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For most people, saving money is king.

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I don’t know if you found out, many people around you are busy managing money.

People who are afraid of society don’t have to worry about awkward chats with unfamiliar people , Just ask what type of financial management you are buying and you can immediately break the ice.

Even when opening various short videos, advertisements about financial management are changing In seducing people:

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Span style=”letter-spacing:1px;”>Workplace Xiaobai was laughed at. After learning to manage money, she became a glamorous and beautiful woman in the city. The elite shocked everyone;

Novice mothers with babies and no income were My husband dislikes no income. After learning to manage money, he can make money with 1 yuan to give himself confidence…

It looks so cool, I can’t wait to take out all the money and quickly go to the financial management, so that I can earn”after-sleep income” early.

According to various economic bestsellers, this is the performance of high financial quotient , And even have a rich mind.

But…stop it, today I still want to give you a splash Lengshui, let everyone take a look at financial management after the filter, but it’s really not as good as it looks.

Don’t look at everyone’s financial management, start by yourself Following the trend, As a result lost all the hard-earned money, it’s not worth it.

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Financial management has risks


No matter when, financial management is risky.

Economic markets are full of changes, and those instantaneous changes are even the most authoritative Experts can’t predict, even for wealth management products with a high safety factor, the yield rate is not fixed of.

Even if a wealth management product is on the rise, it’s only due to the time of purchase. It will also lead to different losses and different gains; not to mention the credit risk of platform runaways.

Don’t look at all the people in financial management and money, but there are many people behind it Regretfully, the liver hurts.

By my side, there are many such people.

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A customer who listened to a friend’s boasting, always cautiously invested a huge amount of fortune in stocks, and ended up losing nearly one million ;

A friend listened to the temptation of relatives and gritted his teeth and took out the coffin to invest , As a result, all the savings in my life have been lost…

As long as you are willing to listen , I can write tens of thousands of words in such a story.

In October last year, my financial return rate was only 2.68%.

Ironically, the rate of return at this point has beaten the country’s 95.48%’S financial friend.

I really don’t know how many of these over 95%Did you lose a lot of money if you didn’t make a point?

For the rich, they have enough capital to trial and error, to take risks, here you can make up for the money you lose, but if you don’t make up for it, you still have the main income To fill the hole.

For those who don’t have much money, they really don’t have much capital Come to play this game, it’s easy to go bankrupt because you can’t afford it.

As the half-Buddha fairy said, Few people collapse themselves by eating, drinking, and having fun, and most of them are simply investing blindly to create problems for themselves.

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Don’t try to rely on financial management to achieve counterattack

Many wealth management gods will give Xiaobai a suggestion, no matter how good wealth management products are, stick to a principle , Even if financial management fails, it will not affect the current life.

In other words, you have to use your spare money for financial management, even if you lose it all You just lose money instead of losing your underwear.

The reality is that many hitters have no spare money at all. I want to get more income from financial management.

Be aware that less than 30%of netizens in my country have a monthly income of less than 5,000 yuan , Most of them are concentrated between 2000-5000 yuan. (Data source:”Statistical Report on China Internet Development Status”)

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If we can only use spare money for financial management, then we workers will never be able to make a fortune through financial managementGet rich dream, because the principal is really not enough, even if the rate of return is high, it is just a little pocket money.

Let’s calculate an account:

Suppose you are lucky enough to explode and you bought the new energy fund from this year’s fire at the lowest price, and it’s a similar increase Ranked first, then according to the 112.23%rate of return, your investment of 10,000 yuan can earn up to 11,223 yuan.

A lot of money, but it really can’t help you realize your dream of getting rich. Mostly, I can buy the latest mobile phone.

What’s more, how can we have such good luck, we can be the lowest every time Click to enter, and sometimes you are lucky if you don’t become the highest leeks.

Everyone loves the story of getting rich overnight, but ignores it The inevitable factor behind.

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For example, many young people envy Justin Sun, everyone only saw that he made his first pot of gold with Bitcoin, but ignored that he has the ability to go to university in the United States, and because of others’ instigation, he can spend $3,000 to buy Bitcoin The capital of currency play.

Relying on financial management to get rich is a matter of probability, and those with capital can Earn more by increasing the probability, but for those of us hitters, don’t think about such small probability events.

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Rather than indulging in financial management, it’s better to develop your skills

Just type the word”financial management” and you will see a bunch of people sharing their own Experience, many of them have even reached the point of being confused.

And this is precisely the best Method.

The lawyer Qian Hong told a story and she has a Assistant Xiaosun, graduated from the law department of a prestigious university, has a promising future, and she also values ​​him very much.

