Recently, many netizens reported that Renren Video was removed from Apple’s APP Store. All the videos in the downloaded APP are also unavailable to watch. The reporter found out that Renren Video could not be searched in Apple’s App Store, and Renren Video’s Android version of the app has no impact. There are still various resources on the homepage, but”Quick Look” related content has been removed from the shelves.

The official”Quick Watch” column announcement of”Renren Video” stated,”Recent user criticisms and suggestions on the content of’Quick View’, we are willing to accept with an humility and actively improve. From now on,’People”People Video” will respond to the”Regulations on the Governance of Network Information Content Ecosystem” and related laws and regulations, and immediately offline the”Quick Watch” related content, resolutely manage the problematic content, and strictly treat the accounts with serious problems and bad influence and illegal content. Disposal.”

It is understood that the videos on”Quick Watch” are mainly clips of film and television works. At the beginning of this year, more than 70 companies including iQiyi, Tencent Video, Youku, Mango tv, etc. Film and television media published by Joint statement to jointly call for the production of short video platforms and public accounts The operator respects the originality, protects the copyright, and is not allowed to edit, cut, or edit related film and television works without authorization. Handling, dissemination, etc. Now all video platforms are deliberately conducting enhanced audits to reduce such content.”Watching a movie in a few minutes will become a History.