getUrls?link=1c713045118f9159a7150d967686fd1d - The ChiNext Index continued to fall and fell by more than 3%. Only 100 stocks in the two markets rose by more than 5%

Financial Network’s news on June 16th, the three major A-share stock indexes collectively weakened in early trading today, The ChiNext Index continued to fall, once falling more than 3%. Currently, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index is down 0.52%, the Shenzhen Component Index is down 1.63%, and the ChiNext Index is down 2.93%.

Glass ceramics, wine industry, Instruments and meters, international trade, Automotive industry, non-ferrous metals and other sectorsThe decline is the highest, the petroleum industry, communications industry, bank, Telecom operations, delivery equipment and other sectors rose.

In terms of individual stocks, there are only 100 stocks in the two markets that have increased by more than 5%. 47 shares have a daily limit and 17 shares have a daily limit.