iPhone 12 is Apple’s first mobile phone to support 5G network. We know that 5G is currently very power-hungry on mobile phones. However, compared with the previous generation iPhone 11, the battery capacity of iPhone 12 has not increased, but has decreased by 300. More milliamperes, which makes the battery life of the iPhone 12 more anxious. Today, I will share ten very useful power-saving tips for the majority of iPhone 12 users (including users of other models of iPhone), so that you will no longer be so anxious when you go out and use your mobile phone every day.

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1. Automatic 5G

First of all, starting with the 5G network, in order to save unnecessary power consumption, iPhone 12 gives users in the cellular data option Three options, namely:enable 5G, automatic 5G and 4G. Here we prefer [Auto 5G] (provided that your city/region has covered 5G network), because it has been clearly stated here that”Auto 5G will only significantly reduce Battery life when using 5G“. On the contrary, keeping 5G on all the time will overwhelm the battery.

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Setting Method:Setting–Cellular network–CellularData Options–Voice and Data–Auto 5G

2, reduce the white point value

Everyone must know the dark mode of the iPhone , For daily use, this is a good eye-catching and power-saving solution, but there may not be many people who know the option of [Reduce the white point]. Its main function is to reduce the intensity of bright colors on the iPhone screen (for example, make the white pattern darker), so it is more helpful to use the phone at night. The white point value can be adjusted manually, usually I choose 50%. If it is too high, the screen will become too dark to be clear. Oh, by the way, remember to turn on [Automatic brightness adjustment], which is also very helpful to save power.

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Setting method:Settings–Accessibility–Display and text size–Reduce the white point value

The next three are the same as [Privacy] Related settings (very important)

3, Turn off precise positioning

Every app we download will ask to get your location when it is launched for the first time. Here I usually choose [Period of Use] or [Never] as needed. But never choose [Always]; because it will not only expose your privacy at all times, but also increase the power consumption of the phone. In addition, in addition to finding iPhone and commonly used map apps, it is recommended to turn on precise positioning, and other apps are recommended to close this item.

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Setting method:privacy–location service–choose the corresponding app–only use period & turn off precise positioning

4, turn off important Location

Although Apple emphasizes that [important locations] are encrypted and cannot be read by Apple However, the places you’ve been, the photos you’ve taken, and the reminders you set are all acquired by [important locations], which will still make you worry about privacy leakage; and this item will also increase power consumption to a certain extent, so for safety /For power saving, it is recommended to turn it off.

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Setting method:privacy-location service-system service-important location-off

5. Turn off analysis data involving personal privacy

I never actively share iPhone/iCloud data, Siri dictation, and other analytical data, because we don’t know what data Apple collects and analyzes, and what it uses for it. So, the safest way is to turn it off all!

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Setting method:Settings–Privacy–Analysis and Improvement–Close all

6, closeBackgroundApp refresh

App refresh in the background is definitely a big power user. If there are a lot of apps running (or downloaded) in the background, It will also slow down the loading speed of the phone and consume your data, so it is the right choice to turn it off as soon as possible.

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Setting method:Settings–General–Background App Refresh-Close

7. Turn off App automatic download

If Your monthly data can’t be used up at all, this option may not be in your consideration, but if your monthly data is just enough, please be sure to turn off this option; it will prevent you from being overwhelmed by the network operator because of the excess data. Deducting money can also save you part of your phone’s power.

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Setting method:Settings–App Store–automatic download–off

8. Turn off in-app ratings and comments

Everyone must have encountered it. As soon as you open a downloaded app, a window will pop up to guide you to rate it, which is really annoying sometimes. Now that there is a way to turn it off manually, you can give it a try (although it is not guaranteed to be 100%effective).

Setting method:Settings–App Store–In-app ratings and comments–off

9. Turn off small components that are not commonly used

The small components that slide out from the left side of the iPhone are for users to more easily access relevant information (such as checking the weather), but these small components are always running in the background, which will inevitably increase power consumption, so for those who are not It is better to turn off the commonly used small components.

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Setting method:Swipe to the left on the main screen to call up the widget–Edit–click the”+” in the upper left corner–Add/remove widget

10 , Optimize battery charging

[Optimize battery charging] is the most effective energy-saving method. In order to slow down the aging of the battery, iPhone will learn the user’s daily charging mode and temporarily postpone charging to more than 80%. For battery health, this option must always be turned on.

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Setting method:Settings–Battery–Battery health–Optimize battery charging

Write at the end:

Last Let me emphasize a very important usage habit. Whether it is iPhone, iPad or MacBook, the ideal environment is between 0℃ and 35℃. If the temperature is too low, the device will temporarily shorten the battery life and may cause shutdown; when the device is brought back to a higher temperature environment, the battery life will return to normal. If used in a hot environment, it may permanently shorten the battery life. In other words, high temperature is the most harmful to the battery and will cause permanent damage, which should be kept in mind.