The former British Prime Minister Churchill once said, never waste a crisis. Crisis is a big test and an opportunity to stand out, especially for mobile phone brands.

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Domestic mobile phone market shipments

According to the December 2020 domestic mobile phone market operation analysis report issued by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the overall domestic mobile phone market Shipments totaled 308 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 20.8%. As the market picks up, the domestic mobile phone market will surely bottom out in 2021.

getUrls?link=c646e66133b7025ad8ca60dd1762d9de - The big technology company that finally came to the stage, the"Chinese technological power" behind ZTE mobile phones

Domestic 5G mobile phone shipments and proportion

At the same time, January 2020 In December, in the domestic market, the cumulative shipment of 5G mobile phones was 163 million units, and the total number of new models on the market was 218, accounting for 52.9%And 47.2%are both close to the 50%”market turning point”, and the wave of 5G replacement is coming soon.

Among the many mobile phone manufacturers, ZTE has been particularly eye-catching. After releasing the first domestic 5G commercial mobile phone in 2019, it has not only made frequent moves in new product releases, but also made good news at the level of 5G technological innovation. Take a closer look at the relevant news about ZTE mobile phone in 2020, it is not difficult to find that ZTE mobile phone is back, and the momentum of return is not diminished.

With the help of “domestic products”, ZTE’s mobile phones have returned to the game with “technological confidence”

As the saying goes, “building a lot of wind”, Chinese mobile phone brands in the past two years The international market is booming, but from the”chip supply” incident, it is not difficult to see the eye of the Western forces. As a national brand, ZTE also knows that it is imperative to build”technological confidence”.

According to the report for the third quarter of 2020 released by ZTE, ZTE’s R&D investment in the first three quarters reached 10.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.3%, accounting for 14.6%of revenue, and continued to maintain high R&D investment In the past two years, it has focused on 5G chip research and development. ZTE has more than 4,100 chip patents alone, and has continued to increase its 5G chips and new infrastructure over the years to strengthen its core competitive advantage in the 5G era. At present, the advantages of the 7-nanometer 5G chip support independently developed by ZTE have been verified by the field, and the”China Chip” plan has achieved initial results.

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In addition to developing”core” technology, ZTE also uses”5G+Industrial Internet” application innovation, It has realized the digital transformation and upgrading of”5G intelligent manufacturing 5G”, and has successively built global 5G intelligent manufacturing bases and intelligent terminal factories in Nanjing Binjiang and Xi’an. Among them, the Xi’an Intelligent Terminal Factory has eight major 5G application scenarios, the entire factory covers 5G networks, and the factory’s automation and information level are industry-leading.

With the confidence of core technology innovation, ZTE mobile phones began to spend more thoughts on terminal innovation. The previous ZTE mobile phones focused on the overall product experience. The technology was not bad and comfortable to use, but it lacked some bright spots. This is the evaluation of many consumers. They all say”making a product is like falling in love, don’t force users to love you”, perhaps it is just a guess that users occasionally want”romantic” and”surprise”. Since last year, ZTE mobile phones have begun to focus on launching highlight models. This product has leading industry advantages and differentiated experience, which fully embodies”to bring technology closer to consumers, and create a product experience that is easy to perceive, easy to spread, and irreversible.”

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In 2020, with the ZTE Tianji Axon 20 5G mobile phone alone, ZTE will win multiple awards including the”2020 Best Technology Innovation Mobile Phone Award” and the”2020 Industry Innovation Award” , The mass production of under-screen camera technology was launched, which really surprised the mobile phone circle and consumers. ZTE Tianji Axon 11 SE 5G, as the first domestic 5G dual-mode mobile phone that supports the four major operators’ full frequency bands and full Netcom, has seized a wave of”the most full frequency band 5G first.” The follow-up Blade V2021 5G time machine will focus on the sinking market segment of”elder smartphones”, and the product matrix will spread.

According to reports, ZTE’s flagship Axon 30, which will be launched this year, will be equipped with the industry’s most powerful and pioneering imaging functions, and the new generation of under-screen camera technology will also usher in greater breakthroughs. While other brands are also working towards video phones or under-screen cameras, at least ZTE phones have already taken the lead. And the upcoming Nubia Z series, the new Red Devils 6, the most powerful mobile game performance benchmark, etc., will surely bring users Surprise beyond expectations.

At the terminal level, ZTE will also focus on 5G-related big data, Internet of Things, AI and other related businesses. Based on its own advantages as one of the few domestic mobile phone manufacturers with comprehensive cloud, tube, and terminal communication capabilities, ZTE terminals will integrate smartphones, personal and family data, and focus on the four major scenarios of sports health, business travel, home education, and audio-visual entertainment to create 5G intelligence. The combination of ecological products creates a full-scenario 5G smart lifestyle for users, and realizes users’ extensive reach and brand perception at multiple levels.

The smell of wine is also afraid of the deep alleys, and the big technology companies must also”establish people”

The official commercial use of 5G has opened up the iteration of smart phones As for the accelerator, first-tier brands such as Huami OV competed for the first market share, followed by rising stars such as OnePlus, Realme, and iQOO. All major brands want to take advantage of the 5G replacement wave and rewrite the market structure. With the iteration of the consumer market, younger generations such as Generation Z have gradually become mainstream consumers. Whoever can take the lead in seizing the mind of Generation Z will Won the market.

As a mobile phone brand that has returned, ZTE is clearly well prepared to return to the track. Integrating the three major brands of ZTE, Nubia and Red Devils, three arrows are launched, and the brand strategy of different play styles is used to further achieve more accurate user reach. The brand-new image of ZTE mobile phones focuses on recognizable technology, quality, and youthfulness, which impacts the high-end mobile phone market; Nubia is positioned as a personalized fashion brand for young people, further occupying the mental perception of Generation Z; Red Devils are focusing on e-sports To subdivide the field, strengthen the hard-core, passionate, and trendy brand labels to attract game mobile phone users.

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Similarly, ZTE mobile phones have also penetrated the principle of”the fragrance of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley”, targeting the younger generation’s interest points such as”face value is justice” and”national tide culture”. The marketing method of the company has attracted the attention of many young people. For example, the ZTE Axon 20 5G New Year Supreme Edition gift box launched by the cross-border linkage with Wu Yao, a cutting-edge illustrator born in 1995, was exported through cultural connotation such as”5G National Tide”, plus the appearance of Yoko Lame Bringing goods, creating the”personal design” label of the brand’s interesting soul, planting grass for generation Z young people.

As the general manager of ZTE Terminal Ni Fei said in his 2021 New Year’s message, “The terminal market is not permanent First, what is lacking is the courage to dare to challenge”. Each industry has its own different stages of development. Just as the smart phone industry has a hundred schools of thought contends, a group of heroes rise together, it also has three pillars, or even a dominant one. The more you can’t see the way forward, the more likely it is that the current mobile phone market is relatively fair for every brand that enters the market.

In China today, more and more technology companies are vigorously increasing R&D investment. The road to break the game has quietly appeared, and monopoly barriers will eventually be broken. The”Chinese scientific and technological power” behind the technology giant ZTE mobile phone that has come to the stage should not be underestimated, and it is bound to become a dazzling existence among them. (Xiaomei)

Source:China NetScience