The commentator’s observation

I only found out when I looked at the circle of friends of my peers. On January 21st, WeChat will welcome It’s 10th anniversary.

The tenth anniversary of an app may not be a big event. But it is different. WeChat-how to describe it? It is too powerful. 1.2 billion users are”crowded” together, with countless information and services. It links almost everything, and at the same time deeply”embeds” everyone’s life-from opening your eyes in the morning to before going to bed at night, From work to life, from obtaining information to daily consumption, it is so closely tied to us.

So, after ten years, what has WeChat changed?

Too much has changed. Two days ago, WeChat launched”WeChat Ten Years, Time Tunnel”, leading users to review the changes in the past ten years. Ten years ago, WeChat 1.0 was released. At that time, there was no”Circle of Friends”, and there was no expression in chat, and the code could not be scanned by adding WeChat.”Hehe” was still a normal word… But in just a few years, it changed people’s communication. Method-How long have you not sent a text message? It has changed people’s reading habits. The”must-read” and”good articles” shared in the public account and WeChat group have captured attention resources to death. Also, during the holidays, red envelopes are issued online; to meet new friends, directly”I scan you”; make appointments for government services, register for medical treatment, and show your health code in public places… WeChat has long become a”life”. It brings a small half of the real world to the Internet, which is integrated, convenient and efficient.

Of course, more than that. WeChat is a platform that brings together more than one billion users. Where there is demand, there is a”supplier” when there is demand. In WeChat, there are entrepreneurs who open WeChat stores, personal IPs created by high-quality originals, and large and small companies whose operations have been changed by small programs…WeChat is too big, and it can change a lot.

In those ten years, what should we summarize and reflect on?

WeChat is the product of mobile Internet. Ten years of WeChat is a decade of rapid development of the mobile Internet. In the past decade, people have learned a lot of”new words”:users, traffic, instant messaging, self-media, KOL, MCN,”vertical”, the payment ratio…and the most important thing is”user experience”. WeChat is often praised as”restraint”, there is no fancy pop-up window, no particularly ugly”eating pictures”… This is experience and revelation. In terms of industry development, how to continuously optimize user experience and respond to user needs is always the key.

Of course, beyond industry topics, there are more to discuss. In recent years, more and more people”love and hate” WeChat and mobile phones.”Kidnapping” life in the work group,”shooting” leads to embarrassment,”embarrassed chat” is inevitable, and being forced to post the circle of friends to arouse disgust… Many people set the circle of friends to be visible for three days, and many netizens complained The fear of”dominating”-in the details, you can glimpse the anxiety of netizens, and you can find that mobile socialization brings much trouble to modern people.

Of course, these topics don’t just point to WeChat. They are a”modern disease”. Aldous Huxley once said:”Technological progress only provides us with a more efficient means to go backwards”; Turkel reflected in”Group Solitude”,”The Internet makes communication easier. But it has strengthened the sense of alienation between people in the real world.”…WeChat is a node worth paying attention to in the mobile Internet era for ten years. Ten years later, changes are still happening. The reflection on”modern diseases” may have just begun. (Xia Zhenbin)