Dad is riding a bicycle and dragging his son who is riding a stroller behind him.

Looking up is the endless, blue sky like a wash of blue sky, reflecting the white snow-capped mountains in the distance.

The little boy was happy, so he called his father to stop, ran to the grass on the side of the road, and ran with the small animals everywhere.

This is not”Frozen“, this is Xi’an, Shaanxi Personal experience of father and son.

getUrls?link=a22b3c89cd8282ba74669a3afb1c062b - Take a 4-year-old son to ride Tibet for 36 days and 1,100 kilometers. What is the difference between children who have seen the world?

Mr. Zhang, 32 years old this year, is a single dad. As early as 2019, he loves Outdoor sports, he rides from Xi’an alone to Lhasa, which lasted 29 days, after returning home, he had a bold idea:take the children to Lhasa by bicycle.

In April this year, Mr. Zhang decided to take his 4.5-year-old son to ride from Xi’an to Lhasa to broaden his horizons. This single dad has a wealth of Long-distance riding experience.

Before departure, a itinerary map was also designed.

Considering that this is not a regular ride, Mr. Zhang customized his son’s protective clothing and modified the Children car…On April 28, the father and son, who were fully prepared, set off.

getUrls?link=0c2914b80c25d41c253c58f8fc183203 - Take a 4-year-old son to ride Tibet for 36 days and 1,100 kilometers. What is the difference between children who have seen the world?

Stop and go on the journey, push when you can’t ride, stop when you’re tired Looking at the scenery, they walked on the grassland, ran under the snow-capped mountains, and climbed up to the 4298 meters above sea level Zeduoshanclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="10433704" qid="6542060938755839239">Zheduoshanclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="10433704" qid="6542060938755839239">Zheduo Mountainclass="candidate-entity-word" data-gid="10433704" qid="6542060938755839239"> span>……

36 days, riding more than 1,100 kilometers, and 1,000 kilometers away from Lhasa, the father and son have become popular all over the country.

Talking about this ride with a baby, Mr. Zhang smiled slightly:

“Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles is actually to exercise a child’s body and hone his will.”

The best education is on the road


The fact that Mr. Zhang took his baby to Lhasa by bicycle has been questioned by many people, and he has received overwhelming cynicism after being on the hot search.

“4 years old? Forget it, safety is a problem, and I can’t remember anything.”

“Dad moved me.”

“Poor child, The right of custody should not be given to such a father.”

At first, Mr. Zhang took the trouble to explain:No show, just want to take the child to experience life, well equipped, his son did not suffer along the way, and did not worry about rebellion, etc., after a long time, Mr. Zhang stopped explaining.

getUrls?link=7bdf19d8aa42e2240ac1b74445c27d0a - Take a 4-year-old son to ride Tibet for 36 days and 1,100 kilometers. What is the difference between children who have seen the world?

Compared to outside sounds, he cares more about his son’s ability to learn something. Such as persistence; such as courage; such as free happiness.

Take children to see the best scenery and experience the beauty of the world. This experience is far more than a Airplanes and high-speed railways arrived at a rapid speed, which was even more shocking.

A netizen commented:

Your baby’s four-year-old, chase after Jean The baby eats another bite, and then plays in the garden downstairs. The baby from another family is four years old and has seen vast grasslands and majestic mountains. These two will grow up differently in the future.

The son, who was only 4 years old at the time, sat on the baby carriage made by his father and watched his father bow his head and rode hard, with generosity When his back is sheltering from the wind and rain, a force called”brave” is silently fermented in the child’s heart.

The most important education is in the family, and the best education is on the road.

After having this experience, children may better understand that it is not so easy to reach a destination. They have to walk down to earth step by step.

getUrls?link=b707c68bdd5434b36021e4175cbf1188 - Take a 4-year-old son to ride Tibet for 36 days and 1,100 kilometers. What is the difference between children who have seen the world?

The company of parents is the greatest for children Love

Educator Yin Jianli

span> said:”Wealth is not just willing to spend money, but parents should care, understand their children, and give them enough care.”

Huang Lei is an entertainment circle The famous”good dad” in the film, once recorded”the yearning life” During his education, he shared something like this:

Once, his daughter Duo Duo fell asleep on his mother’s bed. Huang Lei originally planned to wake up the child, but after thinking about it, he decided to take his daughter to her room.

Who knew about this hug, Huang Lei suddenly discovered that his daughter became heavier and he couldn’t hold him anymore. He had to accept a reality:

The matter of holding the baby is over.

Speaking of this, Huang Lei couldn’t help feeling that at that moment, he was sad, the child is getting older and he has more opportunities to be with him Less.

So as long as there is a break, he stays at home as much as possible, or travels with his children to do meaningful things.

This actually coincides with Father Zhang who is riding Lhasa with his baby.

getUrls?link=d8c6f38a4e30035c999ba74a393e3a9b - Take a 4-year-old son to ride Tibet for 36 days and 1,100 kilometers. What is the difference between children who have seen the world?

The child is growing up step by step, away from the embrace of the parents, the parents take advantage of the time and opportunity , Stay with your children more and do things that have never been done together. Maybe in the next few years, the memory will be hard to keep, but the bravery, persistence, and loving heart will not be lost.

Careful companionship for children is an important part of the growth process of children.

Appropriate risk-taking can cultivate more mediocre children

The movie”It will be indefinitely“:You haven’t even seen the world, where is the world view.

Use this sentence to describe father Zhang’s way of bringing a baby, and it’s just right.

During the 36-day trip over 1,100 kilometers, Dad Zhang’s 4-year-old son not only stopped crying, but happily followed his father on the road with a full face. Happy than”v” in front of the camera.

I have to say that his heart is really strong.

As ​​a child, why are some depressed when encountering difficulties, while others are sunny and open-minded? I think it’s the different education given to them by their parents, the different growth environment, and the appropriate risk-taking, can cultivate children who are not mediocre.

getUrls?link=b88cdf4331363ba95aa10d8119a3f709 - Take a 4-year-old son to ride Tibet for 36 days and 1,100 kilometers. What is the difference between children who have seen the world?

For children, He has seen the beauty of Big Thousand World since he was a child. He doesn’t need to remember all the experiences, but the books he has read, go The road you cross will eventually become a part of your body and mind, which is of great benefit to a person’s character shaping and character precipitation.

Therefore, giving children a space for their individual growth, especially giving them some positive and special life experiences, is helpful for enriching children’s life connotations. Very important meaning.

Said it at the end.

In the big world, there are always people who are unique and have different ideas in parenting. In fact, as long as it is good for children’s growth, there is no need to choke and give up food. After all, it is risky. It coexists with income.

What we should learn is that while the children are still around, take them to do more vision-opening things, which will benefit them a lot.

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