The Jiyuan City Party Secretary was exposed to slap the government secretary general. On January 19th, a document of Henan-Hong Kong (Jiyuan) Coking Group Co., Ltd. concerning the handling of opinions on the company’s party committee and trade union chairman Shang Xiaojuan was circulated on the Internet. Immediately, Yugang Coking made a statement stating that it was false information.

According to upstream news reports, on the afternoon of January 19, an official in Jiyuan City, Henan Province, said that the secretary of the city government Zhai Weidong’s wife Shang Xiaojuan did work in Yugang (Jiyuan) Coking Group Co., Ltd. as a trade union The chairman is also the Weibo user”Jiyuan City Shangjuan” who reported the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zhanwei.

getUrls?link=88262a5cd199f65cbe60b76beecf3b2e - Report to the Secretary of the Jiyuan Municipal Party Committee, Shang Xiaojuan’s company, Yugang Coking, an explosion occurred and 4 people died

According to the data, Yugang Coking was established in 1997 , The registered capital is 142 million yuan, and the legal representative is Wei Cunsheng. The company is located in the Huling Industrial Cluster of Jiyuan City, covering an area of ​​389,336 square meters, with total assets of 830 million yuan, net assets of 420 million yuan, 395 people on duty, and its main business Including the production and sales of coke, coke oven gas, tar, etc.

In addition to its main business, Henan-Hong Kong Coking & Chemical Co. Ltd. has made 13 foreign investments, involving business, hotel, building materials, material trade, ceramics, new energy, real estate, etc., and invested companies Most of them are in Jiyuan. Among them, there are companies wholly-owned by Henan and Hong Kong Coking, as well as companies that act as shareholders.

For example, Jiyuan Minggang Trading Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned by Yugang Coking and Chemical Co., Ltd., whose legal representative is Zhao Jianbo, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. In Jiyuan Huamei New Energy Company, Yugang Coking is the major shareholder, holding 51%of the shares, and the legal representative is Liu Xiao.

It is worth noting that there are many real estate companies invested by Henan Hong Kong Coking, such as Zhengzhou Jinhai Real Estate Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 39 million yuan; Henan Ganggong Real Estate Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 20 million Yuan; Jiyuan Haisheng Industrial Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 18.6 million yuan.

From the perspective of Yugang Coking’s own shareholding structure, Yugang Coking has two shareholders, among which Jinhui Chemical is the controlling shareholder, with a shareholding ratio of 88.03%. The second shareholder, Luoyang Railway Express Group Co., Ltd., holds 11.97%.

However, Jinhui Chemical from Hong Kong currently does not have much public information, and its legal representative and shareholder information have not been published in the business system. However, from the perspective of foreign investment, Jinhui Chemical currently has two investments, in addition to Henan and Hong Kong Coking, there is also Jiangxi Tongxing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

The reporter noticed that the company has a registered capital of 4 million U.S. dollars and is located in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province. It was established in 2006 and was cancelled in 2014.

Although the major shareholders behind it are very low-key, Henan-Hong Kong Coking has caused widespread concern in China because of an accident.

According to the Henan Provincial Department of Emergency Management, on April 28, 2017, an explosion occurred during the explosion of the mechanized ammonia clarification tank of the Henan Coking Plant and 4 people were killed.

It is worth noting that after the incident, Zhang Zhanwei, then Secretary of the Jiyuan Municipal Party Committee, also made Instructions, requiring companies to do a good job in the aftermath, find out the cause of the accident, and be held accountable. It is necessary to draw inferences from one another, earnestly do a good job in safety production, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of major accidents.

Ding Yifan, reporter of Shandong Commercial Daily·Subao News Network

Ma Yuan, editor of Shandong Commercial Daily·Subao News Network