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Summer In the hot weather, I always like to eat some light dishes. I bought half a chicken at the food market today. Because I was afraid that I would not have enough to eat one, I bought a half to share with everyone a delicious method of chicken. It was delicious and tender. If it’s delicious, let’s take a look at how to make it.

First, we will clean the chicken we bought


Wash away his blood and impurities

After cleaning, change the knife for him and chop it into small pieces

After the chop is done, we put it in a bowl

Next we will pickle it

Add some oyster sauce

Pepper to remove fishy

Salt a teaspoon of salt

Let’s order white sugar for freshness

A spoonful of corn starch, if not, potato starch can also be used

Then a little bit of salt chicken powder is enough

Then he brushed the plate evenly and marinated for 15 minutes. Then we cut some ingredients

Slightly change the calculation of the red onion If you want to subscribe, you have to slice it first

MoreGinger cut it into silk

Add appropriate amount of edible oil, then add ginger, garlic, red onion, slowly Stir-fry

After sauteing him

We put the ingredients into the chicken together, wow, it’s so fragrant, that’s okay, then use chopsticks to stir it evenly and stir it evenly, we put it aside for later use, like the one we bought is breeding The chicken is fatter, and it will be a lot of oil when steamed

Then we are going to pair it with yam for a meal. If you don’t get tired of this yam, you must bring him a Disposable gloves, otherwise they will be allergic

Then change the knife for him and cut into small pieces

and then spread it on the plate

After that, put the marinated chicken on top

Spread it flat with chopsticks to make a large plate like this cost less than 15 yuan. Special economic benefits, if you want to eat enough, you can sell at least 68 yuan for a serving

We put into it Expand the lid of the steamer, steam it on high heat for 20 minutes, and steam it thoroughly

When the chicken is almost ready, we will cut some green onion

The time is up, we turn off the fire, open the lid, wow, the house is fragrant, so the steamed chicken is delicious It is especially appetizing when you look at it.

Moreover, with meat and vegetables, yam is also very nutritious

sprinkled with charming green onion, the deliciousness is ready, especially There are elderly and children in the family who cook such a dish. The taste is particularly good, and it is relatively short-lived, and it is simple to share two dishes every day

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