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In the macroeconomic field in 2020, new infrastructure is undoubtedly one of the most dazzling hot spots. At the beginning of the year, the central government proposed to”accelerate the progress of new infrastructure construction such as 5G networks and data centers,” and local governments have followed up and implemented a series of new infrastructure projects. General Layout Plan (2020-2025). At the end of the year, the “Three-Year Implementation Plan for Promoting New Infrastructure Construction in Guangdong Province (2020-2022)” was announced, proposing to build an integrated network, build four clusters, and promote ten major projects , By 2022, a new infrastructure system that is guided by new development concepts, driven by technological innovation, and based on information networks, will be formed to support digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integration innovation.

As a necessary infrastructure to enter the era of digital economy, the concept of new infrastructure has been linked to transformation and upgrading and the conversion of economic kinetic energy since its birth. Through 5G, Industrial Internet, intelligence, digitization and other latest technical means to empower and transform traditional economic industries, it can not only help traditional The realization of supply-side reforms in the industry can give birth to and nurture a large number of new strategic emerging industries, and the traditional industrial base is not as good as that of the Pearl River Delta in eastern GuangdongWestern Guangdong For northern Guangdong, seizing the strategic opportunity of new infrastructure means that the possibility of overtaking in corners and the start of the first opportunity must not be ignored.

Judging from the introduction of new infrastructure in the above-mentioned regions over the past few years, all cities and regions have taken the lead. Whether it is Internet giants such as Ali, Huawei, Tencent, or the three major telecom operators of China Unicom, China Telecom, and China Mobile, they have all been taken into the game. And there have already emerged like Yungu in Yunfu, Southern China Data Valley in Shaoguan, Western Guangdong Data Valley in Zhanjiang, and Hakka Zhigu in Meizhou A number of new infrastructure-related industrial parks that have already been made impressive, and other places like Shanwei, Shantou, Maoming, Qingyuan and other places have also planned relevant industrial platforms and new infrastructure projects in advance, and are staking out land with a brave attitude.

Under such a policy background, the 2020 Guangdong”One Nuclear, One Belt, One District” Coordinated Development Index Report East Guangdong and West Guangdong Northern Guangdong The new infrastructure development sub-report was released, showing the outstanding cases and practices that have emerged in new infrastructure construction in various cities, and also forecasting and evaluating the future development trend of new infrastructure in the above-mentioned regions.

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Yunfu”Cloud Valley”

Yunfu Cloud Computing Big Data Industrial Park (“Cloud Valley” for short) Located in YunfuXijiang New Town, a quiet natural valley, covering an area of ​​3556 acres, the target positioning is the regional headquarters of e-commerce, big data Processing industry base, information service and outsourcing industry base, plans to build a leading and even nationally well-known cloud computing industry cluster in South China.

In 2014, Yunfu City signed a contract with Huawei to be the first to enter the Cloud Valley and cooperate to build a cloud computing data center to meet Yunfu meets the needs of technology application in many fields such as urban planning and urban management, government information services, e-commerce, Internet of Things. Up to now, Cloud Valley has introduced 22 projects including Tongfang, Inspur, Fenghua Hi-Tech, and the Five Electronics Institute, forming a good ecological pattern of”application to promote research and development, research and development to promote products, and products to promote industry”, and initially established a cloud computing big data industry Chain of enterprise clusters, the industrial agglomeration effect is beginning to appear. The construction of Yungu has also led to the emergence of a number of local Internet companies, such as the dream town of Luoding City and the wheat field in Yunfu City. China Hongmeng Cloud Platform in Xinxing County, as well as traditional enterprises such as stone and stainless steel have also increased their efforts to expand e-commerce business, forming a good demonstration and driving role.

Yungu’s implementation process fully reflects the positive actions of Yunfu City:it not only introduced Huawei as early as 2014 to take the lead, but also took the lead in smart government affairs in cities, counties, and districts, and in the National People’s Congress proposal. It is recommended to actively pilot demonstrations in areas such as handling, project review, administrative services, social governance, and urban management. In 2019 and 2020, the provinces and cities will jointly promote the application of information technology innovation and digital economy development conferences to establish a good industry investment and development. The platform has laid a good foundation for the follow-up development of Cloud Valley.

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Zhanjiang“Guangdong Western Digital Valley”

The biggest feature of Zhanjiang’s”Western Guangdong Digital Valley” is that its steady and stable style is always closely connected with local industrial applications and stimulates the demand for new infrastructure through 5G+ industry.

At present, Baosteel Zhanjiang Base has become one of the first 8″5G+ Industrial Internet Application Demonstration Parks” in Guangdong Province. It has built a 5G independent core private network, online detection and diagnosis of fans in steel mills, and 5G+ mobile video surveillance. A batch of 5G applications such as operation monitoring of the four major vehicles of coke ovens, remote operation of robotic arms, etc. have been launched one after another, helping Zhanjiang Iron and Steel to achieve uniform concentration of operating rooms, all operating positions of robots, all remote equipment operation and maintenance, and all service links online; Zhanjiang Zhongke The central control room for the construction of the refining and chemical project has also reached the world’s most advanced level; BASF has selected the Zhanjiang integrated base as the base for its planning and implementation of smart integrated projects in the global industrial layout.

