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SF Holdings fell more than 9%at one time For a long time, SF dominated China’s express delivery industry with high-end express delivery. However, with the rise of electronic documents, document express delivery in the express industry will inevitably shrink, and this pressure on SF Express will become increasingly apparent in the future. Compared with JD Logistics, which is also a top-level logistics, SF Express is at an absolute disadvantage in terms of physical logistics and e-commerce logistics. But what worries SF Express is that these two businesses happen to be the two businesses with the greatest potential in the future. What’s more worrying is that SF Express wants to cut into the e-commerce cake, but it doesn’t know where to start. At present, the competition with Jingdong by lowering the unit price obviously has not hit the pain point. If the unit price continues to be lowered, it will inevitably affect profits and reduce SF Express’s belief. Proud quality. It has been a long time to find a breakthrough in competition, and there is no clear competitor. SF Express, which is directly operating and heavy assets, will turn to join if it is overwhelmed. The dying 3 Tong Yida is waiting for it. It should be said that SF Express has established industry standards for China’s express delivery industry, which has made great progress in the digital visualization of the express delivery industry. However, SF Express is basically no different from other traditional express delivery services, especially due to a serious lack of traffic. As time goes by, the noose of traffic will become tighter and tighter,