The people regard food as their heaven, and Chinese people cannot do without food during festivals. As a traditional Chinese festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is more closely related to eating. Combining many factors such as historical legends, folk customs, and local specialties, Lanzhou has produced a variety of food with the characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival, and at the same time, it is accompanied by exquisite food related to the Dragon Boat Festival. Come, listen to what Deng Ming, a Librarian of Gansu Provincial Museum of Literature and History and an expert on Lanzhou folklore, and Kong Xiangkui, a researcher of Lanzhou local culture, tell everyone.

Deng Ming introduced that the seasonal food for the Dragon Boat Festival is Zongzi. Zongzi is also known as”corn millet”, which has a long history and a variety of tricks. At the beginning of May every year, people soak glutinous rice, wash zong leaves, and wrap zongzi. There are many varieties of patterns. The fillings of zongzi are different due to local specialties and people’s tastes. In the north, there are many jujube rice dumplings with red dates; in the south, there are various fillings such as bean paste, fresh meat, ham, and egg yolk. The rice dumplings made by Lao Lanzhou people are mainly filled with pure glutinous rice and red dates. Since Lanzhou did not produce zongye and glutinous rice, when the transportation was underdeveloped in the early years, there were not too many people who made zongzi, and most of the zongzi was sold by merchants. At that time, people in Lanzhou mostly made sticky cake, sticky cake was also called crystal cake, the main ingredient was Glutinous rice, embedded with red dates, rose flowers, steamed, suppressed to make the porcelain solid, sliced ​​red and white, crystal clear Can be learned, so it is called crystal cake. Spread honey, sprinkle with sugar and eat. In addition, Lanzhou people also eat mung bean cake, Chicken cake, mung bean cake is made of mung bean flour Span> is the foreskin, and the white sugar bean paste is baked with fillings. The mung beans are cool in nature and resist fire. The steamed rice dumplings and crystal cakes are presented to relatives and friends, and they taste each other, which also means boasting about their cooking skills. This kind of food custom can be seen in ancient poems, Qing DynastyLanzhou Hui poet Ma Shitao’s poem”Jade rice dumplings”:The jade dumplings from the dynasty to come and taste the same again, and the days are prospering and growing. This is good for millet triangles, but it is incredibly fragrant. The shape of the people of Cailing is similar, and the new moxa cake is full of flavor and fragrant. However, it is good to love to wrap around the wild wild rice leaves, and it is the coolest for children to fight for food.

Zongzi was also called Zongzi in history. It appeared as early as the Spring and Autumn Period. It was originally used to Sacrifice ancestors and gods; in the Jin Dynasty, it became the food of the Dragon Boat Festival. Later, the patriotic poet the historical legend of Quyuan’s throwing river was added, which added a lot of culture to this festive food Connotation.

“Compared with people in the city, people in rural Lanzhou eat sweet glutinous rice during the Dragon Boat Festival. /span>.” said Kong Xiangkui, a local cultural researcher in Lanzhou, because Lanzhou is located inland, ancient commodity economyUnderdeveloped, people in the rural areas of Lanzhou use self-produced materials to make the Dragon Boat Festival food sweet syrup. The raw material of this food is naked oats. Lanzhou people call naked oats as yumai. People cook the hulled oats, stir in sweet koji and ferment. Its taste is sweet and slightly flavorful.

Drink realgar wine during the Dragon Boat Festival. Realgar is also a kind of medicinal material. Kill a hundred poison, because this wine has the effect of deworming snake venom, killing insects and expectorating phlegm. The old saying once said,”Drinking realgar wine will leave you sick.” The popularity of realgar wine is inseparable from a historical legend. According to legend, monk Fahai coaxed and instigated Xu Xian to let the white lady drink realgar wine on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, revealing the prototype.

Peng Weiguo, all-media reporter of Lanzhou Daily

Source:Lanzhou Evening News