Not long ago, on the afternoon of May 20th, local time, the European Parliament adopted a project titled”China vs. EU with 599 votes in favor, 30 votes against, and 58 abstentions. The motion of sanctions against entities and members of the European Parliament and members of parliament rudely freezes the”China-EU Investment Agreement, which was previously negotiated .

After the voting of this meeting, the European Parliament member who is still sanctioned by China, and also a member of the German”Green Party”, Pitiko Feil, The speakers in the upper parliament hall spoke out loudly, claiming that China desperately wanted to take advantage of Europe through the China-Europe Investment Agreement, but underestimated Europe’s “determination” to defend its own interests. He also believes that China’s approach is wrong, and hopes that China can learn from it and rethink.

On the same day, German Chancellor Merkel When asked by the media whether the”China-Europe Investment Agreement” is really”harmful to no benefit” to Europe, the outgoing prime minister insisted:”She can guarantee every word in this agreement. , If the agreement can really take effect, then the operating environment of European companies in China will be greatly improved, climate issues and labor /span>The problem can also be improved.”

Coincidentally, on the 27th soon, Spain’s Prime Minister Sanchez also expressed his concern about the EU’s announcement of freezing the China-EU Investment Agreement. His language is even more direct and fierce than Merkel. He said that the EU and China are responsible for the ongoing tensions between the EU and China.

And then I will discuss whether Spain will continue to expand the Bilateral trade, Sanchez said straightforwardly:“No one can kidnap Spain’s foreign policy in an anti-civilization manner, especially a certain EU member Some political forces and individual countries.”

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Spain Prime Minister Sanchez

The dilemma facing Spain

Spain is a European Southwest, a country on the Iberian Peninsula, with a total area of ​​505,925 square kilometers. It is worth mentioning that of its 9813 km border, the land border is only 2013 km, while the coastline is as high as 7,800 km, occupying most of the Spanish border.

For this reason, since Castillaand Aragon the kingship, under the leadership of the”Catholic Double Kings” couple For one, after becoming the prototype of modern Spain, this country almost immediately became the pioneer of the great nautical era. Columbus discovered the”New World” with the funding of the Spanish royal family, and used the conquerorPizarro as the representative of Spanish colonists, through germs and guns, passed the Catholic”Gospel” to Inca, Aztec, and various indigenous tribes in the New World.

Thanks to this, even though Spain has become less famous in the world today, Spanish can still be regarded as one of the six major languages ​​of the United Nations and continue to have an extremely wide influence.

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The invincible fleet is destroyed inBritain After the hands of people, Spain fell into recession and gradually lost itself under the pressure of emerging countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States Status as a major power.

Since then, Spain has not participated in two world wars

span>, but its regime has been overturned several times. Dictators, feudal monarchs and other people of all kinds emerge in an endless stream. In 1978, the Constitution established A constitutional monarchy, and successively joined NATO in 1982 and the European Community in 1986.

In 1993, the European Community transformed into the European Union, becoming a political and economic alliance jointly established by many European countries. At that time, the”troika of the European Union belonged to the three countries of Britain, France and Germany, while Spain, Italy and other countries Although not comparable to the above three countries, they still play a significant role in the EU.

However, such a thriving scene came to an abrupt end shortly afterwards. With the advent of the international financial crisis, Spain broke out an economic crisis that affected a generation.

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French traditional media”fee On June 4, 2012, Garo newspaper published an article analyzing and expounding the current situation, causes and future directions of the Spanish crisis.

The article analyzes and points out that as of June 2012, Spain’s economy fell again by 0.3%in the first quarter of this year on the basis of last year’s economic decline. Correspondingly, the unemployment rate in Spain once climbed to 24.4%, which is the right age for unemployment in the country. The population is as high as 1/4!

It is also worth mentioning that the The real estate bubble still exists, and the real estate industry’s non-performing assets in bank It turned out to be as high as 184 billion Euro, accounting for half of Spain’s real estate industry assets.

So, under the”blessing” of various conditions, Spain The banking industry slackened, and the finances were also in crisis.

Of course, as an established country, Spain faced its own economic crisis and quickly made its response plan. Compared with some other countries in the Eurozone, Spain has rapidly improved its domestic production situation, increasing its hourly unit productivity by 8.3%compared to before the crisis. At the same time, it expanded domestic demand and increased exports. In the same year, Spain’s export growth rate was higher. In the previous quarter, it increased by 9.5%, far exceeding the average of 1%in other countries in the Eurozone.

It’s just that the leaking of the house happened to rain overnight. When the Spanish government became weak due to the economic crisis, there has always been a tradition of pursuing”independence”.Catalonia and the infamous”ETA” organization active Basque, once again noisy their so-called independence pursuit .

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Catalonia Independence Parade

Following up, a pandemic that swept the world also made the previous efforts of the Spanish government seem ineffective.

On December 1, 2020, the Bank of Spain pessimistically predicted that in the worst case, nearly one-fifth of Spain’s companies will go bankrupt, and 10%of companies will go bankrupt. Will not survive.

The mysterious power from the East

It’s just in the Spanish government because of unemployment When it was overwhelmed by factors such as speed, epidemic situation, etc., a mysterious force from the East suddenly let it see the”dawn of dawn.”

