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getUrls?link=36da419c54e75e66c59c4daa8067fbaa - The boat of friendship overturned? Volkswagen CEO publicly shouted that Musk would grab Tesla's market share

[TechWeb] News on January 21, according to foreign media reports, in the automotive field, Volkswagen and Tesla are competitors, but the CEOs of the two companies, Herbert Diess and Elon Musk ( Elon Musk), but maintained a good personal relationship. The former praised Musk many times in public and privately for his achievements. When Musk went to Germany in September last year, Herbert Dis was in a relationship with him. The small airport also met for about two hours, and Musk also tested the ID.3 electric car launched by Volkswagen.

getUrls?link=8874eef1f2f786dfed1c013006b986ba - The boat of friendship overturned? Volkswagen CEO publicly shouted that Musk would grab Tesla's market share

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

But whether it’s public praise or long meetings, Herbert Dis and Elon Musk are in the automotive field After all, they are competitors. Volkswagen and Tesara, led by the two, will inevitably compete in electric vehicles. Diss has publicly stated that it wants to obtain some Tesla’s market share.

Diss is on Musk’s active social media, calling out Musk to grab some of their shares.

According to foreign media reports, Diss officially entered Musk’s active social media on Wednesday, local time, and soon issued his first news, indicating that he was stationed here. One social media is to influence the Volkswagen Group, and Musk, to capture some of their market share.

Although Diss stated that it would seize Tesla’s share, in the electric vehicle market, Tesla’s current advantages in technology and scale are still relatively obvious.

The Volkswagen Group delivered 231,600 pure electric vehicles and 190,500 plug-in hybrid vehicles last year. Tesla delivered 499,550 vehicles last year, and the 190,700 vehicles delivered in the fourth quarter alone are equivalent to nearly 80%of the pure electric vehicles delivered by the Volkswagen Group throughout the year.

However, Volkswagen, which is vigorously developing electric vehicles, plans to increase the annual output of electric vehicles to 3 million by 2025. For this reason, they announced a battery purchase worth about 50 billion euros in 2018. It is planned that the future competition with Tesla in the electric vehicle market will be more intense.

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