The Chinese emperor refers to the supreme ruler of the country in the feudal monarchy of China for more than two thousand years . It is also a symbol of autocratic rule and the only representative with the highest power. For the emperor, there are also”son of the emperor” and”sovereign of the Ninth Five Years”.

China from Qin State in 221 BC After the monarch Yingzheng destroyed Han, Zhao, Wei, Chu, Yan, and Qi and completed the great cause of reunification, he established the Qin Dynasty and called himself the”first emperor” ( Qin Shihuang). Ying Zheng also became the first feudal monarch in history to be called the emperor. Since then, the monarchy The era of empire officially kicked off. Since then, the term”emperor” was born. Qin Shihuang also became the first feudal monarch to be called emperor in Chinese history.

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Qin Shihuang-Ying Zheng

According to statistics, until 1912 the”Last Emperor”Puyi abdicated. In 2132, there were 422 emperors in China. Among them, there are two female emperors recorded in the book, one is the Great Sage Emperor ——Wu Xi ( Wu Zetian), the other is not recognized by historians Northern Wei DynastyShangdi——yuan S (Yuan girl).

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Shaanxi Qianxian County-Statues of Wu Zetian and Li Zhi

What is”Shangdi”?

The ancients had many names for death, many of which are no longer used, and can only be seen in history books. And nowadays, we often hear the following names:collapse, death, death, end, death, death, funeral, etc.

Sorrow is death. Death under the age of an adult is a premature death in modern terms. According to the”Shi Ming”:”You are young if you die, you can die if you take the material.” Both”Shuowen” and”Mourning Apparel Biography” have records:”You are not an adult.” Sixteen to nineteen years old. Those who die are”Changshang”, those who die at the age of 15 to 12 are”Zhongshang”, and those who die at the age of 11 to 8 are”Xiashang“, those under eight years old are called”shang without service”. Therefore, in history, the”shang emperor” appeared, all refer to the emperor who died under the age of twenty. An ancient 20-year-old man crowned, and a 15-year-old woman got her hair tied and tied for the Morning Ceremony, then men and women who are not crowned or slapped are called Shang.

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The Emperor of Han Dynasty——Liu Long

The three most famous”shang emperors” in ancient times:

  • Eastern Han Dynasty Xiaoshang Emperor Liu Long (105-106), Han He Di Liu ZhaoSecond son. The fifth emperor of the Eastern Han Dynasty (reigned in 106), posthumous title was Emperor Xiaoshang. Liu Long inherited the throne just over a hundred days after he was born. Yu Yanping’s first year in August, Xinhai Day, later fell ill and died in swaddling, reigning only 8 months. Emperor Shang of the Han Dynasty was the emperor with the youngest age to ascend to the throne and the shortest life span among Chinese emperors.
  • Emperor Gongzong of Tang Dynasty (695-714) , Tang Zhongzong Li Xian’s fourth son, mother unknown, auntQueen Wei. In the third year of the Holy Calendar (700 years), he was named the King of Beihai. In the first year of Shenlong (705), he was named the King of Wen, and he served as General Youwei and the governor of the state. Zhongzong died suddenly in May 710, and his aunt Wei Hou Li Chongmao, who was only 16 years old, ascended the throne, change the yuan“Tang Long”, named by the Queen Mother Wei in the court. Less than one month after Li Chongmao took the throne, Linzi WangLi Longji and Princess Taiping jointly launched the”Tang Long Coup”, which was abolished as the emperor, was demoted to the title of King Wen, and changed to the title of King of Chu. KaiyuanTwo years (714), served as FangzhouThe governor, passed away in office at the age of 20, The posthumous name was Shang, and he was buried in Xiyuan, Wugong County. In history, it was called Tang Shangdi, also known as Tang Shaodi.
  • South Han Dynasty Emperor Liu Diao (920-943 Year), formerly known as Liu Hongdu, Han Gaozu Liu Ji’s third son, his mother Zhaoyi Zhao, the second emperor of the Southern Han Dynasty, succeeded in 942. Liu Tingchu was named the King of Bing, and later changed to the King of Qin. In the second year of Guangtian (943), Liu Ding’s younger brother——Liu Hongxi watched at Liu DingAfter the wrestling banquet is over, kill him. After Liu Jie died, he was posthumously named Emperor Chang. Liu Hongxi came to the throne and changed his name to Liu Sheng, which is Hanzhongzong.
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Pictures of officials in the Northern Wei Dynasty

The”Shang Di” of the Northern Wei Dynasty-Yuan Girl

Yuan Girl(February 12, 528—?), whose surname is Tuoba, was born in Luoyang, the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty. The emperor of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Xiaoming Emperor Yuan Xu and Pan Chonghua’s daughter, she is also the only flesh and blood of Emperor Xiaoming.

After the girl was born, she was supposed to be a princess. After his father, Emperor Xiaoming, was poisoned to death by Queen Dowager Hu, he lied to the public as a”prince””, and support the one-month-old Yuan girl as the emperor, amnesty the world, and change the year number For Wu Tai. On the day of Miss Yuan’s ascension, Queen Mother Hu saw that the courts had settled, so she announced the identity of Miss Yuan as a princess, and was subsequently abolished. Later, the three-year-old son Yuan Zhao of Lintao Wang Yuanbaohui was established as emperor.

April 13, 528, Chief ChihuEr ZhurongTaking Emperor Xiaoming’s revenge as an excuse, he marched into Luoyang. Empress Dowager Hu was unable to resist. Finally, Empress Dowager Hu, Yuan Zhao and Ministers more than 2,000 people were killed, Er Zhurong controlled the government, historically known asHe The Change of Yin. Miss Yuan’s whereabouts have been unknown since then.

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Yuan Girl (recovered image)

Yuan Yuan was only one hour from her accession to the throne, and she was replaced by Queen Mother Hu as a baby boy. , So as to obtain the throne, and the history books did not list it as an orthodox emperor. Therefore, his emperor’s identity is not recognized by later generations.

However, some scholars believe that although the Yuan clan (Mrs. Yuan) succeeded as a baby boy, she also held a succession ceremony and boarded the throne. On the throne of the emperor. This historical fact cannot be forgotten or tampered with.

What do the friends think about whether Ms. Yuan is the emperor?