In addition, during the construction of the Western Guangdong Digital Valley, Zhanjiang also supported traditional industrial clusters such as small household appliances to build industrial Internet application benchmark demonstrations, and successively built Zhanjiang City’s Industrial Internet (small household appliances) industry cloud platform, Industrial Internet application benchmarking projects in the small household appliance industry such as Wang Electric, Huaqiang Electric, Longli Electric, Tianqi Electric, etc., promote enterprises to reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency.

From the perspective of the industrial application of the new infrastructure, Zhanjiang is already ahead of the cities in eastern Guangdong and western Guangdong in this field.

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Shaoguan”South China Data Valley”

June 5, 2017, Shaoguan South China Data Big Data Industry The park (South China Data Valley) was officially inaugurated. 13 companies including Huawei, China Unicom and Dongfang Guoxin have signed a letter of intent for cooperation. The Provincial Public Security Backup Center, Provincial Archives Backup Center, and China Unicom North Guangdong Data Center have been included in the industrial park. South China Data Valley has been recognized as a provincial-level big data industrial park.

In September 2019, Huashao Data Valley, one of the core projects of South China Data Valley, also officially started construction. It is planned to complete an investment of 6.5 billion yuan in the next 5 years to build a high-quality data center industry in Shaoguan. Gathering center and core hub of data resources.

According to the relevant plans of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, in the future, South China Data Valley will mainly develop industries such as big data trading platforms, e-commerce, and big data terminal manufacturing, and cultivate and develop data center derivative services and data outsourcing services in the Greater Bay Area. , Call center and other industries, forming an agglomeration area centered on digital industries such as data centers and cloud computing.

The most important aspect of Shaoguan’s development of new infrastructure is the natural resource endowment of northern Guangdong’s ecological barrier. A good climate is more conducive to the operation of data centers. In the future, South China Digital Valley will have the opportunity to take the lead in the province. Create an ecological big data center.

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Meizhou“Keduzhi Valley”

On May 8, 2020, Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center (Meizhou) was officially inaugurated. The project is based on incubating local Internet innovative small, medium and micro enterprises, and promotes Internet, 5G and other related industries in Meizhou. Cluster development. In addition, Meizhou is also accelerating the development of Alibaba Cloud, Jinshan Cloud, Feixiang Cloud, and Guangmei to jointly build a big data industrial park and Xingning Internet The construction of the industrial park, the Meizhou Internet Innovation Center, and the World Hakka Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. These projects are collectively called”Three Clouds, Two Parks and Two Centers”, which are Meizhou”Kedu Zhigu” core carrier.

In addition, in terms of specific new infrastructure projects, Meizhou has built three big data centers, including the Meizhou Telecom Data Center, Meizhou Unicom Industrial Internet Big Data Center, and Wuhua County E-government Disaster Recovery Data Center, which are actively implemented A batch of provincial service voucher projects of “up to the cloud and platform” and “5G+ industrial Internet benchmarking demonstration projects”.

According to the plan of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the future”Kedu Smart Valley” will undertake the provincial e-government cloud regional platform, Guangzhou data disaster recovery, and the data center business of the Hakka region. Focus on the two centers, speed up the construction of data centers in telecommunications, China Mobile, and China Unicom, transform and upgrade the provincial e-government cloud regional platform, and promote new copper foil materials, high-end circuit boards, green building materials, blue and white ceramics, international sound valley and other industrial clusters”to the cloud” On the platform”.

Meizhou’s new infrastructure project is characterized by wide coverage. The “three clouds, two parks and two centers” basically form a relatively complete industrial platform architecture, and various types of industrial needs can be met. There is a certain foundation in the above, and it also creates conditions for the in-depth development in the future.

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Maoming”Future City”

On June 17, 2020, Maoming City Government and Jindian Investment The group signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly build a Shuidongwan“sea, land and air” autonomous driving base and future urban resorts. At present, Maoming is planning to promote the construction of the Shuidong Bay sea, land and air 5G Internet of Things panoramic application test zone project with high standards. The project mainly includes the Shuidong Bay sea, land and air autonomous driving base, the mangrove future city experience zone, Shuidongwan New Town has three major segments in the Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.

Among them, the Mangrove Future City Experience Zone plans to build the world’s first 5G era IoT full industrial chain ecological development test zone, the world’s first panoramic experience zone for urban life in the next 30 years, and 3D coverage of sea, land and air 5G Application, sea, land and air full-scenario IoT development test areas and landmarks-future urban buildings, in addition to integrating cultural facilities, amusement facilities, and commercial supporting facilities, will comprehensively strengthen 5G+AI functions to realize the full-scene display of the Internet of Everything and artificial intelligence , Making the entire resort fully present the future urban lifestyle 30 years later. The Shuidongwan New City Digital Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park will undertake the research, development and manufacturing of 5G IoT panoramic application test products, becoming Maoming’s economy An important position for development, industrial adjustment and upgrading, and a new economic growth pole.

Currently, a series of new infrastructure projects are being improved and advanced. The Shuidongwan District of Maoming People’s Hospital has been put into use, the Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Health Care Project has completed the pile foundation construction, and many well-known brand health care real estate projects have emerged. In addition, 51 projects have been included in the list of construction, storage and planning projects during the”14th Five-Year Plan” period of Shuidongwan New City.

Maoming”Future City” new infrastructure project features a sense of the future of”science and technology + cultural tourism”, creating a comprehensive platform to provide 5G science and technology enterprises with services such as testing, verification and development support , To combine the mature and advanced technology with Maoming’s booming coastal tourism industry to create a future city tourism experience for tourists.

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