Last week (June 8-11), A shares remained volatile as a whole, and the Shanghai Composite Index weekly K line went up Weeks (May 31-June 4) are similar, both closed a spiral K line with upper and lower shadows, and the Shanghai Composite Index fell slightly by 0.06%throughout the week. The Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.47%throughout the week, and the ChiNext Index performed strongly, rising 1.72%throughout the week, and hit a new high since the current round of gains.

During the three-day long holiday of the Dragon Boat Festival, there are three important news worthy of investors’ attention. What impact will it have on the opening of the A-share market tomorrow? Upstream news reporters interviewed relevant industry insiders.

Using 481 billion foreign capital in the first five months

Provide solid fundamental support for the stock market

First of all Yes, on the 12th, the Ministry of Commerce released the national data on foreign investment in the previous five months. From January to May of 2021, 18,497 foreign-invested enterprises were newly established nationwide, an increase of 48.6%year-on-year and an increase of 12.4%year-on-year; the actual use of foreign capital was RMB 481 billion, an increase of 35.4%year-on-year and an increase of 30.3%year-on-year .

The investment advisory team of Chongqing Guoyuan Securities stated that after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the Chinese economy has become a major global The economy is the first to resume positive growth, and its growth rate has returned to a normalized growth level. However, the form of overseas epidemics is severe, and China’s good business environment, epidemic prevention environment, and macroeconomic environment continue to attract foreign investment into the Chinese market. . Since the beginning of this year, China’s economic development has been relatively good. The RMB has appreciated steadily, attracting further foreign capital inflows and providing solid fundamental support for the stock market. Since May, Northbound funds have set two historical records. First, on May 25th, the Northbound funds net purchase of A shares amounted to 21.7 billion yuan, a record A record high of net purchases of northbound funds in a single day. As of June 10 this year, the net inflow of northbound funds has exceeded 210 billion yuan, not only exceeding the annual level of 2020, but also refreshing the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect is a record in the same period since its opening.

The media in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development will speak again

Funds for cooling the property market will be diverted into the stock market

For two news, the media in charge of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development spoke out. On June 12, the authoritative real estate industry media”China Real Estate News published a review article”Real estate speculation” It’s time to give up the fantasy. The comment stated that the core of the speech of the Chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission at the Lujiazui Forum in 2021 is to send a signal:the regulator is very firm in the message of future real estate price regulation, and it is not ruled out that policies will be introduced one after another. The era of real estate as a tool for asset appreciation is about to officially end.

The investment advisory team of Chongqing Guoyuan Securities stated that the high-profile voice of the authoritative media means that the future property market regulation will not be relaxed, but will only be stricter. The real estate speculators should abandon their illusions and face reality. It is very difficult for the property market to continue its enthusiasm. Funds need a reservoir. When the property market cools down, funds will inevitably flow into the stock market, which is not a bad thing for the stock market.

The peripheral market rose across the board

A positive push for A shares

The third news, The external market performed well. The three major US stock indexes continued to rise last Friday. The Dow Jones Index rose 0.04%. The Stark index rose 0.35%, and the S&P 500 index rose 0.19%. The S&P 500 Index hit a new record high closing and achieved a Weekly three consecutive rises. European stock markets also rose overall. UK FTSE rose 0.65%, Germany’s DAX rose 0.78%, and France’s CAC rose 0.83%.

Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Chongqing Xiaoxin Street Sales Department Investment Gu Yang Jiaqian said , The rise in the external market has a certain positive effect on A shares. From the perspective of the external situation, the market adjustment last Friday, including the sudden net sale of foreign capital, may be largely related to the ongoing G7 summit. The next item is the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision. However, today is Monday, A shares are still closed. There is still a certain degree of uncertainty in the trend of the external market. There were no major accidents this week, and the possibility of external funding to promote A-shares is higher. The possibility is higher.

Three major newsBenefits the market

Focus on 3670 points on the first day after the holiday

From the news of the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday, what will the trend of A-shares be tomorrow? Before investing in Gu Yangjia, he said that there is no obvious negative influence during the Dragon Boat Festival, and the overall A shares are positive. Although the market fell on the last trading day before the Dragon Boat Festival, it is still a typical Narrow range oscillation quotes, Weights stock trends are divided, it is difficult to form a rebound resonance, the first trading day after the holiday, focus on the resistance of 3630 points, the breakthrough of this position, focus on the breakthrough of 3670 points. The lower support focuses on 3580 points, and the important support looks at the 3550 points-3530 points area.

The investment advisory team of Chongqing Guoyuan Securities stated that the current market is still in a pattern of”weighting the stage and performing themes”. It is recommended that investors continue to focus on the index.Individual stocks operation. Operational strategy:New energy vehicles and Huawei Hongmeng concept stocks continue to perform strongly, with the majority of new energy vehicle stocks It is to accelerate the trend of Main Shenglang. Hongmeng’s concept of chips, communications, Internet of Things, software, etc. are mostly Oversold to make up for the market, it is recommended that investors balance the allocation of the two, high and low collocation can achieve high The safety factor can also maximize fund usage efficiency.

Upstream news reporter Feng Shengyong