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Original title:Starting from 2 yuan”wool”, takeaway riders accumulated more than 90,000 yuan; a 10-minute drive, Online car-hailing drivers paid thousands of dollars for”empty running”… (quote)

Someone was convicted of fraud by using platform loopholes to illegally”Nuggets” (topic)

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At present, many e-commerce platforms are carrying out the”618″ mid-year promotion. While”buying, buying, and buying”, some platform practitioners are also eyeing platform loopholes to”scrabble” and commit fraud crimes. In addition to online shopping, loopholes in the online economy such as online meal ordering and online taxi-hailing have also been spotted. Some practitioners who illegally make profits infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of Internet companies and are ultimately punished by law.

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Although each reward is at least 2 yuan, the delivery rider Liu Moumou uses a virtual number to register false new users in batches, defrauding new user discounts on the e-commerce platform The cumulative value of coupons and promotion rewards reached more than 90,000 yuan. Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of Yangpu District, Shanghai brought a public prosecution, and the court sentenced Liu Moumou and others on the crime of fraud with fraud. 12 defendantsFixed-term imprisonment ranging from 3 years and 6 months to 3 months in detentionPenalties, and fines ranging from 6000 yuan to 1000 yuan.

Behind the rapid development of the Internet industry, Internet crime has gradually become a new channel for criminals to”dig money” due to its low cost and strong concealment. There have been more cases of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of Internet companies, such as”swiping orders” to obtain subsidies by fraudulently and illegally gaining profits by exploiting platform loopholes. In recent years, Shanghai procuratorial organs have handled a number of cases involving fraudulent use of loopholes in the new economic business, and have increased their efforts to crack down on professional”wool parties” from the judicial level.

Takeaway riders formed a”wool task group”

In late May 2019, an e-commerce platform staff rushed to Yangpu District a Police StationThe alarm said that the company’s back-end data monitoring showed that since January 2019, the subsidy situation of many of the company’s stores was abnormal, and it was suspected that someone maliciously brushed newcomer coupons and defrauded tens of thousands of preferential subsidies. The police immediately launched an investigation and found that from January to June 2019, there were indeed more than 10 delivery riders maliciously scouring orders for profit.

“New users enjoy full discounts for the first order”,”Recommend new users to receive rewards randomly”… From these e-commerce platform marketing activities, takeaway rider Liu Moumou found a loophole. Starting in 2019, he purchased a virtual mobile phone number at a unit price of 0.1 yuan and registered as a new user of the platform. Afterwards, he clicked to receive a”newcomer coupon” of RMB 15 minus RMB 29 on the platform. After receiving the coupon, Liu XX placed an order on the platform, ordered a product that was slightly more expensive than 29 yuan, and then reselled the product to a nearby small shop to cash out. Each order can earn more than ten yuan.The difference.

Liu Moumou also found that the platform’s promotion of new rewards can also be exploited. He opens the”Invite friends to get cash” link issued by the successfully registered virtual number, enters another virtual number to complete the registration and places an order for the first time to complete the receipt, the previous virtual number will automatically receive 2 to 20 yuan issued by the platform Varying rewards.

In fact, this”how to make money” has been”word-of-mouth” in the rider circle. Since rider Tan Moumou was drawn into a”wool task group” in early 2019, he has followed the instructions to”do tasks” to make money every day, that is, purchase a new mobile phone number through malicious registration software, and register as a new user of the platform on the mobile APP, and then download Purchase the goods specified by the group owner and advance the payment first, and then send a screenshot of the transaction order to the counterparty, who will reimburse the advance payment and pay each order from 4 yuan to 5 yuan. After the two came to the case, both said,”Thinking that they have made a lot of money, but did not realize that this is a crime.”

The Yangpu District People’s Procuratorate found that the defendants Liu Moumou, Tan Moumou and others fabricated facts and defrauded others’ property for the purpose of illegal possession. The total amount involved in the case reached more than 500,000 yuan. The amount is huge, and his behavior has violated the Criminal Law Article 266, he should be investigated for fraud.Criminal Liability.

“Virtual Passengers Carrying a Thousand Yuan Fare”

From the start point to the end point of the order, it only takes 10 minutes to drive, and the online ride-hailing driver Driving more than 500 kilometers, incurring a cost of thousands of yuan. How is this going?

