I am a Taobao, a seller of Pinduoduo. As an e-commerce seller, I am actually a big online buyer! Basically, 80%of the money made online is spent online again. Every time I go to the cainiao station to pick up the express, I always push A small car, or a sack, is often watched by other people who go to take the courier. I must have a question in my heart. What does this person buy so many things?

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Share a little , The experience of online shopping these years!

First of all, let’s talk about things to eat and drink. If buying fruits or vegetables, the first choice is Pinduoduo, price It is indeed cheaper. The second choice is to have more diversified varieties of Taobao. Relatively speaking, the price may be a little higher than that of Pinduo, but the difference is not much, Jingdong occasionally has some good ones, but not many. I often buy yam from a store on JD. I feel that his home tastes better. In fact, many sellers do multiple platforms and often find The packaging of products bought on different platforms is the same. If you are careful, you will find that the address is the same!

Secondly, I would like to talk about clothing and clothing. I personally recommend Taobao, because the Taobao platform is relatively mature, and some of the quality is relatively inferior. After being eliminated, they have already withdrawn, and the rest are relatively good. About the same point, many of the cheap products that have been suppressed and eliminated by Taobao have gone to Pinduoduo, because Pinduoduo’s initial positioning is the rural area. Pinduoduo buys more and refunds more! If you are not too troublesome, you can also buy more on Pinduoduo, and then return to refund, because Pinduoduo’s freight insurance is better to buy.

For some small household items or accessories, Pinduoduo is still recommended. The price of the same product will be relatively cheaper. Of course, compare it at night, because many of Pinduoduo’s prices are ranged. The price you see on the search page is not true. The lowest-priced product may be inferior. Please open the product page and compare the price of the option you want.

Needless to say for electrical appliances, the first choice is of course Jingdong, followed by Taobao. If you are more anxious to use electrical appliances, you can use the Suning Tesco stores orders, and they are usually delivered the next day

In addition, some things in the live broadcast room are indeed very cheap, like some big coffee live broadcasts,Weiya, Li Jiaqi and other live broadcast rooms. They are based on their strength. The strength mentioned here is the strength of the inspection of the selected products. They recommend Most of the goods are indeed very good, especially some big-name products. The prices are definitely not available to you in other places. If you have something you want to buy and are not in a hurry to buy, you can pay attention to them. The price is much higher than that of Double 11. It’s all cheap! And there are many gifts

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In short, making money is not easy, and spending money requires shopping around!

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