Cash is one of the important transaction methods in today’s society, and its demand varies with the economy Development and growth. Even when mobile payment methods are almost universal, cash transactions are still increasing, especially large deposits and withdrawals.

However, there is a clear gap in the management of large amounts of funds, which is urgently needed The new rules strongly supervised, so the supervisory authorities took action.

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large money management


The practice standard for large-value fund management was issued and implemented in 1988 And it is still in use today. At the beginning of the implementation of this management system, it did play a positive role in restricting cash transactions and promoting online transactions, but its limitations have become increasingly apparent under economic development.

I have to admit that in WeChat, Alipay and other third parties Today, when payment platforms are so popular, cash is still the main method of payment in certain areas. There are three main reasons for cash preference:

One ​​is The convenience of cash transactions;

The second is online transactions Lack of knowledge, mobile payment has not been fully popularized;

Third, cash transactions can avoid legal supervision and are profitable, and this is the fundamental reason for the implementation of large cash management.

System loopholes are gradually revealed

and At the same time, the related system also has certain disadvantages:

First, Bank functions are skewed, and increasing profitability is at the peak. Banks, as the main body of cash management, their management responsibilities are extremely important, but nowadays the profitability of banks runs counter to the functions of cash supervision , The function of cash supervision has been gradually weakened, leading to many procedures that should have been implemented under supervision, out of the sight of supervision, and the use of ineffective supervision to violate the law is rampant.

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Second, the scope of cash supervision is narrow, and a document was issued in 1988 , The subject of supervision is account opening units, and residents’ personal accounts are relatively free, but with the development of our country’s economy, personal income increases, bank accounts The increased flow of funds and the inadequate supervision and management have brought about the exposure of future problems.

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Bankrules changed

There are obvious gaps in large cash transactions, and it’s time to perfect. According to official sources, the pilot work of large-value cash management has been carried out in three places in my country, namely Hebei Province, Zhejiang Province and Shenzhen. The objectives of the pilot work in the three places are the same, but there are differences in the specific matters implemented, just amount, the quota of public accounts is the same in the three places, both of which are 500,000 yuan, exceeding 500,000 yuan. The corresponding supervision Will be activated, and the supervision of the access process will be more stringent.

The amount of private account is different in the three places. Hebei Province, Shenzhen City and Zhejiang Province have quotas of 100,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan respectively. Once the cash deposits and withdrawals in personal accounts exceed the threshold, you need to make an appointment, accept surveys, and provide personal information and the source and purpose of funds.

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large amountFund Management System only uses three types of objects, one is Enterprise unit, the corporate legal person must open a basic account in a financial institution span>, when you need to pay in cash, it needs to be reviewed and approved by the local People’s Bank of China branch.

The first category is individual industrial and commercial households, which are also You need to start a basic account. If there is a legal person qualification, it will be handled in accordance with the corporate legal person process, and if the person’s qualifications are not available, it must be handled in accordance with the corresponding Process handling.

The other category is personal accounts, which are basically Not affected. The supervision measures for business units and individual industrial and commercial households are more stringent. Generally speaking, the possibility and harm of exploiting loopholes in public accounts for personal gain are greater.

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Is it necessary to manage large amounts of cash?

Then, the management of large funds , Is it really necessary? In fact, this answer is very obvious, that is very necessary

Third-party payment platforms quickly occupy the market, and people’s reliance on banks is gradually decreasing, but this phenomenon has its drawbacks. The third-party platform has a low transfer amount, which is not very helpful for large transfers, and the security of funds cannot be guaranteed. The corresponding bank counter can provide complete transaction information, transaction details can be inquired at any time, and the security of funds is guaranteed.

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Who can guarantee that the large amount of cash that is out of bank supervision is not the source? Unknown stolen money.

First is money laundering, the accounts under the black industry chain It is not protected by law, but criminals took the opportunity to exploit regulatory loopholes and realized a large amount of cash from black to white with a bank card. Banks unknowingly became”accomplices” of criminals.

Secondly, cash provides channels for bribery, and its advantages It is possible to escape the supervision mechanism. In”The Name of the People”, the home of corrupt officials is covered with cash in the closet and bed, but they dare not spend it. If these mountains of cash are deposited in personal accounts, it will inevitably arouse bank vigilance, and the crime of accepting bribes will be confirmed. According to the survey, in 2017, there was a single transaction of more than 100 million yuan in cash. Is it not suspicious?

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Corporate legal persons use financial means to achieve tax evasion and tax evasion, but use cash As a channel, risks can often be avoided to a large extent, so as to achieve ulterior goals, and once there is an escape, it is definitely not a small number. This is an unstable factor hindering healthy development for market order and financial institutions. .

Impact on ordinary people

The ultimate goal of large cash management is always for the people. Increased cash management is a need and means to combat illegal crimes and standardize market order. It takes the maintenance of financial order as a starting point and draws on international experience to protect the legal property safety of depositors. It is not only related to”voluntary deposits and voluntary withdrawals”. The principle of the slogan does not violate, on the contrary, it achieves a high degree of consistency.

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The relevant regulations point out that the savings account is withdrawn from the account at one time If the amount exceeds 50,000 yuan, it can be judged as a large amount of cash. In addition to the original procedures, an ID card is required. If the amount of a one-time withdrawal exceeds 200,000 yuan, in addition to the above procedures, the depository institution must be notified at least one day in advance. Therefore, ordinary people do not need to worry at all. The implementation of a large-amount cash management system is not to allow access to large amounts of cash, but to make everyone’s legal property safer in the process.

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Large amount of money management system, its target is to use supervision For illegal elements whose loopholes achieve the purpose of collecting money, ordinary people are the beneficiaries of this policy, and daily deposits and withdrawals will not be hindered, and it will not have much impact on ordinary people’s lives. Supervision is for order, and the ultimate beneficiaries of good order are always the people.

Highly valued internationally

Overseas is a source of security risks for large sums of funds, an important channel for the laundering of non-performing assets, and the current weakness of supervision. Row.

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SASAC issued a notice of relevant documents, which emphasized that in order to protect the safety of overseas funds, it is necessary to The prerequisite for promptly taking measures to deal with abnormal situations, and promptly discovering hidden dangers and unfavorable signs of overseas large-amount funds is a comprehensive and systematic coverage of supervision, decision-making procedures for large-amount funds, fund scheduling and channels, etc. A series of peripheral factors related to changes in funds shall be vigorously monitored.

The notice pointed out that the construction of the internal control system of funds, the monitoring of key links of internal control of funds, and the construction of informationization of internal control of funds are all necessary to ensure the safety of overseas assets, and there is more to do than these.