According to media reports, recently SF has launched the community group buying brand”Fenghuotai”, which is currently in operation and testing. Some people also disclosed that SF Express required its couriers to register as the head of”Fenghuotai” about a month ago. Therefore, the head of Fenghuotai is currently the SF Express courier brother in the jurisdiction, a relatively professional head. It is also being recruited. The team leader can recommend the new team leader to join as a”partner”. After the recommendation is successful, the original partner can permanently enjoy 1%of net sales The more revenue rewards you recommend, the more you recommend, the more revenue you will get. In this regard, SF Express has not yet responded.

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It is understood that Fenghuotai is a comprehensive urban and rural supply chain service platform built by SF Group Fengnong Technology Co., Ltd. Relying on the layout of the agricultural service center at the end of the Fengnong production area, it builds a two-way circulation channel for agricultural products and industrial products to provide community stores with fresh food/fast consumer Products B2B enablement services such as purchasing and marketing, community marketing tools, express delivery co-matching, etc., to provide consumers with safe, fresh, For high-quality products, build a two-way circulation channel of”agricultural products going up and consumer goods going down”. At present, the main entrances of”Fenghuotai” include related WeChat public accounts and mini programs. The products on the platform mainly include flowers, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, aquatic products, grain and oil seasoning, frozen fast food, beverages and teas.

getUrls?link=f93dc3a78bda9997fdbe9ddae1bd3e06 - SF Express launches"Fenghuotai" mini program, or deploys community group purchase

Currently, the community Internet giants have continued to enter the group buying field. In July last year, Meituan issued an organizational structure adjustment announcement, announcing the establishment of a”preferred business unit”, and launched the community group buying business”Meituan Optimum”, the original Elephant Division was renamed”Grocery Division”. In August of the same year, Pinduoduo began to test”Buy Duoduo” in multiple cities across the country, relying on the supply chain and logistics system for consumers Provide services in the form of”reservation + self-collection”. In December of the same year, there was news that Jingdong was planning a community group buying project called”Jingdong Optimal”. The entry of SF Express will also intensify the competition in the field of community group buying.