easy to expose. Later, Luo Shaofan mixed into the Guiyang, in the Worked as a small worker on the construction site to maintain a living, but it didn’t take long to be reported, and the People’s Liberation Army captured him. In contrast, Cheng Lianzhen was much smarter. Knowing that she would never go to crowded places, she ran to the aunt’s house in a stockade. After Luo Shaofan was arrested, she was interrogated and revealed her whereabouts. When the People’s Liberation Army arrived, Cheng Lianzhen had already run away. I have to say that her anti-investigation ability is very strong, and for a long period of time afterwards, she seems to have evaporated from the world.

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In fact, she ran to the country and wanted to go to her own Aunt, but her belly is getting bigger and bigger, naturally attracting attention in the village. In order to hide herself, she married another single farmer and wanted to give birth to the child first. Unfortunately, she and the child died as soon as she was born, and this incident deeply hit her. She began to hate her past experience and hate the life of running away. She buried her gun, stopped being a bandit, just wanted to live a peaceful life.

In the spring of 1953, after long-term investigations, Cheng Lianzhen’s whereabouts were finally found. She lived in Daxin Township, Guizhou Province, an old farmer’s home. This time the hunting team must not let her escape again, so no one acted rashly. You know that she used to be good at shooting, and everyone is afraid that if a gunfight is caused in the small mountain village, or let her escape again. After careful consideration, the hunting team only sent a small team to sneak into the village and quietly came to the old farmer’s house. It happened that Cheng Lianzhen was not at home that day, and only the old farmer was home.

Everyone thought he had heard the wind and ran away again, so he immediately controlled the old farmer. It turned out that this old farmer was the husband of a female bandit, and he had nothing to do with his wife who had been a bandit. Knowing, I have to say that her awareness of prevention is really strong, and even the husband who has lived together for so many years does not know her past. It turned out that her relatives had a wedding at home. She had helped in the past, not that she ran away when she heard the news. Everyone lurked in this old farmer’s house and successfully caught Cheng Lianzhen.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, she was sent directly to the Guizhou Provincial Military Region, but how to deal with this female bandit leader, everyone found it very troublesome. According to the general theory, the bandit must be removed quickly, but it is considered that she is a minority Is the female hero in the hearts of ethnic minorities. If you kill him easily, will it cause some problems? This problem was quickly thrown to the top leaders of the Southwest Military Region, and they had to report the situation to the chairman. After listening to the report, the chairman also said that he could not kill, Zhuge Liang captured Meng Huo, then we can too Capture Sister Chen. Of course, it is more about its appeal among ethnic minorities, hoping that she can make more bandits surrender. Therefore, the scene at the beginning of the article appeared later. At a conference of thousands of people, Cheng Lianzhen was directly acquitted.

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Cheng Lianzhen was very moved. She thought she was going to die. In return for this kindness, and in order to make up for her past mistakes, she personally went up the mountain to persuade the banditssurrender. In just one month, more than 20 bandit leaders surrendered, and Cheng Lianzhen also lived a stable life.

Sometimes life is like a multiple-choice question. If you choose the wrong path, you will go wrong step by step. In the beginning, she chose to become a bandit and become an enemy of the people, and she was destined to flee in the end. Fortunately, she was finally able to be grateful, made the right choice, and finally lived the life of an ordinary person.