Every AI newsletter, Huawei Hongmeng’s concept stocks pulled back sharply today, the sector fell 4.15%, and the main funds flowed out of the sector. Runhe Software has a net outflow of 1.38 billion.

Today, many companies have clarified the relationship with Hongmeng System:Zhongwei Electronics:The company has not yet carried out the business adaptation test related to Huawei Hongmeng system; New World:Can Hongmeng-related businesses generate deterministic income? There are major uncertainties; *ST Wanfang:No cooperation with Hongmeng at the moment; McGrady Technology:The company’s system does not currently adapt to Huawei Hongmeng operating system; Saiwei Electronics:The company is a MEMS chip foundry and GaN material and chip manufacturer , Did not participate in the construction of Hongmeng system or provide related products and services; Rijiu Optoelectronics:the company has no direct contact with Hongmeng system; Zhongke Information:the company has no business related to Hongmeng concept for the time being. (China Business News)

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