Our reporter Jia Li

On January 18th, Samsung officially Released Samsung GalaxyS215G series flagship smartphone in China. Recently, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo and other mobile phone manufacturers have also expanded their layout in the field of 5G mobile phones, and will be the first to”enclose” in 2021. In 2021, the battle for the 5G smartphone market has begun.

Major General Ding, the founder of Nail Technology, told the”Securities Daily” reporter:”5G terminals have huge market potential in China, and mobile phone manufacturers are currently accelerating their efforts. 5G mobile phone terminals are the first to drive the development of industry ecology including content and services. Samsung has now completed the layout of the low-end and high-end 5G mobile phone market, and has begun to focus on content, Payment, smart wear and other fields penetrate.”

Xiaomi‘s Redmi head Lu Weibing said that in 2021 Xiaomi 5G mobile phones will have more new features and products will be more abundant. OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong said, “In the next three years, we will invest 50 billion yuan in R&D budgets, in addition to continuing to focus on 5G , Artificial intelligence, AR, big data and other cutting-edge technologies, but also to build the underlying hardware core technology and software engineering and system capabilities.”

The latest report from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology shows that the cumulative shipment of 5G mobile phones in 2020 is 1.63 There are 218 new models on the market, accounting for 52.9%and 47.2%respectively. The vice president of China Mobile Jian Qin predicts that 5G mobile phones will account for 80%in 2021, and the 5G penetration rate in 1,000 yuan phones will be More than 90%. In terms of sales, China Mobile predicts that the terminal market will exceed one trillion yuan in 2021, and the sales of mobile phones will exceed 350 million, of which 5G mobile phones will reach 280 million, and the sales of other smart hardware will exceed 1 billion.

As the popularity of 5G mobile phones accelerates, 5G commercial continues to advance, and the 5G mobile phone market application scenarios will become more abundant. New business models are also being developed in areas such as content and smart wear. This huge market potential allows mobile phone manufacturers to see profit margins, and they are all in the first place in this unexplored market.

China Steel Economic Research Institute senior researcher Hu Qimu accepted the”Securities Daily” reporter said:”2021 will be a mobile phone giant The key year of in-depth layout, whoever has more market share will gain more voice.”

(Edited by Zhang Mingfu Shangguan Monroe)