Recently, the People’s Procuratorate of Jing’an District, Shanghai handled this case of online car-hailing drivers using loopholes in the online car-hailing platform system.

Prosecutor introduced by Shen Yixin, Shen is registered on an online car-hailing platform driver. At the beginning of 2019, the”scalper” found Shen and said that he could help him obtain additional fares through virtual orders, which were divided between the two parties afterwards. After receiving the order from the”virtual passenger”, the”scalper” instructed Shen to take the order.”Scalper” impersonated a passenger to raise a fare objection to the platform after the trip, while paying only a few tens of yuan for the fare. After receiving the complaint, the online car-hailing platform will advance the fare of thousands of yuan in advance. In this way, Shen took advantage of the loopholes to get”wool”.

Later, Shen also discovered another loophole in the platform. He uses online car-hailing to advance the fare and then centrally settle the time difference with the navigation app he cooperates with, so that”virtual passengers” refuse to”take a car” on the navigation appPayment to trick online car-hailing companies into paying in advance. As of the incident, Shen has made 61 orders and made an illegal profit of more than 74,000 yuan.

“Since 2019, more than 40 online ride-hailing drivers like Shen have used the same method to commit fraud, but some of them did not realize that they were committing a crime.” Shen Yixin said .

There are also some e-commerce platform online shopkeepers who use the platform to advance payment.

Once, Li Moumou, an online shop owner of an e-commerce platform, discovered that because the goods were out of stock, Li Moumou negotiated with the customer to apply for a refund. However, after successfully applying for a refund, the store account still received the money, and a few days later, the payment was taken away by the e-commerce platform.

In October 2019, Li Moumou raised the store’s commodity price. Instructed store employees to use their personal accounts to purchase more than 40,000 yuan of goods in their stores, and then apply for a refund. After the review was passed, the e-commerce platform paid the refund in full, and Li Moumou then withdrew the money from the store account to his personal account. A few days later, the settlement between the e-commerce platform and the store was unable to proceed due to insufficient account balance. After that, Li left the store alone and defrauded the e-commerce platform for more than 40,000 yuan.

With the first successful experience, Li Moumou used another store under his name to defraud the e-commerce platform for more than 40,000 yuan in the same way.

After frequent settlement failures, the e-commerce platform became suspicious and reported the case. The People’s Procuratorate of Jiading District, Shanghai, filed a public prosecution against the defendant Li Moumou for the crime of fraud, and the court sentenced the charge. Established, he shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

“Swipe hands” defrauded 5.1 million platform subsidies

The fierce market competition triggered the preferential promotion battle among Internet e-commerce platforms. E-commerce platforms tend to seize the market and attract customers by distributing coupons and subsidies. However, the phenomenon of fictitious transactions and fraudulent use of orders to defraud subsidies arose.

In October 2018, Fang XX established an official flagship store for digital products on an e-commerce platform. From July to September 2019, the platform launched a”Ten Billion Subsidy” discount campaign-participating stores sell a certain brand of mobile phones at a price lower than the market price, and the platform then subsidizes the difference to the merchant.

Fang Moumou teamed up with the company’s customer service staff Wang Moumou and the operating staff’s mother Moumou (to be handled in another case), joined a special order-sweeping WeChat group, and instructed more than a dozen”hands-sweeping” to place false orders in the store , To cover people’s eyes by sending out empty packages. After the”hand brushing” confirms that the receipt order is completed, the platform will automatically remit the corresponding subsidy to the store’s account, and the”hand brushing” will receive several hundred yuan from Fang Mo and Wang. The benefit fee. As of the case, Fang Moumou and Wang Moumou participated in fraudulently obtaining platform subsidies of more than 5.1 million yuan.

“When the platform checked internally, it found that the store’s order was abnormal, so it contacted the bank submitted an application to freeze his account. The bank restricted the cash withdrawal authority of the store as required. At the same time, the platform reported the case in time. Therefore, Fang XX frequently withdrew cash but failed in the end.” Zhu, prosecutor of the Changning District Procuratorate Hao introduced.

The Changning District Procuratorate prosecuted Fang Moumou and Wang Moumou on suspicion of fraud. Fang Moumou, Wang Moumou and the involved”swiping hands” were all sentenced to penalties.

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