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Span> means bidding farewell to the core selling point of the Kirin processor, and polishing the user perception of the new brand… Behind this glorious salvation, the lonely glory has to face ups and downs from now on.

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The first glory after independence The launch of this flagship machine was postponed by 3 days compared to the original plan.

Talking about the reason for the late arrival of the press conference, the official explanation was”due to the impact of the press conference venue and equipment.” But many people in the industry agree that:”Glory has just come out of independence, and many things have not been fully completed.”

It seems that it is not yet fully prepared, but the glory is still passed. The release of V40 has shown its brand new look to the world. On January 22, Honor officially released the Honor V40 series, starting at 3599 yuan.

After leaving Huawei, Honor V40 did not continue to use Kirin processor, Instead, choose Dimensity 1000+ from MediaTek. In addition, Honor continues the GPU Trubo, Link Turbo and other technologies on the previous hardware.

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Picture source/Honor official

“In the past 5 months, Honor has had an extremely difficult but meaningful time.” At the press conference, Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. CEOZhao Ming said with emotion.

66 days ago, Huawei’s sale of Honor was settled. According to the statement, Huawei will no longer hold any shares in New Glory, and Glory also has a strong background in state-owned assets.

What is quite dramatic is that the announcement of this decision is 3 days earlier than the original plan.

The statement stated:”This acquisition is a glorious self-help, maximizing the protection of consumers, channels, suppliers, partners and employees It is also an industrial complementarity.

In the past, Honor, as a strong general of Huawei’s siege of cities, fought against Xiaomi, sniper OV, guarded the low-end mobile phone market. Nowadays, under the US chip ban, Huawei has no choice but to”break his wrist” and Glory is also forced to”sell the savior.”

Leaving Huawei means bidding farewell to the core selling point of Kirin processor and polishing the user perception of the new brand… Behind this glorious salvation, the lonely glory will never be Be alone.

Glorious independence, regaining a new life

Selling glory can be described as Huawei’s”abandoned car insurance”Handsome” move.

“This is a self-help operation.” An industry insider told EqualOcean that under the continuous suppression of the United States, Honor’s suppliers, production plants, and channels And so on are all affected,”Huawei sells glory, it is a last resort.”

In this regard, Tianfeng Securities analyst Guo Mingqi believes that brand purchases of parts after independence will not be restricted by the US ban. It is a win-win situation for cargo merchants and China’s electronics industry.

Honor was born in 2013. The original intention was to compete with the”Internet phone” Xiaomi. At the new product launch conference on December 16 of that year, Huawei Honor released the Honor 3C priced at 798 yuan, which directly attacked 5 The Xiaomi Redmi phone priced at 799 yuan, released a month ago.

The prelude to the fight has been kicked off. For many years since then, Honor and Xiaomi have staged a hand-to-hand battle.

In 2015, Huawei and Honor began dual-brand operation, and Honor was independent of Huawei’s terminal. After independence, Huawei was responsible for benchmarking Apple and Samsung, and used the P series and Mate series to impact the high-end and high-priced mobile phone market; Honor targeted young people as the target user group, taking the”technological trend” road, and Xiaomi and other brands Contend at the price around 2,000 yuan.

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Lister /Yiou EqualOcean Zeng Le

After making such a brand differentiation, Honor began to build its own offline channels in 2016. This year, Xiaomi was caught in a word-of-mouth turmoil and certain supply problems occurred. Honor’s mobile phone shipments eventually surpassed Xiaomi.

In 2017, with sales of 54.5 million units and sales of 78.9 billion yuan, Honor became the “No. 1 Internet Mobile Phone in China”.

In July 2020, Honor CEO Zhao Ming stated that Huawei and Honor were the only ones in the Chinese market in the first half of that year, and they had a large sales volume and market share. Brands with rapid growth, Honor has grown against the trend, ranking first in online share.

However, the game changed in the second half of 2020.

Since May 2019, the United States has imposed sanctions on Huawei several times, completely cutting off the source of Huawei’s chips. Huawei, which is stuck in”coreless usability”, not only affects its terminal business, but also has very limited inventory.