China-Western bilateral trade began in 1981, and by the end of 2016, there were more than 700 Spanish companies in China, 2292 investment projects, and an investment amount of 3.52 billion. U.S. dollars; and China’s cumulative investment in Spain has reached 700 million U.S. dollars, and the investment field also involves many areas in Spain.

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One ​​Belt One Road Cooperation Initiative

self Since the”Belt and Road Initiative” came out, China and the West have been located on the east and west sides of the Asia-Europe continent , The economic and trade relations between each other began to become closer.

Among them, there are at least 28 flights per week between Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Beijing, Shanghai. Moreover, only the Yiwu-Madrid China-Europe Express train was there. Between November 2014 and May 2017, 14,000 units were successfully transported.standard box, which undoubtedly greatly strengthens the bond between the two countries.

In this context, in May 2017, former Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy and leaders of other countries attended the “Belt and Road” in Beijing.The summit not only did not hesitate to appreciate the”Belt and Road”, but also fully imagined whether Spain will It will become a large-scale cargo distribution center connecting North Africa, West Africa, Latin America and other regions.

According to official statistics, in 2017, the bilateral trade volume between China and the West reached US$30.94 billion,Year-on-year an increase of 7.5%last year. As of 2018, China has become Spain’s largest partner outside the EU, and Spain has also become China’s sixth largest trading partner within the EU.

It is against this background that China, the eastern country with a huge market, will become Spain when the share within the EU has been basically determined and it is difficult to expand the scale of sales. One of the important support for future economic development.

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Spain sees the split and involuntary in the EU

Let us then turn our attention back to the freezing of the China-EU Investment Agreement.

The”China-EU Investment Agreement” is a document in the trade globalization In the context of , it covers large-scale investment agreements between China and Europe on investment protection, market access, investment supervision, and sustainable operation and development.

Here, we should be able to imagine how difficult it will be to reach an agreement just from the perspective of the large two words. Since the first round of Sino-European bilateral investment negotiations on January 21, 2014, after 6 years and a total of 32 rounds of communication, on December 30, 2020, this memorable moment, Merkel, Macron, European Council President Michel, European Commission President Von Enrad As representatives of the European Union, the four others held a video meeting with China’s top leaders in the form of a video conference, and finally signed a document to complete the”China-EU Investment Agreement” as scheduled.

The signing of the “China-EU Investment Agreement” is undoubtedly of “epoch-making significance” in the eyes of Spain’s current Prime Minister Sanchez. In his own words, it is:“Agreement The signing of the agreement has won the European Union and Spain more room for development. I think this is a win-win situation.”

Unfortunately, in the Western countries are more flexible under the principle of”democracy”. Only less than half a year after the signing of the agreement between China and the EU, the EU will not Not personally”freezing” this agreement, which is of great benefit to both parties, even further impose sanctions on China.

Just between such a come and go, one can feel the”schizophrenia” in Europe.

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Facts Since the birth of the European Union, it has been filled with all kinds of contradictions. Today, from the ravages of terrorism, refugee issues, Brexit, to undemocratic accusations, The proliferation of populism, With the entanglement of the European debt crisis, the European Union has already been battered. And the raging epidemic in 2020 has made people see the meaning of the EU’s”Alliance”.

Just like Kovacs, Secretary of State for International Exchange and Relations of Hungary, accepting When the reporter wanted to link the epidemic to politics, he retorted without mercy:”Apart from China, who else provides medical supplies for Hungary? The EU does not, the UK does not, Neither in Western Europe.”

Actually, how much is this old man? It also gave the European Union a little face, after all, the scene of a certain Germany and a certain Italy withholding medical supplies can still be vividly remembered.

In the face of the EU’s difficulties for China, the prime minister who has been friendly to China since taking office said:“If the EU continues to intend to stalemate with China , Then Spain will unite with the governments of Germany, France and Italy in the future to bypass the European Union and take the lead in promoting the EU-China Investment Agreement to take root in Central and Southern Europe!”

In other words, I Spain is an independent country. We abide by the agreements signed by the European Union. We sign the agreements that the European Union dare not sign.

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After the above-mentioned declaration was publicly issued on the 27th, public opinion in the Western world suddenly became fierce. Some people praised the prime minister as a wise man in the Western world, while others said that Sanchez was”wagging for mercy” from China.

Spain’s”Battle” published an evaluation of Sanchez’s position on its website, believing that the prime minister’s position is the position of the Spanish people, and that China’s capital and technology are very important to Spain. The development of China is not available. If any country is willing to oppose China, don’t pull Spain!

Coincidentally, Spain’s”Barcelona Express” also commented on Sanchez’s statement, representing the Spanish people’s strong dissatisfaction with the EU’s smearing of China.

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However, discordant Of course, there is no shortage of voice. Reuters, the largest British media, expressed strong dissatisfaction with Sanchez’s above remarks and criticized:”In Lithuania, Sweden and other Eastern Europe When the small countries of Northern Europe were hostile to China, Western European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and the West all pleased Beijing,” and claimed that this is China”divide and conquer” vicious trick!

It’s true that it is commonplace for the Western media to criticize China, but as China moves toward the world step by step, I believe that the next”Sanchez” will come forward. Speaking of China, the next”Spain” clearly recognizes the”benefits” of cooperation with China, and China will eventually”keep the cloud and see the moon and the moon” and have a better tomorrow.