About Taishan brief congestion in the Zhongtianmen area

On the morning of June 13th, due to the heavy fog on the top of Mount Tai, it was not possible to watch the sunrise and scenic spots, which led to the concentration of tourists waiting to watch the sunrise down the mountain. After arriving at Zhongtian Gate, the number of tourists who chose to go down the mountain by car also increased rapidly. However, due to the limited capacity of ropeways and passenger dedicated lines (the Zhongtianmen Ropeway has a maximum capacity of 1,630 people per hour in one direction, Tianwai Village passenger dedicated lines per hour To the maximum capacity of 3000 people), the waiting time for tourists taking the ropeway and car is longer, and some tourists appear impatient. After 8:10, the number of tourists waiting to ride in the Zhongtianmen Visitor Center has gradually increased, but tourists can queue up in an orderly manner. At 9:06, some waiting tourists in the Zhongtianmen Visitor Center violated the regulations to jump over the isolation barrier, impact the ticket gates, and break into non-tourist areas such as the departure area of ​​coaches, tourist roads, etc., resulting in reduced efficiency of dedicated coaches and short-term chaos in the visitor center. After discovering the situation, the scenic area management committee immediately activated the emergency plan, and transferred 40 public security, armed police, fire rescue and other forces. At the same time, it increased transportation vehicles, simplified the ticket sales process, and advocated civilized tourism. The 10:20 Zhongtianmen Visitor Center took the The car area resumes normal operation order.

According to statistics, from 0:00 to 24:00 on June 12, Mount Tai received a total of 28,000 tourists; from 0:00 to 11:00 on June 13, a total of 12,000 tourists were received. On the morning of the 13th, there were about 14,000 tourists watching the sunrise from the top of the mountain, all of which did not reach the three red lines of tourist reception (the single-day maximum carrying capacity of the scenic spot was 85,500, the instantaneous maximum carrying capacity of the scenic spot was 52,500, Daiding maximum instantaneous carrying capacity is 25,500).

Here, the scenic spot apologizes most sincerely for the inconvenience caused by the inconvenience caused by the inconvenience of the tourist facilities upgrading project construction and services, and the management is not in place, and also to everyone who has cared about and supported the development of Taishan Mountain for a long time. The tourists expressed their sincere thanks. In the next step, the scenic area will continue to strictly implement the general requirements of”limited, appointment, and peak shifting”, and strictly abide by the general concept of”tourist-centered” to ensure the safety, civilization, and order of Taishan tourism, and continue to improve tourism satisfaction.

Taishan Scenic Area Management Committee

June 14, 2021