In order to prioritize the supply of chips for higher-profit high-end mobile phone product lines, Huawei had to reluctantly give up the glory of focusing on low-end models. Although Honor had previously occupied most of the low-end and mid-range markets in China, it was silent for almost half a year due to insufficient chips.

On November 17, 2020, more than 30 Glory agents and distributors issued a joint statement in the”Shenzhen Special Zone News”, which officially announced that they had signed an acquisition agreement with Huawei , To complete the comprehensive acquisition of business assets related to the Honor brand. According to the announcement, Huawei will no longer hold any shares in New Honor.

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Source/” Screenshot of the electronic version of Shenzhen Special Zone News

After”selling one’s body” to channel vendors,”New Glory” has a certain competitive advantage in channels and sales. In its shareholder list, there are more than 30 channel agents and distributors, including top channel vendors such as Tianyin, Suning, Shundian, and IF. This can also provide certain financial support for Honor.

Honor has gradually developed from an Internet mobile phone brand focusing on online channels to an omni-channel mobile phone brand online and offline.

Leaving Huawei is the beginning of a new life for Honor.

Successful self-rescue, but not yet out of trouble

After leaving Huawei, he is in”new glory” There are three mountains in front of you:Will consumers still recognize the Honor brand? Can Glory quickly make up for the lack of abilities? Can the entry into the high-end market be achieved smoothly?

“Glory is a bit like a vest of Huawei.” Jiang Tao (a pseudonym), who has been a”Huawei fan” for 8 years, said with emotion to EqualOcean”It’s hard to say whether there will be too many old’pollens’ paying for the feelings. Ironing still needs its own hard work, and the final product is core competitiveness, such as mobile phone software and hardware, product cost-effectiveness, and uniqueness of flagship phones.”

In his view, the first and second generation products after Glory’s independence are very important.”If you don’t do it well, you can easily become the “other” in the mobile phone market. ‘”.

Wang Qiang (pseudonym), also known as”Pollen”, was also quite moved, saying that”everyone around me feels that glory is the low-end Huawei shell changer that focuses on cost performance.” If Honor wants to tear off the original label,”it still has to use the product to speak and test it in time.”

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Lister /Yiou EqualOcean Zeng Le

Consumers’ brand recognition is loyal to the product itself, and glory needs to open up more imagination in the product.

On January 11, Zhao Ming publicly stated on Weibo:“In the face of the new journey, Honor will continue to adhere to technological innovation. The 7-year cooperation team is our impact on the high-end A strong guarantee for the market.”

Previously, Zhao Ming has revealed that Honor will not only focus on the low- and mid-range mobile phone market in the future, but will also launch its own high-end flagship. For mobile phones, Honor will also have the”Mate and P” series. The Mate series and P series are two of Huawei’s highest-end product lines.

The ambition of glory goes far beyond this.

“Honor will become the number one mobile phone market in China.” An insider close to Honor told EqualOcean that this is the goal set by”New Honor” .

For the current glory, it is difficult to achieve such a goal—”how to de-Huawei” is one of the main shackles it faces.

“Huawei’s aura is too strong, and glory growing in such an environment may not be a good thing.” The above-mentioned industry insiders said that the birth of glory is not long. , Still lacks complete decision-making autonomy.”The product line is not perfect, the marketing strategy is relatively conservative, the product design needs to be improved, and the user’s memory point is enhanced. These are the current shortcomings of Glory.”

This person He also said:”The glory of independence needs to establish a brand new and different brand image. After all, the image of’Huawei Glory’ is too deep-rooted and has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.”

Major General Ding, an industrial economic observer, believes that “Honor’s achievements today cannot be achieved without Huawei’s all-round support for R&D, manufacturing, channels, capital, and talents. In the future, its development will still not be completely separated from Huawei’s support.”

Another important issue is the”chip”.

The V40 series is the first new 5G product launched after Honor’s independence, using MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ mobile processor. Another source said that Honor mobile phone products based on Qualcomm’s 5G chip are already in progress.