However, Xiao Sun always thinks about making money, and spends a lot of time every day on research. The stock market has gone up and down. There are more financial books on the desk than law books. She has seen Xiao Sun secretly trading stocks during work hours…

Although Qian Hong has clearly and secretly reminded many times:”As long as you become a good lawyer, you will have money.” p>

But Xiao Sun still does his own way, busy managing money and making money.

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After the internship period, the assistants who entered the same batch as Sun passed the assessment and started to handle cases independently. Xiao Sun failed, still holding a low salary and fantasizing about making a lot of money from stocks.

I believe many people have heard a word-opportunity cost.

It’s the price we have to pay behind our choice,The more correct the choice, the smaller the opportunity cost; vice versa.

When Xiaosun is addicted to learning various financial management skills , Which means that he has given up the opportunity to be a good lawyer, but this can bring him long-term value ’s things.

During the most critical years of career growth, young The most important thing a person should do is to keep improving in his own field, improve work skills, and improve performance.

If you even do this long-term value No, it still has a relatively low salary in the industry, so how about mastering more financial management skills? Where do you buy the principal?

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The best financial management is to save money

I once asked a friend who is engaged in economics how he should manage his finances.

My friend hesitated for a while before telling the truth:”For no For young people with money, saving is always more important than financial management.”

Although I suspect that he is thinking I am poor, I still agree with him.

As the writer Lian Yue said, our path to wealth , The road to happiness must start with savings.

I have not yet saved the first pot of gold At that time, the best way to manage money is to save, save, and save.

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In station B, there is a super-hot video”Guide to B My own experience advises young people to save more money.

This UP master is not rich from birth, and all assets must be on his own Earn, come and save.

In order to save money, he eats the company’s working meal every day. All delicious foods are taken out, only he honestly eats and leaves.

Even on Saturday and Sunday, he actively works overtime in the company. On the one hand, work overtime to improve performance and earn more income; on the other hand, the unlimited supply of fruits, instant noodles, and biscuits in the company’s snack cabinet has solved his three-meal problem.

This is how to save piece by piece, he finally saved the first pot of gold –600000.

Relying on this 600,000, he started his own business, and he just put this smallThe snowball is getting bigger and bigger. Although I don’t know how big the snowball is now, many netizens estimate him Is worth at least 8 digits.

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For every ordinary worker, to achieve Change your life, the best way is always to save money.

saving money may not sound as compelling as financial management, but it’s The risk is much smaller than financial management.

If you lose a cup of milk tea for 20 yuan a day, less than 17 months You can save 10,000 yuan; if you eat a few small meals a month and buy a few sets of clothes, you will have thousands of dollars a year.

Nowadays, many young people are very fun. Why spend time studying financial management?

If you really want to manage money, it’s better to spend unnecessary Save money, and accumulate less to become the original capital to open up more life possibilities in the future.

Wait until then, and then go to the financial management Can withstand risks and be more comfortable.

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Having said so much, I am not trying to tell you how bad financial management is.

It just gives you a reality that can be easily beautified. The meaning of financial management is not To achieve overnight wealth, but to prevent blind losses.

Why do we always hear stories of collapse and suicide because of losing too much money ?

In the final analysis, financial management is a test of human nature. In the end, he chose to continue to increase leverage due to his high returns. In the end, his dream of becoming rich was not only shattered, but also owed a lot of debt.

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No matter when, financial management is always the icing on the cake,

Only one person can do the following points, I suggest to go for financial management, otherwise it is really very Easy to suffer:

1. Don’t manage money blindly. 2. Master basic and adequate financial management knowledge. 3. Reduce Expectations for financial management 4. Improve the ability to bear risks 5. People who only use the remaining money that does not affect their lives to manage finances 6. Don’t try to increase leverage to get rich overnight

If you can’t do any of the above, then I suggest you save money honestly!

Maybe saving money doesn’t sound cool at all, or even A very long-term thing, but it is indeed the most suitable financial management method for many of us, and the best way to give us more possibilities in life.

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write at the end:

I’m the King of the National Pavilion, because I can often see all kinds of exaggerated financial management advertisements recently, so I wrote this The idea of ​​the article.

I’m not a dead brain, I just feel that the assets have not reached a certain level At that time, what we really want to do is not how to manage money, but to learn to forcibly save.

Although savings will face inflation, it will always be our ordinary The first choice for people to change their lives.

It’s not easy to make money. I hope that everyone’s hard-earned money can maximize its value.

click “I’m watching”, I wish you and I can save your first pot of gold as soon as possible.

The article was originally created by the National Pavilion, please indicate if you reprint it.