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getUrls?link=5c4c6deb3a02622172aaccb5fdeed819 - Strive to stabilize the economic fundamentals, the third in the province's foreign trade import and export growth rate

A quay crane over 30 meters high Under the operation of the operators, the import and export goods are”welcome and sent”. Photo by reporter Li Bo

The year 2020 that has just passed was an extraordinary year. The city’s business system resolutely implements the decisions and deployments of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. With the strong support of Zhanjiang Customs, it strengthens confidence, gratitude and forge ahead, faces difficulties, cultivates new opportunities in crises, opens new situations in response to situations, and effectively stabilizes economic fundamentals On the market, foreign trade import and export went red against the trend.

On January 21, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that from January to December 2020, the city’s total import and export volume of goods was 44.24 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.7%. The growth rate of imports and exports and imports ranked third and second in the province respectively, and the total amount both reached the highest level in history.

In the face of severe and complex domestic and international situations, arduous and arduous development and stability tasks, especially affected by the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, our city has strengthened policy support, special research, research services, and concerted cooperation, taking multiple measures Promote foreign trade import and export work to help Zhanjiang’s high-quality development.

Scientific plan layout

Combine new ideas for foreign trade development

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the city The Bureau of Commerce implements the deployment of national, provincial, and municipal foreign trade stabilization work, adheres to the overall coordination of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, and combines Zhanjiang’s actual situation to formulate the”Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Commerce to respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, support enterprises to resume work and resume production, promote stable foreign trade and foreign investment promotion Documents such as “Several Measures for Consumption”, “Working Mechanism Program of Zhanjiang City Stabilizing Foreign Trade Coordination Committee”, “Several Measures to Promote Stable Growth of Foreign Trade in Zhanjiang City” and other documents provide strong mechanism support and scientific planning and layout for the high-quality and stable development of foreign trade in our city.

At the same time, based on the reality of Zhanjiang, the bureau will conduct research on “optimizing Zhanjiang’s export structure from the perspective of taxation to promote high-quality development of foreign trade economy” and “exhaust outflow”, forming multiple analyses The report was submitted to the municipal government to systematically analyze and think about practical problems, and carefully sort out new ideas for foreign trade development.

Multiple research on”online + offline”

Relieve corporate difficulties and pain points

To do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce conducts work research on enterprises through multiple methods of”online + offline”, and actively connects the collected business pain points with relevant departments to address the urgent needs of foreign trade enterprises.

During the 2020 epidemic, the bureau will use multi-party linkages to help small household appliances export companies respond to India’s new BIS certification regulations to postpone the implementation of the new regulations for 6 months; work with relevant departments to do a good job in the city’s commercial export of medical supplies, and coordinate solutions for companies Problems and problems encountered in export; assisting Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Sinopec International Business South China Co., Ltd., Zhanjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., Companies such as Tang Power Fuel Co., Ltd. have connected with the Provincial Department of Commerce and Zhanjiang Customs to solve the problem of imported coal.

Working together to find countermeasures

Strive to stabilize foreign trade basics

Since 2020, the market The Bureau of Commerce insists on holding monthly stable foreign trade work research and judgment dispatch meetings, strengthens the analysis, research and judgment and dispatch of the monthly foreign trade situation, solves the practical difficulties and problems in foreign trade operations, and strengthens the cooperation with relevant departments and counties (cities, districts). Contact the departments and foreign trade enterprises to jointly study and analyze the foreign trade situation of our city, deepen the service of warm enterprises, and guide enterprises to make good use of national, provincial and municipal policies.

At the same time, the bureau strengthened communication with various departments, held business situation research and judgment meetings, key foreign trade enterprise symposiums, and enterprise on-site research meetings to analyze the situation, find countermeasures, and better regulate the export order of epidemic prevention materials. Better focus on stable foreign trade volume, and make every effort to stabilize the basic foreign trade market.

Last year, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Zhanjiang Customs also convened an export-to-domestic sales policy briefing and a symposium on the “dual cycle” work of the small household appliance industry in Zhanjiang City to guide small household appliance companies to actively respond to the epidemic; cooperate with relevant financial departments and The bank held a policy presentation on financial support for foreign trade enterprises and a bank-enterprise matchmaking meeting for the”Trade and Finance” project to help small, medium and micro enterprises solve the difficulties of”financing difficult and expensive financing”.

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