Leaving Huawei means that Honor has also bid farewell to one of the main selling points-Kirin processor. I chose MediaTek. If the United States continues to upgrade the ban, Honor, as a brand that has been deeply associated with Huawei, may still be affected.

In addition, MediaTek chips are not unique to Honor. According to the”Business Times” citing supply chain sources, MediaTek has acquired the 5 nanometer Chinese smartphone manufacturer including OPPO, vivo and Honor. Chip orders are expected to be gradually mass-produced in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Under the halo, Glory can hardly conceal its own problems to be solved. At the same time, the smoke of the mobile phone battlefield has risen.

Entering the high-end, the glory road is long

Looking at the entire Chinese mobile phone market, currently Mid-to-low-end models still occupy a major share, and the high-end mobile phone market, which has not been completely divided, is also fighting fiercely. It is not easy for Glory to get a share of it.

Breaking through the 2000 yuan mark, the V40 series starts at 3599 yuan, and Honor began to move closer to high-end models from the price positioning.

“Expensive.” Before the press conference,”Hanfen” Huang Jie (a pseudonym) was full of expectations for the new glory machine,”I originally wanted to support it.” But after the price of Honor V40 was announced, she was a little disappointed.

“It’s more than 3,000 yuan to carry MediaTek’s chip, which is very difficult for me to accept.” She said,”The V40 configuration is not outstanding, and Compared with the competition, the price is much higher.”

In the comment area of ​​major social platforms and news information platforms, there are no people who share the same feelings with Huang Jie. few.

“Honor wants to enter the high-end market, it must give users a certain amount of time to accept it, so as to better tear off the label of the’low-end’ in the past.” The person said,”It is normal for the new machine to have price disputes, but manufacturers need to use the product itself to persuade the price.”

More than just glory, many players have started the competition. Guns in the high-end mobile phone market.

Seizing channels and controlling offline is the only way for players to stay firmly in the mobile phone market. In the past six months, OPPO and vivo have accelerated the process of opening stores in offline channels. It has been revealed that they have attracted Huawei channel vendors by providing high rebates and subsidizing store rents, which has successfully shaken the hearts of some small and medium channel vendors that originally operated Huawei and Honor.

In December last year, when the Xiaomi Mi 11, priced at 3,999 yuan, was launched, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi GroupLei Jun once again emphasized Xiaomi’s determination to hit the high-end. On January 9 this year, Xiaomi announced the opening of thousands of Xiaomi homes, further starting the battle of offline high-end.

Also in December last year, OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong

Span> revealed in the New Year’s speech that high-end products will be released in the first quarter of 2021. The founder and CEO of OnePlus Liu Zuohu through an internal letter, proposed that”the company must be prepared for battle and strive to reach the high-end China online by 2021 the first”.

Faced with Mi OV’s multiple attacks, the”New Glory” determined to hit the high-end market seems quite confident.

On January 22, Zhao Ming said in an interview with the media that in the two months or so since Glory’s independence, all the company’s current supply Businesses have fully resumed cooperation, including Qualcomm, Micron, MediaTek, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, etc. In addition, online and offline channel partners have also completed cooperation signings. In the future, the company’s overall development will accelerate, and it plans to achieve a 4:6 online and offline sales ratio in 2022.

The glory that has been fighting for 7 years in Wolfsburg, can you finally win this game?


The glory of leaving Huawei is lonely, and it is also high hopes.

“You must be Huawei’s strongest competitor in the world, surpass Huawei, and even defeat Huawei.” In the previous glory farewell party, he founded Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei resolutely said.

There is no doubt that glory is going to be a difficult road.

20 years ago, Ren Zhengfei was in the article”Huawei’s Winter” He wrote:”This winter of network equipment supply will be as hot as it is too hot for people to understand, and it will be surprisingly cold. Without foreseeing, without prevention, it will freeze to death. At that time, whoever has cotton clothes will survive. .”

For mobile phone manufacturers,”padded clothes” is capital, technology, product, channel, and even brand.

In the ever-increasing market competition, Honor can only find a”padded coat” that can keep out the cold, and can truly stay in this battle full of gunpowder.””New Glory” name.