The world order has finally reached an important crossroads.

The traditional world leader, the United States, has always provided several important The most important of the public products of the People’s Republic of China are economy and security.

Before the financial playoffs, the United States has always been the world’s most important The United States produces a variety of products, provides a variety of advanced technologies, and a variety of financial products to provide diversity and vitality for the global economy.

Economic development and improvement of residents’ lives can effectively To curb global poverty, and the subsequent threats of separatism and terrorism. In the era of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the two major powers did inject a lot of vitality into the development of various countries around the world for their own interests.

We must admit that since the end of World War II Since the Marshall Plan, the United States has carried out industrial transfers to Western Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia, supporting and promoting the development of many countries in Western Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Western European countries, the four Asian dragons, and later Chinese Reform and opening up, and the production capacity exported and transferred by the United States are all important factors for the rapid development of these countries and regions.

Safety is an additional An important product. In geopolitics, many countries will face major security issues, such as the disputes between North Korea, South Korea, and Japan in East Asia, such as Eastern Europe The problems of Ukraine and Russia, such as Iraq and Kuwait, etc.

Regardless of the right or wrong of these issues, the United States does Some countries provide important safety umbrellas.

Another important issue is international arms control andNuclear weapons control.

As the world’s largest arms exporter, if the United States For the sake of trade advantage, not carrying out arms export control will greatly improve the convenience of obtaining conventional weapons, thereby intensifying international military conflicts.

On the other hand, if the United States does not negotiate with the Soviet Union to control some Important strategic weapons (such as medium-range ballistic missiles) and even nuclear weapons. If all countries can manufacture, purchase and possess strategic weapons and nuclear weapons without restriction, then international security will be vulnerable to a single blow.

In addition to economy and security, the United States is also the world’s largest One of the humanitarian aid countries.

Although the United States has always been Above all, before the end of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, it did provide a variety of public products to the international community. It can be said that the benefits of the United States at that time outweighed the disadvantages.

But now the international situation has become unprecedented in a century After changing the situation, the world order has finally reached an important crossroads.

The emergence of this crossroad can be said to be the first hand of the United States Caused.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the two powers contended for hegemony The international situation of the United States has become the dominance of the United States. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States began to free itself and reap the world through the use of excessive US dollars; in order to monopolize the fossil energy and strategic locations , In the international arena of frequent warfare; in order to start the war, he did not hesitate to defraud the domestic and international society (in order to fight Iraq, use washing powder to lie that Iraq has chemical weapons)……

If you sayUS-Soviet competition for hegemony At that time, the US hegemony still had the Soviet Union to check and balance, then the balance of power in the world after the disintegration of the Soviet Union was broken by the United States.

As America’s ambitions More and more conditions are attached to the public goods provided by the international community.

Finally,The bad impact of the United States on the world system exceeds the stability brought about by the public goods provided by the United States.

At this time, the joint statement on several issues of global governance issued by China and Russia is of great significance.

Because the United States had the right to speak internationally, China It can be said that Russia has been portrayed as a different kind of the international community and has been treated unfairly by the United States and European countries.

But in fact, China and Russia are not only United Nations five permanent members, or countries legally possessing nuclear weapons in the world, Russia has important energy reserves and powerful armed forces, while China has powerful armed forces At the same time, it is the economic engine of the international community and one of the important donor countries in the world.

China and Russia cooperate effectively, It can replace the increasingly irresponsible United States and provide essential public goods to the world.

In addition to traditional security Russia can provide various countries with alternatives to the United States in the areas of economy, energy, assistance, and other areas of greatest international concern.

The traditional security field is subject to complicated geopolitical The impact of China and Russia is an area that China and Russia need to pay attention to for a long time. It is too early to realize the replacement of the United States in this area.

But this does not prevent us from slowly step by step Take up the responsibility of leading the world.

A joint statement between China and Russia, It sends a clear signal:If the United States is irresponsible to the world, then we can play an alternative role.

The world is now facing four major Non-traditional security issues:

1) Energy security

2) New crown epidemic

3) Economic downturn

4) Extreme poverty

For these three issues, Sino-Russian cooperation can provide alternative options for the world. Russia has ample energy supply, China has fossil fuel refining technology, and has a strong new energy technology. In the energy sector, the two countries can provide powerful alternatives to countries around the world.

China can not only export traditional energy technology, but also Export technologies such as wind, hydro, solar, and even nuclear energy, while Russia can export fossil energy resources.

In the face of the new crown epidemic, China can export global anti-epidemic Products, both China and Russia have mature mass vaccine production capacity.

Naturally needless to say in terms of economy, it can be said that China is currently It is the most important economic engine in the world. China’s production capacity and demand have maintained the recent local operation of the world economy.

In terms of poverty alleviation, China has just completed the national poverty alleviation battle , Has a wealth of experience, experience, resources, and methods to help extremely poor countries and regions get out of poverty.

China and Russia cooperate effectively to provide a wide range of Public goods.

At this time, there are some questions about global governance The joint statement on the issue is to light up another beacon for the problem-ridden world.

This lighthouse is different from the American I am unique and give the following special meanings to public products:

1) Diversity. Democracy does not have a single standard. Each country must analyze specific issues according to its own situation and develop a standard that suits its own national conditions.

2) Stability. International law is the cornerstone of the development of human society. Without exception, all countries should firmly maintain the international system with the United Nations as the core and the international order based on international law.

3) Universality. All human rights are universal, indivisible and interrelated. Sustainable development is the foundation for improving the living standards and well-being of the people in every country, thereby promoting the enjoyment of all human rights.

4) Openness. The international community should adhere to the principles of open, equal, and non-ideological multilateralism, jointly respond to global challenges and threats, work hard to maintain the authority of the multilateral system, improve the effectiveness of the multilateral system, improve the global governance system, and jointly maintain peace And strategic stability, promote the development of human civilization, and ensure that all countries enjoy the fruits of development on an equal basis.

5) Anti-hegemonism. Oppose the politicization of human rights issues, abandon the use of human rights issues to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and practice double standards, and conduct dialogue in this field on the basis of equality and mutual respect to benefit the people of all countries. The legitimate right of sovereign states to independently choose their development path should be respected. Interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign countries under the pretext of”promoting democracy” is unacceptable.

6) Development path. The world’s major powers, especially the permanent members of the UN Security Council, should strengthen mutual trust and take the lead in safeguarding international law and the international order based on international law. In the context of increasing international political turmoil, there is an urgent need to convene a summit of permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to explore solutions to common problems of all mankind through direct dialogue and maintain global stability.

The public goods provided by global governance are many countries In the case of an outbreak of the epidemic and economic downturn, the most needed help. To speak out on this issue is to grasp the most important contradiction facing the world at present.

The Sino-Russian joint statement at this time has reinjected more stability into this crisis-ridden world.

Finally, as far as China is concerned, this year is a year in which diplomacy has shifted from defensive to offensive, from passive defense to active and aggressive. In the just-concluded Sino-US Anchorage Dialogue, Chinese diplomats have already released this signal.

China’s national strategy Continuous, once the implementation is started, there will be a lot of back-hands and the cooperation of various resources.

The Sino-Russian joint statement on global governance issues, It has laid an important wedge for our diplomatic strategy.

China has released an important signal to the world:The one that has led the global economic development for thousands of years, exported advanced superior culture, and brought peace and prosperity to the world The big country is back again.

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