Urban Express News Click on the phone and deliver things home. The birth of many platforms such as Taobao, Meituan, and Koala Haigou have brought convenience to life, but at the same time, it has also produced a series of problems, such as”choosing one of two”,”big data to kill familiarity”, and collecting and using consumption without authorization.者信息, etc.

Currently, there are 110 e-commerce platforms in Hangzhou. In addition to Alibaba, Yunji, Youzan, and Mogujie , Weipaitang and other e-commerce platforms also have an annual transaction volume of more than 10 billion yuan, nurturing Yunji, Qianxun, Ruhan, etc. A group of well-known national social and live broadcast e-commerce operators.

Recently, the Hangzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau convened 110 platform companies in Hangzhou to deploy platform companies to conduct self-examination, rectification and supervision.

Next, each major platform needs to compare 116 rectification items to formulate a list of platform rectification problems, goals, requirements and deadlines, and complete problem finding and rectification before June 25.

During the enterprise self-examination, the market supervision bureau will adopt methods such as on-site to implement a 50-day follow-up inspection, review and evaluation, and implementation of rectification.

At the same time, we will intensify investigations and prosecute a number of illegal acts such as”choosing one of two” and”big data to kill familiarity”, as well as ineffective rectification, strong feedback from the masses, and prominent contradictions. , Rectify and standardize the order of the online market.

What behaviors do companies need to self-check? There are 14 specific categories:”choose one out of two” behaviors, abuse of market dominance, implementation of monopoly agreements, illegal implementation of business concentration conduct, implement unfair competition, publish illegal products, sell products of substandard quality, infringe consumers’ right to know and choose, impose improper prices, illegally collect and abuse personal information, strengthen food safety obligations, and strictly perform Obligations to protect intellectual property rights, strengthen compliance management, and cooperate with regulatory enforcement.

For example, it is not allowed to prohibit or restrict operators on the platform from choosing to carry out business activities on multiple platforms by searching for rights down, removing products, or blocking stores, or use improper means to restrict them to Specific platforms carry out business activities.

Do not prohibit or restrict operators on the platform from choosing Express delivery logistics and other transaction assistance service.

Ads posted on Internet pages in the form of pop-up windows, etc., should be marked with a close sign to ensure that they can be closed with one click.