According to Tencent’s WeChat team:

WeChat 8.0 released

WeChat update animation emoticons

getUrls?link=a76c1d656f5e48d8da31e24096c5a914 - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last night

When the user sends or receives a single small emoticon in chat

It will play animation effects

For example

You can throw each other with friends Bomb

getUrls?link=1cf36b3a9388af3d2ce4fb43d6215b9f - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last night

Full screen of fireworks

getUrls?link=0739b945a1b1c1e9649fb88bfcae06cc - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last night

Send celebration fireworks

getUrls?link=547500f66114ec9656949716c29f17e3 - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last night

Yellow face expressions can also move

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Yes Netizens shouted on the WeChat team:Related functions are not available yet, and arrange for the Android system as soon as possible!

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Some netizens said that it smells like QQ…

getUrls?link=4838cbf6bb87777581efdf32a0746a97 - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last nightgetUrls?link=0fcc4fa5bdff09b1d817987099a961f2 - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last night

In addition to the moving emoji, all emojis in the new WeChat version have also changed, which looks more three-dimensional, There are more details, have you found out?

getUrls?link=899f49fb67e8c3dc2e44d45ef53c8fe2 - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last night

Old version

getUrls?link=49c89946a9f8238268c45adf184c9e7c - suddenly! WeChat"exploded" last night

New version

In addition, some netizens said:When can these functions be arranged?

Jiu Lu:When can Moments of Friends launch pictures? ? ?

The strongest lazy sheep:add a chat log cloud storage, right

Wool brush:When will these be changed? For example, Moments of friends can only send a video in less than 15 seconds, and send a video in a private message can only be less than 5 minutes, and the image can be transferred to a pixel…

It doesn’t matter -:when can the voice be forwarded

Memories:If you want an animated picture of a circle of friends, if you want to post a larger file, if you want to block group messages, don’t have a prompt

Nanyou classmates:Can you delete the chat history if you delete the chat box?

Let’s take a look

Will your yellow face move?

Source:Xinhuanet (newsxinhua), Tencent WeChat team, WeChat group (ID:wx-pai), China News Network (cns2012)

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