[SF Express publishes”violent sorting identification method” related patents] The reason why express violent sorting has been repeatedly banned is due to supervision , Management is not in place. SF Express recently announced a patent related to”violent sorting and identification method”, trying to technically improve the accuracy of violence sorting and identification.

Enterprise search APP shows that recently, SF Technology Co., Ltd. published an item titled””A method, device, equipment and storage medium for violent sorting and identification” patent, the publication number is CN112241665A, and the application date is July 18, 2019.

The patent abstract shows that this application discloses a method, device, equipment and storage medium for violent sorting and identification.

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The method includes:extracting two adjacent frames of images with a set time interval from the collected video to be recognized, and extracting the optical flow diagram from the two frames of images; The feature data of the picture is fused with the feature data of the previous frame of image; based on the fused feature data, the violent sorter is identified. According to the technical solution provided by the embodiments of the present application, the method can improve the accuracy of the violence sorting recognition.

With the continuous development of the logistics industry, more and more people like to use express delivery to deliver items. In the process of objects being transported, objects need to be sorted so that objects that need to enter the same next route are placed together.

However, when there are more express delivery, express sorting personnel may cause violent sorting phenomena such as throwing and throwing express delivery in order to improve the sorting speed. In order to reduce the phenomenon of violent sorting, it is necessary to identify the violent sorting.

The existing method of violent sorting recognition is as follows:After receiving the video to be recognized, the video frame is obtained, and the area of ​​the body that produces violent sorting is first identified in the video frame, for example, throwing express Arm or leg; then based on the area of ​​the limb marked in the video frame, the violent sorter is further identified.

However, if an error occurs in the area of ​​the limb that produces violent sorting in the video frame, it will directly lead to the error of the violent sorting recognition result. Therefore, the accuracy of violent sorting recognition in the prior art is relatively high. low.

In view of the problem of the low accuracy of violent sorting recognition in the prior art, this application proposes a violent sorting recognition method, device, equipment and storage medium, which can improve the violent sorting Accuracy of recognition.

Source:Fast Technology