Read Chuang/Shenzhen Commercial Daily Chief reporter Wu Ji

Challenges and opportunities coexist In 2020, what time will the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which has just celebrated its 40th birthday, left? After nearly a month, the second Shenzhen annual keyword selection event organized by Shenzhen Commercial Daily & Duchuang came to an end on January 21, and the top ten annual keywords were announced.

After more than 1 million votes,”Shenzhen Special Economic Zone 40th Anniversary””China”Characteristic Socialism Pioneer Demonstration Zone”,”Deep V Reversal”,”Anti-epidemic”,”Business Environment Best Reputation City”,”5G””City”,”Global Investment Conference”,”Digital Currency Pilot”,”GEM Pilot Registration System”, and”Talent Housing” have become”Shenzhen’s Top Ten Annual Key Words”.

At the time of the 30th anniversary of the resumption of the publication of Shenzhen Commercial Retaliation and the 4th anniversary of the launch of the China Business News ,”My Impression of Shenzhen Business Environment” organized by Shenzhen Business Daily & Read Chuang-the second Shenzhen annual keyword selection event was officially launched on December 31, 2020. In the past 1 month, the selection activities have been conducted in the information section of the Readchuang client, the WeChat official account of the Business Daily, the Readchuang client, the, Shenzhen News Net, Shenzhen plus client, Netease News, zaker client, Baidu News, Toutiao, Sina Weibo, People’s Daily client, Xinhuanet client and other channels for promotion, the craze swept the entire network. As of January 21, more than 1 million people participated in the event.

How to define Shenzhen? How to define Shenzhen in 2020? It doesn’t count as others say, and the pen to write history is given to the majority of voters. In the final”Shenzhen Top Ten Key Words of the Year”, there are not only words with a distinctive 2020 unique imprint, such as”anti-epidemic”, but also words that highlight the urban temperament of Shenzhen, such as”the first demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics”. “The city with the best reputation for business environment” and “5G City”; both important time nodes and important events in people’s impressions, such as the “40th Anniversary of the Establishment of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” and “Global Investment Promotion Conference”, but also closely related to the lives of Shenzhen people Pilot projects, such as the “digital currency pilot”, the “GEM pilot registration system,” and “talent housing”. These keywords define the urban temperament of Shenzhen, show people’s recognition of Shenzhen, and pin their deep expectations for the future.

According to the recent business environment report of an authoritative research institution, Shenzhen’s business environment Ranked first in terms of the number of market entities per thousand people, the number of enterprises per thousand people, the number of PCTinternational patent applications, and the number of listed companies The number of companies (full-caliber), etc., ranks first in the country. Shenzhen Business Daily & Duchuang organized the Shenzhen Annual Keyword Selection Activity with the theme of business environment to let readers leave an indelible”annual ring” for Shenzhen.

This selection event is one of the series of events for the 4th anniversary of the launch of the Reading Chuang client. As the country’s first vertical corporate social platform sponsored by party media, and the first client to focus on Chinese commercial entities, Duchuang is committed to becoming the first end of China’s commercial entities. To help Shenzhen deepen the reform of the business environment and promote the high-quality economic development, it is the responsibility of the company.

Wang Bo, editor of reading and creation